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Date: 3/15/2018 6:52 AM

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Daily Oklahoma Cash Grain Prices- as reported by the Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture on Wednesday, March 14th.
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Oklahoma's Latest Farm and Ranch News
Your Update from Ron Hays of RON
   Thursday, March 15, 2018

Howdy Neighbors! 

Here is your daily Oklahoma farm and ranch news update. 

-- From the OYE- Night of Stars Topped by Berk Gilt, Barrow Results and More Pics

RuskJudging from His Interaction with OYE Exhibitors, OSU's Clint Rusk Believes Industry's Future is Bright

I caught up with Dr. Clint Rusk, head of the Animal Science department at Oklahoma State University, at the Oklahoma Youth Expo this week who for a long time has enjoyed interacting with parents and exhibitors at the show.
Many of the kids that show at OYE end up attending OSU as freshmen, and Rusk has made an effort to be on hand each year to answer students' questions and even recruit those with an interest in one day pursuing a degree in animal science at Oklahoma State.
He offered a few comments during our interview addressing the state of the department right now and what it is doing to ultimately serve Oklahoma's ag industry.

"I think the state of the department is really good. I'm always a person who tends to see the glass half full," Rusk said. "We've been through some challenges with budget cuts like any state agency the last few years but we're going to weather the storm.

"I think we've learned some things. We've had to make some cuts; we've had to change the way we do some things. But, our future is dependent on people and we have great people that work for us and we have great students. As long as that continues I think our future is very bright."

Listen to our full exchange to hear more about what's happening at OSU's Animal Science Department during these challenging times, by clicking here.

Our thanks to ITC for powering our coverage of the 2018 OYE- click here to learn more about their work in carrying power across the US.

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PerdueAg Secretary Perdue Emphasizes Broadband in Infrastructure Needs  Presentation to Congress

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue today testified before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation hearing entitled "Rebuilding Infrastructure in America: Administration Perspectives." Secretary Perdue was joined by Department of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Department of Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, and Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

Perdue spent a lot of his time explaining the need for high speed internet EVERYWHERE in rural America- Among his comments on the topic-

"...Today the high-speed internet is that interstate highway of the 21st century. And we need a ubiquitous highspeed internet system across this country not only for the farm steads and the rural towns but the fields of America.

"...There are products on the shelf today that manufacturers are waiting to deploy when we have the opportunity for ubiquitous broadband activity. And frankly, this will only spur more as we get there. 

"So, I'm very pleased with the interest and the energy regarding ubiquitous broadband across America in that way I do believe it's particularly transformative in that area... I love the spirit of this committee: in a bipartisan fashion of understanding the need. How do we do it? Let's just get it done for the American people because it's needed in order for American producers in agriculture to remain competitive."

We have Secretary Sonny's full remarks that you can check out- right here:

FixProposed Fix to Section 199A Error in Republican Tax Package Draws Strong Support from Ag Community

A legislative fix to the unintended consequences of the Republican tax overhaul, regarding Section 199A of the tax code, has been introduced in Congress this week. 

The changes to tax law give huge tax breaks to farmers who sell their goods to cooperatives over other types of businesses. According to Politico, congressional leaders want the fix to be included in the fiscal 2018 spending package, which has to pass by March 23. However, it's not clear if Democrats are willing to allow any tax provisions to be included in the bill. 

Over 100 contentious riders to the bill are said to be in play as Democrats push for a clean spending package. The co-op fix would repeal the tax law change that gave farmers a 20 percent deduction from their gross sales by selling to co-ops. And, it would restore the tax benefits that co-ops and their farmers enjoyed under the old tax code, known as the Section 199 deduction for manufacturers, which Republicans repealed in the new tax law. 

The proposed fix, supported by both The National Council of Farmer Cooperatives and the National Grain and Feed Association, would be retroactive to January first in order to negate any perceived gains as a result of what Republican lawmakers admitted is an error. It would allow farmers selling to co-ops to claim a 20 percent deduction on net business income.

In a joint statement made yesterday, the NCFC and the NGFA stated that, "Given the complexities of the issue and the different types and sizes of businesses, no legislation will ever be perfect for every income or business situation. But, we believe the solution merits enactment so that competitive choices remain available to agricultural producers and the marketplace - not the tax code - determines with whom they do business."

Zippy Duvall, president of the American Farm Bureau agreed, sending a letter to Congressional members asking for their support to pass this fix as soon as possible.

"The proposed solution restores the balance of competition within the marketplace and provides fairness in the tax treatment of farm and ranch businesses. The need for swift passage is critical to provide certainty to farmers and ranchers as they sell stored commodities and make marketing decisions for this year's crop," Duvall wrote. "We urge you to support and facilitate passage of the stakeholder-driven proposal to respond to the unintended consequences of Section 199A by including the provision in the 2018 omnibus spending bill."
HungerLittle Evidence of Foliar Diseases Yet Found Across Okla. Reports Wheat Pathologist Bob Hunger

Dr. Bob Hunger, Professor & Extension Wheat Pathologist at OSU's Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology, reported in his latest wheat disease update that neither he nor his colleagues across the state have found much evidence of foliar diseases so far this year. Some wheat in southwestern Oklahoma has been noted as being short and drought stressed though with flag leaves emerging in some fields. Some spraying for aphids - both for bird cherry-oat and greenbug, has been reported as well in wheat fields west of Lahoma.

At this point, Hunger says it appears there is not much rust inoculum building up to the south of us in Texas, either, referring to a scouting report from Dr. Clark Neely, Small Grains/Oilseed Extension Specialist; Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.

The OSU Diagnostic Lab has also tested samples from southwestern Oklahoma for the wheat viruses that cause wheat streak mosaic, high plains, Triticum mosaic and barley yellow dwarf, says Hunger.

"We are doing this to see if testing for the presence of these viruses early in the season with the ELISA procedure may have value in giving producers a 'heads-up' related to the decision of removing cattle or to graze out a given field," he said. "We'll follow these fields as the season progresses to see how the incidence of these viruses in these fields relates to the virus testing."

Click here to read the complete report from Hunger and his colleagues, as they monitor the threat of plant diseases this growing season.

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PruittScott Pruitt Promises Farm Bureau Leaders from Across the US Transparency, Regulatory Certainty

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt addressed over 300 members of the Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, and Alabama Farm Bureaus Wednesday, pledging his commitment to "providing America's farmers with the transparency and regulatory certainty they deserve from Washington."

In his remarks, Administrator Pruitt expounded on the Agency's role in American agriculture, including the decision to begin the process of redefining the "Waters of the U.S." rule, which will provide regulatory certainty for farmers and ranchers and prioritize keeping America's water clean. He also discussed EPA's outreach to states and the continued efforts to engage in cooperative federalism on issues affecting farmers and ranchers. Finally, Administrator Pruitt reiterated his continued commitment to the Renewable Fuel Standards and announced the Agency is on track to meet the November 30th statutory deadline for issuing the annual Renewable Volume Obligations.

Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst said, "Missouri farmers and ranchers appreciate having an EPA Administrator who recognizes the role agriculture plays in protecting our environment. Administrator Pruitt is willing to work with the people on the front lines instead of against them. This is a welcome change, and we look forward to making progress on environmental policy with his team."

Click or tap here to read more remarks made by the Administrator at yesterday's function and those of other Farm Bureau leaders in attendance.

BUZZLivestock Haulers Spared Another 90 Days from ELD Mandate, NCBA Looking for a Permanent Fix

Animal agriculture received welcomed news late Tuesday, when the US Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration announced that an additional 90 days would be added to the existing extension for livestock haulers in regard to the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate and the Hours of Service rule. Alison Cook of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association remarked on the announcement to me, saying that this extension will allow producers to continue operating as usual until mid-June, give the FMCSA more opportunity to educate agricultural haulers on the mandate and buy the livestock industry valuable extra time to hopefully resolve this issue with a permanent fix.

"I think through this whole conversation on ELDs we know that the larger issue at hand is Hours of Service and that the current Hours of Service - which are again 11 hours of drive time, 14 hours on duty and then a 10-hour rest - just don't really work for the live haul community," Cook said. "We have an animal welfare piece that we have to be concerned about at all times and we have weather to deal with and those animals, we have to be worried about how that weather negatively affects them."

With this new-found time, Cook insists every angle is being explored, especially by the beef and pork industries to find a solution that will keep haulers in compliance with federal regulations but also one that mindfully addresses the unique considerations that need to be made for livestock being transported.

"We're looking to our friends in Congress and working on language to fix Hours of Service so it works for livestock haulers," she said. "And, we'll continue to work with FMCSA for more flexibility. We've been attacking ELDs and Hours of Service from any way possible at this point and we will continue to do so."

Listen to NCBA's Alison Cook and I discuss the latest developments in the ELD mandate conversation - click here.

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CABTwenty Years of Data Show CAB Grids Pay $75 Million Per Year, And Doubling Every Seven Years

In an article released earlier this week by Certified Angus Beef, it is said that Angus producers seem to have defied the laws of market economics over the last couple years - managing to earn 44 percent more premium dollars despite a growing supply of product that has ultimately culminated to global sales in excess of 1 billion pounds just during last year alone.

"At a rate of $8,500 per hour, 24-7, that was $75 million for 2017, up from the $52 million paid in 2015; the linking year came in at $63 million," the article reads. "That brings the 20-year total for CAB premiums to $688 million, more than half of it paid in the last seven years.

"Nearly two-thirds of last year's 4.54 million Angus cattle accepted for the brand sold on packer value-based 'grids' that varied widely but averaged more than $5 per cwt. for CAB."

With an already large supply on hand that continues to grow, the article also begs the question that has many in the industry scratching their heads, too, wondering if high-quality beef can keep the trend lines pointing upward?

"Keep an eye on two things," says Stephen Koontz, Colorado State University professor and cattle marketing analyst. "Exports, because with lots of protein out there, we need some serious pressure relief beyond the domestic market. Secondly, our consumers' growing preference for high quality has been a driver for the last couple-three years and should be for at least the next couple-three years."

Get the full story by clicking over to our website to read the complete article from CAB to find out more about this economic phenomenon. 
OYEStuffFrom the OYE- Night of Stars Topped by Berk Gilt, Barrow Results and More Pics

The 2018 Night of Stars Breeding Gilt Sale was a standing only room affair at the Oklahoma Youth Expo on Wednesday evening- and there were people watching in from all across the country with the ability to big online for the first time ever for the annual sale of the top female hogs shown at the world's largest junior livestock show. 

Topping the sale was the Champion Berkshire breeding gilt that was the Reserve Supreme Purebred Gilt- owned and shown by Sadie Varner of Bristow FFA. Sadie's gilt, nicknamed Polly, was bred by Decker Showpigs and brought $27,000.

Rachel Rumsey of Prague FFA also had a great Night of Stars sale- as she had a pair of crossbred Commercial gilts that were bred by Hofschulte Genetics- and ended up bringing $16,000 and $20,000 respectively.

Read more about the Night of Stars results- and listen to an overview that we assembled by clicking or tapping here.

The breed selections are complete in the hog barn- and thanks to Roy Lee Lindsey- we have those results that we have posted in the Blue Green Gazette on our website. 

We highlighted the first five breed champions yesterday morning- three more were added on Wednesday- including
the Hampshire Champ- shown by Kennedy Edwards of Maysville 4-H- the Hereford Champ shown by Jacob Bedell of El Reno FFA and the York Champ shown by Rachel Rumsey of Prague FFA. 

To view the complete list of Champs and Reserves in all eight breeds- click or tap here.

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