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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Friday August 31, 2007!
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-- No Email on Labor Day!
-- Happy 100th Birthday Haskell Cudd!
-- Next Week- OSU Honors Retiring Professor- Dr. Richard Berberet.
-- The Ethanol Effect- How this new demand impacts Cattle Prices and how Distiller Grains Figure in as well.
-- Next Thursday- the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Holds a Hearing on CAFOs with a Significant Oklahoma Flavor.
-- Farm Bill Discussions Swirl as we Wait on the Senate to Signal Efforts to Work on their Farm Bill Plan.
-- Animal Rights Groups Spawn New Advertising Campaign: Eating Meat is Worse for the Environment than Driving!

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No Email on Labor Day!
This is the last of our "lite" email updates- we will return next week after vacation and be covering a lot of important issues ahead- including the possible movement in the Senate of the 2007 Farm Bill as lawmakers return from their August District Work Period.

In the meantime, we remind you that this coming Monday is Labor Day and with it being a national market holiday- we will take that day off from sending this daily E-Mail update.

Our hope is that you will have a great holiday weekend and we will look forward to being back with you on Tuesday morning!

Happy 100th Birthday Haskell Cudd!
Today is a special day in the life of Haskell Cudd and the business that he has been involved with since 1933, Stillwater Milling Company. Mr. Cudd is celebrating his 100th Birthday on this day- and there is a special birthday party for him at the OSU Conoco Phillips Alumni Center on the campus in Stillwater this afternoon from two to four pm.

In 1971, Cudd bought controlling interest in the company, which in the early days was a flour milling firm, but now produces some 200,000 tons of livestock feed annually. They have their feed mill and line of A&M feeds, and also operate four retail "Agri Centers" in Stillwater, Perry, Davis and Claremore.

Haskell Cudd remains the Chairman of the Board, while his daughter, Alice Fowler, is the President and runs the day to day business of Stillwater Milling. Our congratulations and very best "Howdy Neighbor" goes to Haskell Cudd on his 100th Birthday!

Next Week- OSU Honors Retiring Professor- Dr. Richard Berberet.
Dr. Richard Berberet, Professor of Entomology, will retire effective September 2007. A reception is scheduled for Friday, September 7, 2007 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm in the Noble Research Center atrium on the OSU campus in Stillwater, OK. (a week from today) Friends and family are invited to join us in honoring him. Dr. Berberet came to OSU as an Assistant Professor in 1971 and moved through the academic ranks to Professor in 1980. His initial appointment was as a research scientist with partial teaching duties. He conducted significant research leading to development of management strategies for pests of various cropping systems including peanuts and alfalfa.

He has published over 70 manuscripts in science journals, seven chapters in books and numerous technical and education articles in the popular press and extension publications. He served in leadership positions throughout the department and university including service as Chair of the University Faculty Council. During his tenure at OSU his love for teaching and significant abilities as an educator were recognized and his time and efforts have recently focused on teaching and advising students and mentoring junior faculty members. His efforts and service have been instrumental in the development of the excellent teaching, research and extension programs now existing in the department.

Our thanks to Dr. Jonathan Edelson, Professor and Department Head of the OSU Entomology and Plant Pathology Department for passing along the details of the Reception for Dr. Berberet.

The Ethanol Effect- How this new demand impacts Cattle Prices and how Distiller Grains Figure in as well.
Our Beef Buzz on this Friday before the Labor Day Holiday weekend zeroes in on the impact that ethanol is having on our cattle business. Helping us sort that out is Extension Livestock Market Economist Dr. Jim Mintert.

The availability of wet and dry distillers grains in the corn belt- Iowa, Eastern Nebraska and southern Minnesota may lure some additional feeding of cattle further north, at least until and if we see enough ethanol plants built here in the southern plains where the real heart of today's feedlot business really is.

Dr. Mintert says there are multiple factors that will be a part of any longer term shift in the cattle feeding business. One thing that could happen is the increase of some backgrounding lots in the corn belt, getting animals to heavier weights, and then shipping them to the Southern Plains for the final 90 days or so to finish them out. You can hear Dr. Mintert's comments on today's Beef Buzz on the Radio Oklahoma Network, and we also have it linked below for you to take a listen to as well.

Click here for the Friday Beef Buzz with Ron and Jim Mintert talking about the Ethanol Impact.

Next Thursday- the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Holds a Hearing on CAFOs with a Significant Oklahoma Flavor.
As Congress returns to work next week, the EPW Committee that was chaired by Oklahoman Jim Inhofe when the Republicans were in power- he is now the ranking minority member of the committee chaired by Barbara Boxer of California- the Committee plans a hearing next Thursday September 6th in Washington on CAFOs and other animal feeding issues as well as water quality.

At least two of the witnesses that will be before the Committee call Oklahoma home. At the request of the Minority, OSU Ag Policy Specialist Dr. Michael Dicks will be testifying while the Majority have invited Oklahoma's Democratic Attorney General Drew Edmondson to offer his testimony- which will be of great interest as his office continues to being highly visible with the lawsuit against the northwest Arkansas poultry companies being conducted by private trail lawyers who are working on a percentage of any money they can extract from the case.

That Hearing next week in Washington will be at nine am central time- our thanks to Ericka McPherson of Oklahoma Farm Bureau who watches national issues for OFB for the word on this hearing.

Farm Bill Discussions Swirl as we Wait on the Senate to Signal Efforts to Work on their Farm Bill Plan.
Our Thanks to the new Farm Policy analyst for the American Farmers and Ranchers, Francie Tolle, for giving us a update on what she and AFR Vice President Terry Detrick are hearing as we continue to wait on the calendar to turn from August to September and get Congress back to Washington to see what may happen on the Senate side of the Farm Bill Debate.

Francie provides us a copy of the draft ideas for the Commodity Title of the Farm Bill that has been floated by Senator Tom Harkin, the Chairman of the Senate Ag Committee. We have that on our farm bill page on our website and have a link to that site below.

She tells us that she has also done some work on the Durbin-Brown proposal that uses as its cornerstone the idea of revenue assurance as the safety net- something promoted by the National Corn Growers and the American Farmland Trust. " have looked at the Durbin - Brown (S. 1872) proposal and have talked with Brown's legislative assistant. I have a lot of concerns about the proposal, it works when prices are high, but when prices are low producers will have a hard time covering input costs. Their comment to me was that with the current price projections from FAPRI prices will be high over the next 5 years, my comment was - true but are you willing to bet the farm on it and what kind of a precedence will it set for the future? In summary there is not a safety net for prices and there is not a safety net in regard to a crop failure, crop insurance stays relatively similar with the exception that it will take into account government farm supports. However, as they said it is still a work in progress and we will try to work with them on how it can work for Oklahoma producers."

We have also included on our website on the farm bill page an analysis of that proposal as it relates to wheat.

Click here to be carried to the Farm Bill Update Page on WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

Animal Rights Groups Spawn New Advertising Campaign: Eating Meat is Worse for the Environment than Driving!
The biggest animal rights groups-including PETA and the Humane Society of the United States-have joined together around the message that meat is worse for the environment than driving. These groups, as well as smaller animal rights groups and activists, have started advertising campaigns that aim to align vegetarianism with reducing greenhouse gasses, reports New York Times reporter Claudia Deutsch.

And they claim they have scientific evidence to support this stance. Last November, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization released a study stating that the livestock business generates more greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transportation combined, Deutsch reports. When the report initially came out, PETA and other groups hoped that environmental groups and supporters would join the cause. But they did not. "Environmentalists are still pointing their fingers at Hummers and SUVs when they should be pointing at the dinner plate," said Matt A. Prescott, manager of vegan campaigns for PETA. Now, animal rights groups are forgoing mainstream environmentalists and creating advertising campaigns on their own.

We have a link to an article on this concept that PETA and the HSUS is promoting- something to keep in mind as you fire up the grill and enjoy some burgers or better yet, some thick juicy pork chops or a great piece of steak! Read the story at the link to gain a little understanding of these groups that want animal agriculture to go away- then get out there and enjoy your Labor Day cookout!

Click here for more on the story of the Animal Rights Groups Crying Foul over Animal Agriculture and Greenhouse Gases.

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