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Superior's Latest Video Auction Sold Steers and Heifers $2 to $4 Higher Compared to Previous Sale

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 14:31:41 CST

Superior's Latest Video Auction Sold Steers and Heifers $2 to $4 Higher Compared to Previous Sale Superior Livestock Auction’s February 8th Video Auction

Superior Livestock Auction hosted their February 8th Video Auction live from their studio in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards. Cattle producers offered 22,300 head of calves, yearlings and breeding stock from 21 states for this auction. Cattle were sold on contract to deliver immediately through the end of July 2018. Superior Livestock went live at 7:30am CT with Superior Sunrise and the auction followed at 8am CT. This February 8th Video Auction was broadcast on the Cowboy Channel and streamed on Superior Livestock Auction’s Click To Bid website. With a big correction in the stock market this week tensions were high as to how it might effect the cattle trend. Rest assured the market woes were far from Fort Worth yesterday as we witnessed strong gains across the board for Superior Livestock consignors.

Compared to Superior’s last offering, regions 3/4/5/6 yearling steers were steady to $4 higher; while yearling heifers from the same regions saw an increase of $2-$4. Regions 3/4/5/6 weaned steers calves saw a dramatic increase of $7-$15 and weaned heifer calves also saw a substantial increase of $10-$12. Moving to regions 1 & 2 yearling steers were steady to $2 higher; while yearling heifers were up $2-$3. Weaned steer calves from regions 1 & 2 also saw an increase this week and were $10-$15 higher and weaned heifer calves from the same regions were up $10-$12. Florida calves offered remained steady.

Join Superior Livestock on Thursday February 22nd in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for their Video Auction. To help better address the needs of Superior’s increasing seller and buyer base Superior Livestock has begun offering bi-weekly Video Auctions broadcast on superiorclicktobid.com. The next of these offerings will be February 15th will a consignment deadline of Tuesday February 13th. For a buyers’ number or more information on becoming a consigner please call our Fort Worth office at 800-422-2117.

Superior is the largest livestock auction in the United States and markets well over one million head of cattle annually. With over 400 representatives located throughout the United States, Superior provides a complete national marketing network that serves both buyers and sellers. Superior Livestock Auction, celebrating over 30 years of serving the livestock industry.

Top Lots:

Brown Fertilizer, Hereford, TX, 182 Fdr Strs @ 715lbs. VAC 45, Superior Progressive Genetics. 60% out of purebred Angus cows & 20% out of native home raised Angus & Angus Hereford cross cows by 2 Bar Angus bulls. Approx. 20% Brangus Angus cross. EPD’s top 10% YW & Marbling, top 5% Ribeye & top 3% $Beef. $158.00, February 10-14 Del.

Charles H. Coblentz, Chouteau, OK, 68 Fdr Strs @ 725lbs. VAC 45, Out of Black Angus cows by reg. Black Angus bulls. 100% Black hided. $156.00, February 12-17 Del.

Diamond S Land & Cattle Co. Comanche, TX, 130 Fdr Strs @ 750lbs. VAC 45, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of reputation Brangus, Angus & a few crossbred cows by outstanding Double Creek & Evans Angus & a few Dudley Hereford bulls. $152.00, February 15-28 Del.

Bob Eppenauer, Fort Davis, TX, 63 Fdr Strs @ 775lbs. VAC 45, Certified Natural, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of Angus & Angus cross cows by Fink Angus & McKenzie Angus bulls. 100% Black Hided. $154.00, February 12-16 Del.

Broyles Farm, Baldwin City, KS, 67 Fdr Strs @ 800lbs. VAC 45+, Superior Progressive Genetics, Out of Red Angus cows by Mushrush & Judd Red Angus bulls. $148.50, February 9-24 Del.

RA Ranch, Paris, AR, 61 Fdr Strs @ 825lbs. VAC PRECON. Angus, Angus cross, Charolais cross, Red Angus, Red Angus cross, & Charolais. Approx. 10% up to 3/8 ear. Approx. 50% Black hided, bal. Red or Charolais. $143.00, May 1-15 Del.

3 S Land & Cattle, Springlake, TX, 285 Fdr Strs @ 840lbs. English cross & English Exotic cross, Pred. Black hided, bal. Charolais cross or Red. $143.00, February 10-17 Del.

Josh Luke, Laurel Hill, FL, 75 Fdr Hfrs @ 650lbs. VAC PRECON, English Cross, pred. Black Angus bloodlines. 100% Black hided. $139.00, April 15-30 Del.

Hight & Rumbaugh, Dixie, LA, 140 Fdr Hfrs @ 710lbs. VAC PRECON, 90% English Exotic cross, 10% 1/8 or less Brahman cross. No spots, lineback or 3/8 Brahman will ship. $137.00, March 10-20 Del.

Todd Neyland, Groesbeck, TX, 68 Fdr Hfrs @ 725lbs. Angus cross & Charolais cross w/a few Hereford cross carrying ¼ or less Brahman blood. $139.50, March 1-15 Del.

Mitchell Farms, Inc., Frederick, OK, 67 Fdr Hfrs @ 750lbs. VAC 45, Source & Age Verified, Out of Campbell Ranch Red Angus cows by Diamond H Braunvieh bulls. Awarded 2017 Commercial Braunvieh breeder of the year. $144.00, February 12-17 Del.

Spear Y Ranch, Inc. Portales, NM, 67 Fdr Hfrs @ 760lbs. VAC 45, Source & Age Verified, NHTC, Certified Natural, Verified Natural Beef. Pred. Black & BWF, few RWF & 2-3 Charolais Angus cross. All by reg. Branch Ranch Angus bulls. $145.50, February 12-16 Del.

Dan File, Beloit, KS, 130 Fdr Hfrs @ 780lbs. VAC PRECON, English & English Angus cross. 100% Black, some BWF. $144.00, March 15-30 Del.

White Brothers Cattle Co. Jerry & Dennis White. Chickasha, OK, 60 Fdr Hfrs @ 800lbs. Out of Angus, Angus Hereford cross & Red Angus cross cows by Angus bulls. 100% Black or BWF. $139.50, February 10-24 Del.

Myrin Ranch, Inc. Altamont, UT, 180 Fdr Strs @ 730lbs. Source & Age Verified, GAP 4, NHTC, Verified Natural Beef. Red Angus based, Sired by Red Angus bulls. Red Hided or a few Black or Red Brockle, depending on sort. $161.50, February 15-21 Del.

Odle Livestock, Brush, CO, 60 Fdr Strs @ 800lbs. VAC PRECON, Black Angus, Black Angus cross, Red Angus & Red Angus cross. $147.50, February 14-22 Del.

Jim & Alicia Bentz, Vale, OR, 112 Fdr Strs @ 860lbs. Superior Verified, GAP 4, NHTC, Verified Natural Beef, Superior Progressive Genetics. $165.00, February 10-20 Del.

Esplin Livestock LLC, Mount Carmel, UT. VAC 45, Superior Progressive Genetics, English & English Exotic cross. Out of Angus & Red Angus cows by Black Angus, Red Angus & SimAngus bulls. Black & Red hided. Genetics include Mytty in Focus, Carter Cattle Co. & Yardley Cattle Co. $142.00, February 12-23 Del.

Myrin Ranch, Inc. Altamont, UT, 112 Fdr Hfrs @ 710lbs. Source & Age Verified, GAP 4, NHTC, Verified Natural Beef. Red Angus based. Sired by Red Angus bulls. Red hided & a few Black or Red Brockle, depending on sort. $151.00, February 15-21 Del.

Mount Cattle LLC, Burlington, CO, 384 Fdr Hfrs @ 825lbs. Out of Black Angus, Red Angus & Angus cross cows by Black Angus & Hereford bulls. Approx. 95% Black & BWF. $144.25, March 10-25 Del.

Ritchey Cattle Co. Wiggins, CO, 49 Fdr Hfrs @ 850lbs. VAC 45, NHTC, Certified Natural Plus, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of Red Angus cows by reg. Croissant & Mushrush Red Angus bulls selected for carcass traits. Replacement prospects. $157.00, February 12-20 Del.


Waggoner Cattle Co. Dimmitt, TX, 135 Wnd Str Clvs @ 350lbs. Pred. Black hided English & English cross, 30% Charolais & Charolais cross, Red, RWF & 1-2 good spotted or Linebacks. Approx. 5% 1/8-1/4 Brahman Influence. $222.00, February 12-16 Del.

SW Cattle Co. Waco, TX, 1000 Wnd Str Clvs @ 485lbs. Angus cross & Charolais cross carrying ¼ or less Brahman influence. Approx. 70-80% Black hided. $200.00, April 20-May 5 Del.

Brazos Bend Ranch, Rosebud, TX, 40 Wnd Str Clvs / 23 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 500lbs. VAC 45, Source & Age Verified, NHTC, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of reputation Brangus cows by outstanding 44 Farms Angus bulls. Approx. 95% Black hided. $182.00, February 12-20 Del.

T&M Farms, Morrill, KS, 90 Wnd Str Clvs @ 550lbs. VAC PRECON. Angus & Angus cross. 100% Black hided. $194.00, February 15-March 2 Del.

Albert & Leo Hogan, Boulder, CO, 207 Wnd Str Clvs @ 580lbs. VAC 45, Certified Natural Plus, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of English, English cross, Angus & Angus Limousin cross cows by reg. Aristocrat Black Angus bulls. Approx. 98% Black hided with 2 Blacknosed Charolais. Calving data available. Will be some w/ blue spot in eyes. $196.00, February 12-20 Del.

David W. Diver, Groesbeck, TX, 80 Wnd Str Clvs @ 625lbs. VAC PRECON. Angus cross & Charolais cross with ¼ or less Brahman influence, few up to 3/8, $167.00, March 21 - April 6 Del.

LCL Tyler Ranch LLC, Burns, OR, 92 Wnd Str Clvs @ 630lbs. Certified Natural Plus. Mixed English, Angus cross & Red Angus cross sired by Angus, Red Angus, & Hereford bulls. $161.00, February 10-24 Del.

DeLong Ranches, Inc. Winnemucca, NV, 71 Wnd Str Clvs @ 670lbs. NHTC, Verified Natural Beef, Superior Progressive Genetics. Red Angus, Sired by Frank Wedel & Ludvigson Stock Farm Red Angus bulls. $169.25, February 16-19 Del.

R&D Cutting Horses, Lipan, TX, 71 Wnd Str Clvs @ 685lbs. Angus cross & Charolais cross with ¼ or less Brahman influence. $155.00, February 15-28 Del.

Jason Barnard, Rodeo, NM, 107 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 450lbs. VAC PRECON. Angus & Angus cross. 100% Black & BWF. 15% Showing a tic of ear. All Angus sired. $172.00, February 12-14 Del.

S&S Ranch, Oxford, FL, 93 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 525lbs. VAC 45+, Certified Natural Plus. English Exotic cross, Charolais, Angus crossbred calves showing ¼ or less Brahman influence, may be a few 3/8 depending on sort. Approx. 30% Black hided, 40% Yellow, 30% Red, RWF & other. $152.00, February 12-17 Del.

Justin Homen, Skellytown, TX, 90 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 535lbs. Certified Natural Plus. Out of Angus & Angus cross cows by reg. Lazy JB Black Angus bulls. Pred. Black hided with a few Blacknose Charolais cross. $169.50, February 13-17 Del.

Leven Cattle, Panhandle, TX, 95 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 550lbs. VAC 45. Out of Angus English cross cows by Black Angus bulls. Pred. Black w/a few BWF, approx. 15% Red or RWF. Angus & Angus cross. $163.00, February 9-16 Del.

Shamrock Ranches, Inc. Wallace, NE, 95 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 560lbs. 70% Black & BWF, balance Red, RWF, Charolais cross & 1-2 Hereford. Approx. 11% Exotic cross. $173.00, February 14 Del.

Redd-Agri LLC, 225 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 625lbs. VAC PRECON, Angus & Angus cross, Home Raised hfrs are sired by TC Thunder Black Angus bull. 100% Black & BWF. $157.00, February 17-28 Del.


Odle Livestock, Brush, CO, 25 Bred Heifers @ 1075lbs. Superior Progressive Genetics. Red Angus & Red Angus cross hfrs AI’d to sons of Lazy MC Detour & sons of Mushrush & cleaned up with reg. Crump & Beiber Red Angus bulls. Start calving approx. 2/20/18 for approx. 60 days. $1600.00, February 14-20 Del.

Redd-Agri LLC, La Sal, UT, 45 Bred Cows @ 1100lbs. Angus & Angus cross cows AI’d to Rainmaker son & natural service bred to Angus & Angus balancer, high altitude, PAP tested bulls. Preg checked 12/29/17. Start calving approx. 3/20/18 for approx. 45 days. All cows raised a calf in 2017 Coming 3 yr olds. $1650.00, February 12-17 Del

Sparky & Dixie Ross, Jordan, MT, 216 Bred Cows @ 1100lbs. Pred. Angus w/a few Red 10 yr olds out of 600 hd. Bred to Jodi Wacker ¾ Angus ¼ Simmental bulls. Start Calving approx. 3/20/18 for approx. 60 days. Buyers option to pick their choice out of 70 1st calf hfrs, 140 3-4 yrs. & 70 in each age group of 5-10 yrs. $1675.00, February 11-18 Del.

Source - Superior Livetsock Auction



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