Subject: Oklahoma's Farm News Update
From: Ron Hays <>
Date: 8/12/2019, 5:56 AM

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Oklahoma's Latest Farm and Ranch News

Your Update from Ron Hays of RON
   Monday, August 12, 2019
Howdy Neighbors! 

Here is your daily Oklahoma farm and ranch news update. 
TysonTyson Loses Holcomb, Kansas Beef Packing Plant for an Indefinite Period of Time After Friday Fire

Bad news for Tyson- and Bad News for the US Beef Cattle Industry came on Friday with a fire that caused major damage to the massive Tyson Holcomb, Kansas Beef Packing Plant.  

By the numbers- Tyson processes up to 30,000 head of slaughter cattle each week in the Holcomb plant, which sits about half way between the Amarillo, Texas and Lexington, Nebraska Tyson Beef Packing Plants. 

Holcomb processes about 4.5% to 5% of the weekly US Beef Supply. They employ 3,800 people and countless others depend upon the plant for their livelihood. That includes multiple feedlots in the region that ship cattle to the plant on a regular basis.

In a statement issued Saturday, Tyson said the plant will be closed "indefinitely," which means those 30,000 cattle will not be harvested for each week the plant is out of operation. 

Drover Journal's Greg Henderson reached out to John Nalivka of Sterling Marketing Group who told him "It will definitely hurt front-end demand, There's the potential that with Holcomb out of commission the marketing pace will slow down and carcass weights will increase. That could certainly take the bloom off this fall's fed cattle market."

You can read Greg's Saturday story on the impact to the beef industry by clicking or tapping here. 

Tyson is meeting with employees today at the plant to give them an update about the status of the plant. 

Several Kansas News Media folks have had good coverage- click or tap here for the coverage from KWCH TV.


A DTN report says that the Environmental Protection Agency will no longer approve product labels that claim glyphosate causes cancer. The agency issued new guidance late last week that says, "EPA will no longer approve product labels claiming that glyphosate is known to cause cancer, a false claim that does not meet the labeling requirements for the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act."
EPA says California's much-criticized Proposition 65 has led to misleading labeling requirements for products like glyphosate because it misinforms the public about the risks they face. Most of the scientific work and study of the product shows no link between glyphosate and human cancers. In May, the EPA said it continues to find no risks to human health and the herbicide is not a carcinogen.
"It's very irresponsible to require labels on products that are inaccurate when the EPA knows it's not a cancer risk," says EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler in a press release. "We will not allow California's flawed program to go ahead and dictate what federal policy should be."

You can read more from the EPA regarding the false labeling of products, by clicking or tapping here

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued guidance that it will no longer approve labels containing the State of California's Proposition 65 warning statement on products containing glyphosate after finding no evidence that glyphosate is a carcinogen, nor that it poses a public health risk.

Following the announcement, House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member K. Michael Conaway (TX-11) and Subcommittee on Biotechnology, Horticulture, and Research Subcommittee Ranking Member Neal Dunn (FL-2) issued a statement supporting that decision. 

"Farmers and consumers alike depend on a science-based, transparent, and predictable pesticide registration process to provide access to important tools while protecting human health and the environment," they stated. "California's Proposition 65 labeling requirement for products containing glyphosate is misleading and interferes with EPA's ability to communicate factual information to consumers. We applaud Administrator Wheeler and his team for maintaining the integrity of the pesticide registration process by rejecting these inaccurate labeling requirements."

The Agricultural Retailers Association President and CEO Daren Coppock also issued a statement regarding the announcement by the EPA. 

"This is a significant victory for science-based regulation. EPA has demonstrated the sound science behind its decisions repeatedly with glyphosate," said Coppock. "It would be irresponsible and misleading to require or allow language on a label that conflicts with the conclusions of the scientific review."


Missouri was the first state in the country to pass a law that essentially says, if you want to call a product 'beef' it has to come from a four-legged bovine animal. Mike Deering, executive vice president of the Missouri Cattlemen's Association spoke recently with me about that law and the challenges the association is facing from the opponents of that legislation. According to Deering, Missouri in fact already had a meat advertising law on the books since the 1980s. 

"So, what we did - our language was basically one sentence. We just expanded that law to make sure there was marketing with integrity when you come up with these alternative food products," Deering said. "This is not about competition. We welcome the competition. We welcome food choice for consumers. We don't want to push anybody out, but what we want to make sure of is that we are telling consumers the truth... so that when consumers go to the store they can buy these products with confidence."

Specifically, the legislation would require alternative meat products to clearly denote the fact that it is not conventionally produced meat on the front of the product's packaging. This has been perceived by the legislation's opponents as a violation of free speech. Deering explained that the MCA has attempted to negotiate with the plaintiffs but says those talks have failed and led to litigation in court - though he remains confident that the law will be upheld.

You can listen to the entire conversation between Deering and I on Friday's Beef Buzz - here

During the recent Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association (OCA) Convention, the OCA Board called for a special meeting on Aug. 24 to consider an increase to the brand registration and renewal fee. The OCA Board will meet at the Lazy E Arena at 9 a.m. to officially consider this proposal. The proposal to be considered by the OCA Board would increase the brand registration and renewal registration fees from $20 to $40. In Oklahoma, brand registrations occur every five years (years ending in '0' and '5').

OCA President Mike Weeks provided some perspective for considering the fee increase, pointing out that the brand fee has not been modified in well over 20 years. However, fixed cost expenses like postage, staffing and printing have dramatically increased in that time period.

"We need to have a reasonable fee that allows for documentation of brands and the administration of the registration and renewal process. With that in mind, the OCA Board is asking for comments from those that use brands regarding this proposed fee increase," shared Weeks.

The Board opened a comment period and is encouraging people who use brand registration to comment on the proposal. The comment period runs from July 22 to Aug. 22, 2019. Submitted comments will be given to the OCA Board for their review at the meeting on the Aug. 24. 

You can learn more about how to comment on the proposal, by clicking or tapping here

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 Great Plains has developed a hybrid tillage solution called the Velocity. The Velocity combines some of the positive aspects of vertical tillage, while maintaining similar features of a conventional disk, resulting in a new classification in the Great Plains product line called hybrid tillage, specifically designed for those producers who do not necessarily practice full vertical tillage or conventional tillage.

Rye DeGarmo, Vice President of Great Plains Engineering, explained that the Velocity buries more residue than a true vertical tillage tool like Turbo-Max®, but with shallow-concavity SpeedBlades™ on 7½" spacings. The patented SpeedBlades aggressively power through heavy residue and thoroughly mix the soil without ridging. 

"It's not true vertical tillage like our Turbo-Max products - it's not straight inline blades where it just sizes residue. Instead, we consider the Velocity to be more of a hybrid because its gangs angle for better weed kill, but the soil moves more horizontally than it would with traditional vertical tillage. By keeping the blades close together, the Velocity is not quite as aggressive as a conventional disk harrow and the soil is not rolled as heavily, so it's between the conventional tillage and vertical tillage categories. It's hybrid tillage," DeGarmo says. 

You can read more about the announcement of the Great Plains new hybrid tillage solution, by jumping over to our website

Express Ranches is the premiere seedstock operator in the Angus breed today. Coming up this week, Express will host its annual Big Event Sale at its Yukon, Okla. headquarters, Friday and Saturday, August 16 and 17. Later this fall, Express will also host its annual bull sale as well on Monday, October 7th. Each sale is considered a major event in their own right for Angus breeders, with people from around the world flocking to Yukon to attend them. Jarold Callahan, president of Express Ranches, talked about both of those upcoming sales recently with me. 

"We try to pick the best of the best of what we have and feature our Angus females," Callahan said. "Saturday is our 'bright lights' sale where we sell our donor cows and what we think are the elite females.

Friday's portion the sale will feature 265 Fall-Calving Females including 2-year olds, numerous donors & many cows sell with calves at side. After the sale concludes, attendees are invited to stay for a country music gala that evening. Then on Saturday, there's much more to bid on including elite donors, outstanding spring-bred heifers, elite fall yearling heifers, fall-calving 2-year-olds, spring-born show heifers, spring-born elite donor prospects and spring-calving pairs.

You can listen to the entire conversation between Callahan and I on the upcoming Express Ranches sales, by jumping over to our website

The combined benefit of Cattlemen's Beef Board programs is 11.91 times more valuable than their costs, according to new research conducted by a third-party assessment from Cornell University. 

Completed in June 2019, the study is based on a model which quantifies the relationship between the Cattlemen's Beef Board's marketing activities and domestic and international demand. It also compared the costs and benefits of those activities relative to producer and importer investments in the national portion of the Beef Checkoff program. 

Under existing U.S. law, the organization is required to have an independent analysis of the program's economic effectiveness conducted at least once every five years. Chairman Chuck Coffey from Oklahoma says the results "tell us that we're achieving" the goal of increasing beef demand worldwide. 

The study also found the activities have increased beef demand by 2.6 billion pounds per year between 2014-2018. Without a national checkoff, U.S. beef demand would have been 14.3 percent lower than levels seen in 2018.

Click or tap here to listen to the whole conversation between the study's lead, Dr. Harry Kaiser and I discussing his findings. 

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