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Here is the Daily Beef Buzz- with Ron Hays from the Radio Oklahoma Net!

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January 2, 2008- Jay Truitt of the NCBA joins us for our first Beef Buzz of the New Year as we think about one of the hot topics of 2007 that will continue to be front and center in 2008- and beyond- Ethanol.

January 4, 2007- TSCRA is investigating cattle killings in northeast Oklahoma- they are offering a reward and have a toll free number to call for info- 1-888-830-2333.

January 8, 2008- We begin a conversation with Jay Truitt of NCBA as we review where we are at the start of 2008- today we focus on a couple of farm bill issues- COOL and the proposed Packer Ban on Livestock Ownership.

January 9, 2008- We continue our conversation with Jay Truitt as we talk about the frustrating efforts of resuming normal beef trade with South Korea- currently at a total standstill.

January 10, 2008- Japan is the focus of our conversation today with Jay Truitt of the NCBA- and he says that what is said in the media does not always square up with what the Japanese actually want behind closed doors.

January 11, 2008- We wrap up our conversation with Jay Truitt of NCBA today- and we talk politics.

January 14, 2008- There’s a new land to be explored- the Land of Lean Beef- we tell you more about the advertising changes funded by the Beef Checkoff in today’s Beef Buzz.

January 15, 2008- Acting Secretary of Agriculture Chuck Conner tells us that he will not budge from demanding the Japan and South Korea adhere to internationally accepted BSE safety standards when it comes to taking our beef- we asked him about this during the 89th annual meeting of the American Farm Bureau.

January 16, 2008- We hear from Bob Stallman and his take as a cattle producer and farm leader on the South Korean and Japan beef standoff.

January 17, 2008- More with Bob Stallman as we talk about animal rights and the war we find ourselves in as livestock producers against those who do not want animal agriculture to survive.

January 22, 2008- Ambassador Richard Crowder told the audience at the American Farm Bureau Convention a few days back that the Asian governments long ago lost any credibility with claims of food safety fears regarding US beef and BSE- and it is now a trade barrier they have erected against the US.

January 23, 2008- We find ourselves in a “brave new world” in the farming and ranching- and it’s a tough transition time for the livestock sector- Dr. Derrell Peel of OSU talks with us about how the cattle business is coping.

January 25, 2008- A big topic that will be talked about at the Cattle Industry Convention in a couple of weeks will be the price of feed grains- and the energy policy in this country that seems to favor ethanol and slight other users of feed grains- like beef cattle producers. We have comments with NCBA’s Terry Stokes on this top of mind issue.

January 28, 2008- We talk about Friday’s Cattle on Feed Numbers- Large but still fairly friendly as you dissect them. Tom Leffler with Leffler Commodities gives us a hand with the analysis.

February 1, 2008- USDA is investigating the charges brought forward by the Humane Society of the US over mistreatment of Downer Cattle by a California packer- we have details from Kenneth Peterson of the USDA’s FSIS.

February 4, 2008- The Cattle Inventory numbers are out- and they show that Oklahoma was up on cattle numbers in 2007- but most other states were flat or lower. Oklahoma is the third largest beef cow state in the country- just barely behind Missouri by about 27,000 head- while Oklahoma is the fourth largest all beef cattle and calves state.

February 7, 2008- Rob Cannell of McDonalds USA joins us on the Beef Buzz as we talk about misconceptions that consumers are often led to believe about the livestock industry and how we deal with that.

February 8, 2008- We get the Cattlefax predictions for the cattle market for 2008 from Kevin Good of Cattlefax

February 11, 2008- We hear from Ross Wilson of the TCFA about the top topic of the just concluded NCBA convention- the impact of high grain prices on the cattle industry.

February 12, 2008- More with Ross Wilson as we talk about Packer Ban and COOL issues from the 2007 Farm Bill debate...

February 18, 2008- Ron talks with new President of the NCA, Andy Grosetta of Arizona.

February 19, 2008- More with Andy Grosetta as he talks about his priorities for NCBA in the coming year.

February 20, 2008- A final Priority revealed by Andy Grosetta of NCBA as he serves for the coming year- he wants more opportunities for younger ranchers.

February 21, 2008- Kevin Good of Cattlefax told the recent CattleFax Market Outlook Seminar about factors impacting cattle market outlook.

February 22, 2008- More with Kevin Good as he spoke at the recent Cattlefax Market Outlook- he sees cow-calf a less profitable in 2008 versus the last couple of years.

February 25, 2008- This week we talk with Randy Blach of Cattlefax- and this Buzz is about a lack of a Cattle Cycle today versus a few years back...

February 26, 2008- Randy Blach calls the US a “niche” player when it comes to export- our beef is considered a different product than what comes from Australia, Brazil, Argentina and the like.

February 27, 2008- Randy Blach with Cattlefax tells us about “PODs” which are Points of Differentiation- or simply put, extra value for the better cattle producer.

February 28, 2008- Randy Blach talks about the BIGGEST changes he has seen in recent years in the beef cattle business- and perhaps how we can leverage those changes into success.

February 29, 2008- We wrap up our conversation with Randy Blach with a discussion about a High Return Producer versus the Low Return Producer. Blach believes that if you are a High Return producer- you will have a much better chance of surviving and prospering with Beef Cattle in the coming decade.

March 3, 2008- Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer says that he believes that the Hallmark/Westland Downer Cow issue is an isolated case of inhumane treatment of animals- but that USDA is auditing other plants to check the validity of that assumption.

March 4, 2008- More with Secretary Schafer on the dealings with the Humane Society and what USDA has learned from the video incident pulled by the Humane Society of the US.

March 7, 2008- We visit with Terry Detrick of American Farmers and Ranchers about mandatory Animal ID and why he wanted the National Farmers Union to go on the record of a mandatory ID effort.

March 11, 2008- The request for an injunction by Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson that would stop all application of chicken litter in the Illinois River watershed continues with court arguments that have now gone seven days- and there is worry that all of animal agriculture will suffer if the AG is successful in convincing the court his theory of danger is right.

March 13, 2008- Steve Mendel of Hallmark-Westland appeared before Congress yesterday- and dealt with tough questions about his plant and their handling of Downer Cows...

March 14, 2008- It was a tough day at the NCBA on Thursday, as CEO Terry Stokes eliminated three Senior VP positions- and moved NCBA VP for Governmental Affairs in Washington, Jay Truitt, out effective immediately as well.

March 19, 2008- We pay special tribute to Paul Hitch, who died of cancer this past Friday at the age of 64. Paul was to serve as the President of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association in 2008 until he had to step away in his battle against the disease.

March 20, 2008- We talk cattle pricing- profitability and more with Dr. Derrell Peel of OSU!

March 21, 2008 We chat with Dr. Clem Ward of Oklahoma State University about the JBS Swift plans to buy up the Smithfield Beef Assets as well as National Beef.

March 24, 2008- More with Dr. Clem Ward of OSU on the impact of the JBS Swift proposed purchase of National Beef and Smithfield Beef assets. How does the farm bill talk of a packer ban on livestock figure into this equation?

March 25, 2008- OSU’s Glen Selk is worried about the body condition scores of many of our Mama Cows here in the spring of 2008- even as ranchers have been hit hard by input costs- this is no time to cut corner on range cubes!

March 26, 2008- The latest on the dispute between the US and Mexico over breeding cattle from the US being allowed across the Rio Grande. Greg Doud of NCBA’s Washington office has the update.

March 27, 2008- We hear from Bill Bullard of R-Calf on their take of the proposed Packer Ban on Livestock Ownership- R-Calf believes it’s desperately needed to counter the beef packers from making the slaughter cattle market a non competitive part of the beef pipeline.

March 31, 2008 We look at the Competing Meat issue between pork, poultry and beef in the aftermath of a Hogs and Pigs Report from USDA that shows we have   7% more hogs in the US than a year ago. Dr. Jim Mintert of K-State helps us sort things out.

April 1, 2008- An Ethanol plant that is close enough to a cattle feedlot that wet DDGs can be used is a real positive for both sides- so says a Nebraska Animal Scientist...

April 2, 2008- We visit with Andy Grosetta- President of the NCBA on the organization’s Farm Bill “to do” list.

April 3, 2008- More with Andy Grosetta as we focus on the fallout for the cattle industry from the Humane Society video tape showing abuse of animals in California.

April 4, 2008- Colin Woodall talks about legislation in this election year beyond the farm bill- including the FTA with Colombia.

April 7, 2008- We talk today with Greg Doud of NCBA about this being an important week in South Korea in getting the new President in a position of strength which will allow him to reopen their market to US beef.

April 8, 2008- More with Gregg Doud of the NCBA’s Washington office- we talk with Gregg about the rope-a-dope discussions about beef with Japan and more on this Beef Buzz.

April 9, 2008- Greg Doud continues to visit with us- as we talk about the worse fears of the cattle industry- sustained HIGH corn prices.

April 10, 2008- One more day with Gregg Doud of the NCBA- we talk competing meat supply- lots of pork and poultry as well as the structure of the beef business- will we be losing feedlots in 2008???

April 15, 2008- Dr. Jake Nelson of OSU’s Robert Kerr Food and Ag Products Center has been working with the Beef Industry’s Beef Innovations Group on developing the muscles seen as promising from the Muscle Profile Study of several years ago.

April 16, 2008- More with Dr. Jake Nelson of OSU as we talk about the opportunities to improve the value of the carcass when you find muscles that have potential to be used for something other than hamburger.

April 17, 2008- Terry Stokes of the NCBA weighs in on the 2008 Farm Bill Debate- and highlights the issues of most interest to cattlemen.

April 21, 2008- Korea is going to accept US Beef Once Again- President Bush thanks the President of South Korea for helping make that happen and a first guess as to the value to the US cattle industry- a Billion Dollars!

April 22, 2008- The devil is in the details- but NCBA Chief Economist Gregg Doud says he likes the details he is seeing in this deal.

April 30, 2008- We talk with the President of Express Ranches- Jarold Callahan- one of the leading Seedstock Angus and Limousin operations in the U.S.

May 2, 2008- The Packer Ban on Livestock Ownership Proposal has been officially deleted from the 2008 Farm Bill- we listen to the key Senators who promoted their views from Thursday night in the Conference Committee session.

May 5, 2008- More of the arguments made by Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa in his unsuccessful effort to get a Packer Ban on Livestock attached to the 2008 Farm Bill.

May 9, 2008- Amazing- the President of the Humane Society of the US, Wayne Pacelle, says it’s not their job to help relieve the suffering of the animals they are observing when taping video to expose the evil animal agriculture industry. We look at this part of the controversy of the HSUS video released this week that shows dairy animals that are down at several livestock markets- including Hereford, Texas and Clovis, New Mexico.

May 12, 2008- Dr. Jon Zack of USDA is one of the APHIS folks that is working to be ready if we ever have an FMD case confirmed here in the US- listen to his comments on today’s Beef Buzz

May 14, 2008- It’s time for Korea to allow US Beef back into their markets and we discuss this May 15th reopening with Gregg Doud of NCBA.

May 15, 2008- It’s the Korean Flip Flop as South Korea is “delaying” the reopening of the market to US beef- perhaps by days- could well be weeks.

May 19, 2008- There is a major Animal Well Being Conference planned for the end of this month in Manhattan, Kansas- we tell you more about it on today’s Beef Buzz.

May 20, 2008- Gregg Doud of NCBA joins on this Beef Buzz- and we talk about Japan being no closer to improving US access into the Japanese market for US Beef than we were this time a year ago.

May 21, 2008- More with Gregg Doud of NCBA on Biofuels from a Cattle Industry Perspective.

May 22, 2008- Dr. Dave Sparks of OSU talks AgroTerrorism and a series of meetings planned for June and July in the state on this subject from a livestock producer’s perspective.

May 23, 2008- More with Dr. Dave Sparks of OSU on how producers need to be ready to deal with the fallout from AgroTerrorism.

May 28, 2008- Ag Secretary Ed Schafer believes we are very close to finally getting South Korea open for US Beef as South Korean inspectors are back from the US looking one more time at our beef packing plants.

May 29, 2008- Colin Woodall of the NCBA makes the argument that the USDA really is not providing much benefit to cattle producers with their CRP emergency haying and grazing program.

May 30, 2008- What has worked well for lowest cost producers will continue to be the best way for cattle producers to survive and make a program in this current era of high input costs. That’s the word from Dr. David Lahman of Oklahoma State University.

June 2, 2008- Jayson Lusk, OSU Ag Economist, was a speaker at the recent International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare- and he reported there on a survey that OSU helped with on what the consumer really thinks about animal welfare.

June 3, 2008- More with Jayson Lusk of OSU on what was discovered about consumers and their interest and attitudes toward animal welfare- this from a study discussed at last week’s International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare held at Kansas State University.

June 4, 2008- We wrap up our conversation with Jayson Lusk on the survey of consumers that has been conducted in recent days over the attitudes seen by the “average Joe” when it comes to animal well being issues.

June 6, 2008- Here’s the latest word from Ag Secretary Ed Schafer on the mess with South Korea and getting them to accept our beef.

June 9, 2008- It’s Worth Your Time and MONEY to “preg check” those first time heifers going into your Mama Cow herd once you get past Breeding Season- so says OSU Beef Cattle Specialist Dr. Glenn Selk.

June 10, 2008- We talk cash cattle trade with Dr. Derrell Peel of Oklahoma State University on today’s Beef Buzz.

June 11, 2008- More with Dr. Derrell Peel of OSU- today we talk yearling prices.

June 12, 2008- More with Derrell Peel as we talk calf price outlook and strategy for the Mama Cow Herd Operator.

June 13, 2008- We wrap up our conversation today with Dr. Derrell Peel of OSU- as we talk the Mexican cattle market and how we will be dealing with Mexican cattle once COOL is in place this coming October first.

June 16, 2008- Many cattle producers have decided not to fertilize pastures here in 2008- because of the high cost of fertilizer. That will likely result in less forage available- and Dr. Glen Selk of OSU tells us that we need to understand that means fewer cows can be supported on that pasture.

June 20, 2008- The Summer Conference of the Cattle Industry is less than a month away and we talk with NCBA President Elect Gary Voogt about what may be happening in Denver this year.

June 23, 2008- It’s another Monday with Dr. Glen Selk of OSU- and today we talk about checking your bulls to make sure they are in good shape as they come out of the spring breeding season.

June 30, 2008- Heather Buckmaster with the Oklahoma Beef Council joins us as we talk about the new and improved BQA for Oklahoma.

July 1, 2008- We hear from Susan Schwab, the USTR for the Bush Administration as she tells us that as the South Korean government reopens to US beef- there is no more “one strike and you’re out” policy in place as US beef is inspected by Korean government officials.

July 2, 2008 Dr. Jim Mintert joins us today on the Beef Buzz as we talk about lots of strength just as we hit summertime- both in wholesale beef trade as well as in our cash cattle sales.

July 3, 2008- More with Dr. Jim Mintert of K-State on the tough road ahead to get feedlots to a point where they make some money- and the highwire act of the feeder cattle market- can prices stay up there?


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