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Date: 10/5/2018 6:44 AM

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Oklahoma's Latest Farm and Ranch News

Your Update from Ron Hays of RON
    Friday,  October 5, 2018

Howdy Neighbors! 

Here is your daily Oklahoma farm and ranch news update. 
OneFeatured Story: Baylor Bonham Repeats at Tulsa With His Grand Steer- $30,000 Tops Ringmasters Jr Livestock Auction

It was his last time to show steers at the Tulsa State Fair- and Newcastle FFA member Baylor Bonham went out in style- he not only had the Champion Crossbred- but also the Reserve Champion Crossbred as selected by Steer Show judge Joel Cowley of Houston, Texas. Wednesday evening, Cowley had all the breed winners and Bonham's Crossbred brought back into the ring for him to sort things out and slap the rump of the Grand Champion- and after an extended time of eyeballing the Crossbred and the Charolais Champ- Cowley walked over to Baylor Bonham and congratulated him for his 2018 Grand Champion Market Steer.

Bonham is no stranger to how that feels- he also won a year ago in Tulsa as well as back in 2013 when he was a 4-Her. In fact, the Newcastle High School Senior told me in the nine years he has shown at Tulsa, he has had either the Grand Champion or Reserve Grand Champion five of the nine times. Bonham has also won at the Oklahoma Youth Expo, at the National Western in Denver and at the American Royal in Kansas City. 

On Thursday evening- the first animal into the sale ring of the Tulsa State Fair Ringmasters Junior Livestock Auction was the Grand Champion Steer named Duke Duke- and Bonham had a big smile as the bidding matched that of a year ago- $30,000. The Steer was purchased by Oklahoma Farm Bureau and long time Tulsa State Fair Premium Sale supporter LC Neel.

Click or tap here to read more- and to listen to our conversation with Baylor as he reflects over his years of showing at Tulsa- and at other leading shows around the country.

We also have the other top winners in the Junior Market Show in that webstory.

BarrowAt the Other End of the Spectrum- 9 Year Old Jacie Cantrell Smiled So Much It Hurt After Winning Barrow Show 

One of the youngest folks showing livestock at the 2018 Tulsa State Fair Junior Market Show was Ripley 4-Her Jacie Cantrell- and she was thrilled beyond words- her Mom Kelcie told Sam Knipp and I that she had not stopped smiling since her barrow had won the show on Wednesday- here's that smile that we caught shortly after her champion Hamp was declared the best of the show.

Jacie's Grand Champion Barrow sold for $12,000 on Thursday- purchased by Paul Sizemore and the Ringmasters.

Other Grands included the Grand Champion Market Lamb shown by Johnna Stottl
emyre of Luther FFA- the Lamb sold for $12,000 and was bought by J.B. Pump and Carroll Water Well Supply- they also bought the Grand Market Goat for $10,000- the goat being shown by Addy Schneberger of Carnegie 4-H.

Finally- the Grand Champion Broiler Pen was shown by Landon Harmon of Perry FFA- sold for $2,500 to Expo Serve.

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Two Another Quiet Week in Grain Markets, But Kim Anderson Says That's Not Such a Bad Thing - This Week on SUNUP!

It has been another quiet week in the grain markets and OSU Extension Grain Market Economist Dr. Kim Anderson says, this isn't necessarily a bad thing given the current market situation for most commodities.

For wheat, it is a bit speculative as the USDA has predicted HRW export sales to be even with the previous year. However, at this point, US wheat exports are down 37 percent, which means is the USDA is correct then there is a lot of export demand left to make up the difference that has yet to come in. At the same time, though, small rallies continue to spark as rumors pop up that Russia is suspended exports from certain terminals. While that is good news in general, Anderson wonders if Russia is not simply attempting to build up expectations and prices in order to capture a higher price for its wheat.

Looking at other commodities- corn and soybeans are both in a similar situation with either near or above record production this year. Most analysts agree that the price of corn has hit a bottom and could even in fact bump up by 30 to 40 cents. Meanwhile, soybeans have been overall steady but have recently increased by as much as 50 cents. Anderson, though, is hesitant at this point to call it an upward trend- at least not until it breaks $9.30 or better in the near-term.

Finally, cotton has also sparked some speculation as well with prices lately mostly flat. While there might still be some room for cotton to work down maybe a few cents lower, Anderson believes cotton is very near its bottom.

You can watch their visit tomorrow or Sunday on SUNUP- or you can hear Kim's comments right now and find out what else is on the lineup for this weekend's episode by clicking here.

Although the amount of drought in the state remains virtually unchanged (9.11% last week, 8.94% this week) in the latest Drought Monitor Map, the decrease in the southwest part of the state was replaced by an increase in the northeast- a near even exchange.

According to State Climatologist Gary McManus, though, the forecast for Oklahoma is setting up well for a chance at total drought removal over the course of the next week. Be aware, though, this expectation comes with the possibility of flooding as well, especially in western Oklahoma.

Here's a look at this week's Drought Monitor Map, below.

For a closer look at this week's Drought Monitor Map, or to read McManus' latest edition of the Mesonet Ticker report, click here.

Yesterday, R-CALF USA sent a letter to U.S. Trade Ambassador Robert Lighthizer arguing that the USMCA trade agreement announced by the Trump Administration fails to achieve its America first goal in respect to US cattle producers.

Citing a report from the National Academy of Sciences that describes the eclipse of family farmers by large industrialized agribusinesses in the production of food, RCALF alleges that 'big ag' is using its economic influence to control and shape the nation's trade policy under the Trump Administration.

"The USMCA (U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement) reveals that you and your negotiating team were heavily influenced by advisors aligned not with independent U.S. farmers and ranchers; but rather, with large agribusinesses intent upon capturing the U.S. food supply from our family farmers and ranchers," wrote the group.

The group asks in the letter for a meeting with Lighthizer to discuss how the new agreement can yet achieve the President's goals for the U.S. cattle industry. For more details on this story or to read RCALF's complete letter to USTR Lighthizer, click here.

Sponsor Spotlight
The Oklahoma Pork Council is a producer organization representing the interests all of pork producers throughout Oklahoma. 

Pork Farmers in Oklahoma recognize our obligation to build and maintain the trust of customers and the public in our products and our practices. To promote confidence in what we do and how we do it, we affirm the following ethical principles: food safety, animal Safety, environment, public health, employee care and the communities in which we operate.
Click here to learn more about the Oklahoma Pork Council.

Janeal Yancey, the 'Mom at the Meat Counter,' Encourages Producers to Get on Consumers' Level

By trade, Janeal Yancey works as a program technician in the Meat Science department at the University of Arkansas. On the side, though, Yancey has built up a large following through her blog, Mom at the Meat Counter, where she shares her knowledge of meat production with the goal of answering questions that ag-illiterate consumers may have about their food and how it is produced. She talked recently with us about the importance of sharing ag's story with consumers.

According to Yancey, the average consumer of today is at least three generations removed from the farm and in their lifetime has probably only visited a working farm maybe once. Because of this, she says most consumers have a very limited knowledge of what actually goes on in a farm or ranch operation, much less why certain things are done the way they are. This is important for people in the industry to understand, she says, because consumers today have many questions and are often met with some response from an engaged member of the agricultural community. However, what is often overlooked in those responses is a lack of effective communication. She says consumers knowledge of ag is so limited that often times, what those in the industry might consider very basic terms, are often completely lost on the consumer who hears nothing but confusing jargon when an explanation is being offered.

Yancey says producers may feel it necessary to clarify terms like GMO, EPD, and AI... but more often than not, she says a consumer is likely to also need clarification on the simple things like heifer, steer, gilt and barrow. Most consumers recognize cow, sheep, pig and goat, etc. But Yancey says the first step to effective communication is bringing things down to a level that consumers can understand.

Yancey believes that engaging with the public is more important than ever for the ag industry, as the gap between the producer and consumer continues to widen. By sharing individual experiences, she believes that renewed trust and understanding can be established. Motivated by that belief, Yancey encourages others to share their stories in the same way she was recruited, acknowledging the inherent strength in numbers.

Listen to Yancey and I discuss her advocacy efforts on behalf of the ag industry, on yesterday's Beef Buzz - click here.

On Thursday, Growth Energy released a new television ad stressing the vital role ethanol plays in rural America's economy. The commercial spot makes an appeal to Congress to support making the availability and sales of E15 blended fuels year-round a reality. The ad campaign began this week and will appear on televisions in Washington, D.C. and select markets across the heartland.

According to Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor, the movement to solidify E15's permanence at the pump is gaining momentum every day. If approved, she says it will give farmers and rural communities a shot in the arm that is desperately needed right now in the face of one of the worst economic times for rural America.

"Farm families are hurting and there's no time to delay a fix that could deliver two billion bushels of additional demand for U.S. corn while holding down prices at the pump," Skor stated. 

To watch this new commercial or to learn more about the ongoing push to secure E15 sales year-round, click or tap here.

Seven Oklahoma Farming and Ranching Foundation Gets a Name Change to Strengthen Ties to OK Farm Bureau

The Oklahoma Farming and Ranching Foundation board of directors announced yesterday a decision to change the nonprofit's name to the Oklahoma Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture.

Since its founding in 2011, the foundation has worked to promote agriculture, educate consumers, and support rural communities. However, the foundation board believed the foundation's ties to Farm Bureau needed to be strengthened.

"When the foundation steps in to support education, nutrition, disaster assistance and more, we want to make sure the familiar name of Oklahoma Farm Bureau is visible for all to see," stated David VonTungeln, Oklahoma Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture president. "With this change comes a renewed excitement and dedication to grow and support our state's farmers and ranchers. We will continue the same quality programs that have made an impact across our state while creating new opportunities to share the great things happening on Oklahoma farms and ranches."

Learn more about the foundation's name change, by clicking here to read the complete statement from VonTungeln.

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