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Oklahoma's Latest Farm and Ranch News

Your Update from Ron Hays of RON
    Monday,  February 24, 2020

Howdy Neighbors! 

Here is your daily Oklahoma farm and ranch news update. 

Oklahoma Ag Mediation is a free service that provides mediation to agriculture producers who may need help with ag-related disputes.

Mike Mayberry, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Agriculture Mediation program says their goal is to be a neutral party that doesn't take sides but helps both parties find a compromise, "The two people that are in dispute can agree to come to mediation and work with the mediator and try to resolve the issue, whatever it might be."

Mayberry says even though mediation may not be something you need right now, it's good to keep it in mind for the future, "Sometimes we know it's very distressing to be a farmer or rancher in Oklahoma with all the things that can happen. Whether it be fire, flood, freeze, ice, all the things that can happen that could upset the rhythm of your operation, if that throws you off, and you need some help, give us a call and see if we can help.

These services are available at no cost for Oklahoma farmers and ranchers in all 77 counties. For more information, you can go to

BrazilConsumer Activists and Cattlemen Both Worry About Brazilian Beef Soon to Head for the US

It's not often that a consumer activist group like the Food and Water Watch will agree with the National Cattlemen's Beef Association- but they do agree on a major concern over the FSIS of USDA signaling that fresh Brazilian Beef may soon be allowed into the United States. 

I think it's interesting that the FSIS has NO MENTION of this decision on their part of the USDA website- even as the Brazilian Ministry of Ag is shouting from the rootops on the word they say they have received from the USDA.  Click or tap here for the Brazilian version of the story- (if you open it in Chrome- it will offer you the option to translate to English)

The Food and Water folks are really not happy- "Despite ongoing investigations into corruption in the Brazilian meat inspection system, Trump's USDA is suddenly rolling out the red carpet to Brazil's dodgy beef. It took two U.S. taxpayer-funded audits this past year for Brazil to have allegedly gotten its act together. We are not convinced. USDA made the right call in 2017 to enact a ban on imported beef from Brazil, and today's about-face is a breach of public safety.  

"In December 2019, Brazilian microbiologists released a study of exported beef from Brazil's largest beef producing state that found almost 70% of sampled beef plants to contain strains of Listeria bacteria. Listeria is not something you want to serve your children; it can cause fatal illnesses and severe infection."

Click here to read their full statement. 

Kent Bacus with the NCBA is also not pleased, either. 

"NCBA strongly supports science-based trade and the Trump Administration's efforts to enforce science-based trade with all trade partners. But to be clear, NCBA has serious concerns about the re-entry of Brazilian beef to the U.S. market.

Bacus adds "Given Brazil's history of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and its track record of repeated food safety violations at ports-of-entry, you can rest assured that NCBA will keep an eagle eye focus on all developments with Brazil and we expect nothing less than the highest level of scrutiny from USDA and customs officials. Should Brazil continue to have food safety or animal health issues, we expect the U.S. government, including Capitol Hill, to take all necessary and immediate action to protect U.S. consumers and U.S. beef producers.

"The re-entry of Brazilian beef to the U.S. market only further exacerbates concerns about the use of "Product of USA" labels on beef sold in the United States. As the trusted leader and definitive voice of the U.S. beef industry, NCBA will continue leading conversations with USDA and the entire supply chain to address any labels that may allow imported beef to carry a "Product of USA" label. NCBA believes voluntary origin labels with verified source claims will provide transparency in labeling without violating our international trade obligations." 

Click or tap here for the full statement from Bacus at NCBA.


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Two OALP Class XIX Continues Chilean Adventure- Check Out Our Pictures to Date

Class XIX of the Oklahoma Ag Leadership Program landed in Santiago a week ago Sunday- and the time has been moving quickly for the group- and a lot of ground has been covered as well. 

Chile is both a relatively small country but also a massively long country- stretching from hot dry desert to the edge of Antarctica- 4,000 miles or so. 

The class is only sampling a part of that- starting in and around Santiago which is roughly in the center of the long country- and almost due west of Buenos Aires, Argentina. About half of the country's population live in Santiago- and that's where we began. 

We added trips a few miles south to Rancagua and then west to the Pacific Coast and Valparaiso.

Over the weekend- we flew several hundred miles south to Temuco and will immerse into the local culture and agriculture here for a total of four days before a another move further south before we start the trek home this coming Friday. 

I'll have several more stories to share this week- but this morning wanted to point you to our Flickr album of pictures for OALP Class 19 to Chile- we have over 850 pictures and a few videos as well to check out- click or tap here. 

One of my favorites from this past weekend came from our time along the Pacific Coast- west of Temuco with several families of the Mapuche Natives that are left over from hundreds if not thousands of years ago- there were probably a million of their ancestors in the land south of Santiago all way to the tip of the continent- after the Spainiards arrived- disease almost wiped them out- left than a tenth of that population survived- today- the families we met have had little contact with Europeans or citizens of the US- but they were delightful and are working to bring eco- tourism to their little corner of Chile that was reshaped in a way that you can not even imagine from one of the largest earthquakes in modern times- a 1960 quake that had it's epicenter not far from where we were- and ended up taking 170 hectares of dry land and leaving 10 hectares above water and the rest a wetland of marsh and waterways.  They have survived- barely- on the 10 to 12 hectares but now hope to take was recreated by Nature and show it off to adventurers in the days to come.(think rural/ agritourism)

Anyway- meet our new friend Estella of the Ruka Lafkenche along the Pacific Coast in Chile- She is the leader of the Community Development group trying to bring tourism to her people- starting at almost ground zero. 

The researchers and veterinarians who created the fact sheet, Holding Time Calculations for Feed Ingredients to Mitigate Virus Transmission,have revised the necessary holding time upward when it comes to determining if the African swine fever (ASF) virus is sufficiently degraded in feedstuffs to potentially prevent transmission. Now, the recommendation is to hold conventional soybean meal an average of 125 days from when it is "born" or packaged, up from only 52 days found in previous research.

The new research, Half-Life of African Swine Fever Virus in Shipped Feed, was funded by the Swine Health Information Center with Pork Checkoff funds. The researchers conducted the new study at Kansas State University using actual ASF virus inside the state-of-the-art National Bio and Agro-defense Facility. In a previous study, researchers used Seneca valley virus A (SVA) as a surrogate to ASF virus due to its known longevity of infectiousness and the difficulty in doing research with it.

Initial estimates of feedstuffs holding times in 2018 came from surrogate virus research funded by The Institute for Feed Education and Research, which is the public charity of the American Feed Industry Association. Revisions made in May 2019 and now in February reflect the newest information from work done on the true ASF half-life. Based on the conditions of transoceanic shipment from Asia, the following table displays the mean holding times calculated to provide 99.99% ASF degradation at 54 degrees F (average).

In today's Beef Buzz, I talk with Don Close, Senior Analyst with RaboFinance, about a new report on the impact of more dairy calves bred for beef consumption.

Close said the idea of a "beef makeover for dairy" project has been in the works for about ten years, but we are just now seeing the impact of more dairy calves in our feed yards.

"I truly think this is a win-win situation for both the beef producer and dairy producer," said Close.

He noted there probably wouldn't be a huge increase in net beef supply, but there could be a difference in the ground beef and trim markets.

Close said the drivers of this project has been improved dairy genetics for breeding the 30 percent elite dairy cows with top high-end dairy bulls, opening the remaining 70 percent of the cows to breed with beef bulls. Another factor is the lower fluid milk prices have forced dairy producers to look at this program.

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The Annual Farm City Festival at the Capitol, hosted by the Oklahoma Farm Bureau Women's Leadership Committee, is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 26.

We talked with Mignon Bolay, a State Committee Chair from Noble County, about the festival, and she told us the event is one of their more popular activities as it brings in rural women leaders from around the state to meet with state lawmakers.

The Noble County farm leader said it is a great example of true grassroots policy development in action.

"We're grateful to have this opportunity, and we believe it's important to support and honor legislators and their staff," Bolay said.

Traditionally, the women leaders gather in the rotunda area of the Capitol to prepare and serve meals. Still, due to ongoing construction and remodeling of the Capitol, the meals will be prepared off-site and brought to the legislators' offices.

To read more about the Women's Committee click or tap here: 

The American Hereford Association (AHA) is capitalizing on the documented strengths of Hereford genetics to provide new opportunities for cattle producers looking to improve their marketing and management.

AHA team members shared the Association's new initiatives at a media briefing held Feb. 6 during the 2020 Cattle Industry Convention and National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) Trade Show in San Antonio.

"As the U.S. cowherd continues to improve in quality, the American Hereford Association is committed to providing more opportunities to market superior genetics," says AHA Executive Vice President Jack Ward. "It is our responsibility not only to equip producers with the best genetics the industry has to offer but also the best tools."

Ward noted that breeders have made vast strides in genetic improvement. For instance, since 2008 Hereford breeders have improved calving ease by 17%, growth traits by 20%, 86% in ribeye area and 150% in marbling.

"It's time for the industry to come home to Hereford," said Ward. "We have much to offer the commercial industry."

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Bruce Cobb, General Manager of Consolidated Beef Producers, Inc. (CBP), is making a career move at the end of February to take a position with Certified Angus Beef LLC.

CBP's Board of Directors have promoted Casey Bradshaw to take the helm as President and General Manager position in addition to naming Heather Peoples as Vice President of Administrative Operations and Chad Brown as Vice President of Cattle Marketing Operations.

Bradshaw brings 24 years of industry experience to his position at CBP. He has served in a number of capacities within the organization, most recently as Director of Marketing. Prior to joining CBP in 2001, he worked for Cargill Meat Solutions in Cattle Procurement.

Peoples, like Bradshaw, has been with CBP since its beginning, starting as Executive Assistant. She brings over 19 years of business operations experience to her new role.

Brown has been a Cattle Marketing Representative with CBP since 2007 and began his career in the industry 23 years ago in Cattle Procurement with Cargill Meat Solutions.

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