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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Beef Producers Should Ask Veterinarian For Ideas To Help Improve Cowherds, Says Dr. Fred Gingrich, American Assoc. of Bovine Practitioners
Beef producers should ask their veterinarians for ideas that can help improve their cowherds, said Dr. Fred Gingrich, executive director of the American Assoc. of Bovine Practitioners during a recent podcast by the Beef Cattle Institute.

It’s very important for beef and dairy producers to understand we’re in the sales business making something we want people to buy, he said.

The three big buckets are antimicrobial stewardship, cattle health and wellbeing and environmental stewardship, Gingrich said.

I think we can demonstrate we are doing well but we can always do better, he said.

The best thing a producer can do is ask their veterinarian what the top three things I should be doing better right now, Gingrich said.

Animal welfare is something Dr. Gingrich assigns a high priority for producers.

From a welfare perspective I think you have to take a holistic approach, he said.

Individual topics include weaning and how we can improve since this is very stressful time for the calves, castration and disease.

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