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Wednesday, September 8, 2021
USMEF's Dan Halstrom Expects Little Impact on US Shipments of Beef to China from Brazil's BSE Discovery
The world\s largest beef exporting country is not selling beef to the largest beef importing country- at least for the time being. With word over this past weekend that Brazil had uncovered two older cows with atypical BSE- that country has halted shipments of beef headed for China. Dan Halstrom, President and CEO of the US Meat Export Federation, weighed in on this temporary stoppage of beef shipments between Brazil and China. Halstrom says that the 2019 case of aytpical BSE in Brazil resulted in a 13 day stoppage of beef flowing from the South American country to China- and he says it would not be surprising to see a similar length of time to allow the two countries to assess the situation. "It's hard to say- it could go longer, but you never know."

Brazil is the one of the largest suppliers of grass fed beef into China- which is different than the beef the US is sending to China. He tells yours truly that we are targeting a different demographic with the beef we are sending to China- and that we are actually filling a void in the Chinese market as virtually no other product similar to US grain fed beef is available anywhere in the world.

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