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Superior Livestock Sees Higher Calf and Yearling Prices Across the Board in May 31st Sale

Fri, 01 Jun 2018 05:36:14 CDT

Superior Livestock Sees Higher Calf and Yearling Prices Across the Board in May 31st Sale Superior Livestock Auction hosted their May 31st Video Auction live from their studio in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards. Cattle producers offered 16,214 head of calves, yearlings and breeding stock from 16 states for this auction. Cattle were sold on contract to deliver immediately through the end of January 2019. Superior Livestock went live at 7:30am CT with Superior Sunrise and the auction followed at 8am CT. This May 31st Video Auction was broadcast on the Cowboy Channel and streamed on Superior Livestock Auction’s Click To Bid website. Last week’s higher fed cattle market caused feeder prices to break out with active bidding and increased demand, market conditions that Superior Livestock was able to capitalize on and resulted in an upwardly trending market report.

Compared to Superior’s last offering, regions 3/4/5/6 yearling steers were $7-10 higher; while yearling heifers from the same regions saw an increase of $5-8. Regions 3/4/5/6 weaned steer calves were $10-12 higher while weaned heifer calves increased $10-15. Florida, Georgia & Alabama calves offered during this auction were steady to $10-15 higher. Moving to regions 1 & 2 yearling steers were $8-12 higher; while yearling heifers saw an increase of $6-9. Weaned steer calves from regions 1 & 2 were $10-15 higher while weaned heifer calves increased $8-10.

Join Superior Livestock for their next offering in Council Bluffs, IA for the Corn Belt Classic. To help better address the needs of Superior’s increasing seller and buyer base Superior Livestock has begun offering bi-weekly Video Auctions broadcast on superiorclicktobid.com. The next of these offerings will be June 7th with a consignment deadline of Tuesday June 5th. For a buyers’ number or more information on becoming a consigner please call our Fort Worth office at 800-422-2117.

Here are the Top Lots sold on May 31st:

Feeder Steers & Heifers:

Schulte Land & Cattle, Amarillo, TX. 230 Fdr Strs @ 650lbs. English, English cross & Exotic cross. Approx. 20% Show pred. 1/8 – 1?4 Brahman Influence, 4-5 hd up to 3/8. $154.00, June 5-9 Del.

1000 Oaks Ranch, Neosho, MO. 75 Fdr Hfrs @ 650lbs. English cross, English Exotic cross & Exotic cross. Some with a touch of ear. $144.00, June 4-22 Del.

Jim Ferguson, Stinnett, TX. 227 Fdr Hfrs @ 715lbs. VAC PRECON. English & English cross. Approx. 80% Black & BWF, bal. Charolais cross, Red, RWF, & a few Hereford. $137.50, June 1-8 Del.

Ten X Ranch, Rodeo, NM. 67 Fdr Strs @ 720lbs. VAC 45, Superior Verified, NHTC, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of commercial Horned Hereford cows by U-Bar & Massey Angus buls. 100% F1 Hereford Angus cross. May be a few solid black. $160.00, June 4-8 Del.

Dan File, Beloit, KS. 65 Fdr Hfrs @ 740lbs. VAC PRECON, English, English cross & Exotic cross. 100% Black & BWF. $138.00, June 25-July 7 Del.

Diamond E Ranch, Waco, TX. 65 Fdr Strs @ 750lbs. VAC 45+, Source & Age Verified, GAP 1, NHTC, Verified Natural Beef, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of Angus & Angus cross cows with 60% AI’d to 44 Farms bulls & balance Gardner & Evans Angus bulls. $171.50, June 4-8 Del.

Seven Bar Ranch, Malakoff, TX. 195 Fdr Hfrs @ 765lbs. VAC PRECON, English & Exotic cross with 1?4 or less Brahman influence. Charolais cross, Black or BWF. $130.75, June 25-July 10 Del.

Van Cleave Cattle Co. Inc. Waco, TX. 192 Fdr Strs @ 775lbs. Angus cross, Charolais cross & a few Hereford cross. All carrying 1?4 or less Brahman influence. $144.00, June 4-8 Del.

Glasgow Farms, Temple, OK. 194 Fdr Strs @ 825lbs. BVD-PI Free. Angus, Angus cross & English cross with 1/8 or less ear. Pred. Black, balance Red & Charolais. $143.00, June 1-15 Del.

Lundy Ranch & 3 L Cattle Co. LLC, Crockett, TX. 180 Fdr Strs @ 825lbs. Charolais cross w/10% Angus cross, depending on sort. $148.00, June 4-15 Del

Mahard Egg Farm, Sulphur, OK. 170 Fdr Strs @ 850lbs. VAC 45. Out of Angus Plus coes by Red Angus & John Hall Braunvieh bulls. $143.75, June 4-8 Del.

I Bar Ranch, Putnam, TX. 232 Fdr Strs @ 860lbs. Angus cross, Charolais cross & a few English Exotic cross. All carrying 1?4 or less Brahman influence. $136.00, June 4-14 Del.
Weaned Calves:

Perry Cattle Ranch LLC, Okeechobee, FL. 148 Wnd Str Clvs @ 340lbs / Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 325lbs. VAC PRECON. Out of English cross & Brahman cross cows by Angus, Brangus & Charolais bulls. 90% Black hided. Approx. 5% Charolais sired. $197.00, June 1-15 Del.

Agricultural Prod. Ent. Inc. Mt. Pleasant, TX. 130 Wnd Str Clvs @ 380lbs. VAC 45. Pred. Red Angus & Red Angus cross w/some Black Angus & Black Angus cross. Few show ear. $205.00, July 5-25 Del.

Dees Cattle Co. Ltd. Schulenburg, TX. VAC PRECON. 227 Wnd Str Clvs @ 425lbs. English & Exotic cross carrying 1?4 or less Brahman influence w/a small percentage showing a tic of more ear. Pred. Black & Charolais cross. $180.00, June 4-7 Del.

A T Cross Cattle Co. & L.T. Cattle Co. Deming, NM. 93 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 525lbs. Certified Natural Plus, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of Angus & Angus cross cows by reg. Express Ranches Angus bulls,100% Black & BWF. $168.00, June 4-8 Del.

Dale & Becky Bowman, Exeter, MO. 90 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 535lbs. English, English cross & Exotic & Exotic cross. $158.00, July 15-30 Del.

Redd Summit Ranches LLC, Salt Lake City, UT. 150 Wnd Str Clvs @ 550lbs / 180 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 500lbs. VAC 45, Certified Natural, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of Angus, Angus cross, Red Angus & RWF cross cows by Diamond Peak & Redd Ranches Angus bulls. $189.00, June 2-5 Del.

Ellis Ranch, Miles City, MT. 86 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 600lbs. Certified Natural. Out of Black Angus cows by Black Angus & Hereford bulls. Approx. 80% Black hided & 20% Red. $160.00, June 2-5 Del.

D&D Cattle Co. Schulenburg, TX. 76 Wnd Str Clvs @ 630lbs. VAC PRECON. English & Exotic cross with 1?4 or less Brahman influence. Strong to Black hided. $147.00, June 5-8 Del.

Terrill Farms, Summersville, MO. 42 Wnd Str Clvs @ 675lbs. / 20 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 600lbs. VAC 45, VitaFerm Raised. Out of Angus & a few Angus cross cows by Angus bulls. Approx. 95% Black. Head Counts Approximate. $153.00, June 1-11 Del.

LCC Farms, Brownfield, TX. 118 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 725lbs. Out of Angus & Brangus type cows by Angus bulls. 6 Red hided. $142.00, June 1-5 Del.
Steer Calves / Heifer Calves:

Bexley Brothers, Inc. Tampa, FL. 155 Str Clvs / Hfr Clvs @ 310lbs. VAC 34+, Certified st Natural, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of reputation English cross & Brahman cross 1 calf hfrs by Jorgensen Angus bulls. Approx. 90% Black & BWF, few dark Red calves. $217.00, June 5-18 Del.

711 Ranch Limited Partnership, Orlando, FL. 376 Str Clvs @ 510lbs. VAC 34+. Out of Brangus & Braford crossbred cows by 100% Brangus bulls. 3/8 or less Brahman. Black hided & BWF, possibly less than 2% off colored of equal quality, depending on sort. Bulls selected for high REA & marbling. $158.00, August 15-September 15 Del.

Barthie Bros. Ranch, Dade City, FL. 92 Str Clvs @ 525lbs. VAC 34+. Out of mostly Brangus type crossbred cows by Walden Charolais, good quality Black Angus & may be a few by Horned Hereford bulls. High marbling with big ribeyes. $163.00, September 11-27 Del.

Tomkow Bros. Inc. /MT Cattle Co. Polk City, FL. 92 Str Clvs @ 550lbs. / Hfr Clvs @ 525lbs. VAC 24, Certified Natural Plus. Out of English Brahman cross cows by good boned, good quality Charolais & Angus bulls. 90% or more showing 1?4 or less Brahman influence, bal. 3/8 or less. Pred. Black & Charolais cross w/a few Red. $154.00, August 8-31 Del.

Wier Ranch, Charlotte, TX. 80 Str Clvs @ 600lbs. Certified Natural Plus, Out of reputation ranch raised Angus cows by Northern origin Angus bulls. 100% Black hided. Few ear tagged different due to family ownership. $178.00, June 5-8 Del.

Little Everglades Ranch, Dade City, FL. 80 Str Clvs @ 630lbs / Hfr Clvs @ 600lbs. Certified Natural Plus. Out of English Brahman cross & English cross cows by Angus bulls. 100% Black hided. No more than 1?4 Brahman influence. Approx. 50% Strs & 50% Hfrs. $163.00, August 13- 31 Del.

Nail Ranch, Albany, TX. 148 Str Clvs @ 685lbs. Out of Red Angus, Red Angus cross Black Angus & Angus cross cows by Langford Hereford & RA Brown bulls. Some by 1?4 Black Simmental bulls. $150.00, June 18-22 Del.

Bred Stock:

Kevin & Becky Shively, Wray, CO. 50 1st Calf Hfr Pairs @ 1050lbs. Angus 1st Calf hfrs with calves by Cross Diamond Red Angus bulls. Started Calving 3/6/18. Cows weigh approx. 900#, calves 150#. $1950.00, June 1-15 Del.

Allen Angus Ranch, Ada, OK. 32 Cow/Calf Pairs @ 1400lbs. Gardiner Angus cows with Gardiner Angus sired calves. Exposed back to reg. Gardiner Angus bulls. 5 yr olds. Solid mouth. Cows weigh approx. 1150# & calves 250#. $1975.00, June 15-30 Del.



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