Subject: Oklahoma's Farm News Update
From: Ron Hays <>
Date: 11/7/2018 6:33 AM

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OKC West traded calves on Tuesday- 7,000 was estimated to be on hand- Steer and heifer calves sold 2.00-4.00 lower with exception of truly long weaned thin fleshed cattle trading steady. Click or tap here to review the latest from USDA from El Reno. 

Today's First Look:
mornings with cash and futures reviewed- includes where the Cash Cattle market stands, the latest Feeder Cattle Markets Etc.
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Daily Oklahoma Cash Grain Prices- as reported by the Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture on Tuesday, November 6th.
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The National Daily Feeder & Stocker Cattle Summary- as prepared by USDA.
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Oklahoma's Latest Farm and Ranch News

Your Update from Ron Hays of RON
    Wednesday,  November 7, 2018

Howdy Neighbors! 

Here is your daily Oklahoma farm and ranch news update. 

OneFeatured Story: Kevin Stitt Beats Drew Edmondson to Become Governor Elect- Rural Oklahoma Made It Happen

Tulsa Businessman Kevin Stitt easily dispatched former Attorney General Drew Edmondson on Tuesday- winning by 145,000 votes to become the next Governor of Oklahoma.

Edmondson had a lot of baggage to overcome among farm, ranch and conservation groups in the state- going back to his days as Attorney General. He sued poultry companies over chicken litter and harm it could do to the waterways of northeastern Oklahoma- and then in more recent years- was the face of the opposition to the Right to Farm Constitutional Amendment battle- State Question 777. Edmondson was on the same side as HSUS and helped defeat the measure decisively.

Most Ag Groups got behind Kevin Stitt and many endorsed him- and that included the Oklahoma Farm Bureau's PAC- OKFB President Rodd Mossel proved us his reaction and analysis last night after Stitt pulled away and secured the victory- ""Rural Oklahoma made the difference Tuesday in the Oklahoma Governor's race. Although Stitt lost Tulsa County & Oklahoma County he still won statewide by a large 12% margin thanks to very large wins in rural counties across our state. We are excited about the opportunity to work with new Governor Kevin Stitt & Lt Governor Matt Pinnell. These bright, capable new leaders have proven already that they are good listeners & are very interested in rural Oklahoma. We look forward to working with them as they build their leadership teams & staffs that will lead our state into the future. We hope to work with them as they solidify their visions & develop their plan of action for our great state. We believe they will work to understand the needs of agriculture & rural Oklahoma and work with us to grow all of Oklahoma."

Roy Lee Lindsey of okPork also weighs in- ""The Oklahoma Pork Council wants to congratulate Kevin Stitt on his election as the next governor of Oklahoma. We look forward to Kevin's leadership and commitment to making Oklahoma a Top 10 state. We are excited to work with Gov. - elect Stitt to promote the growth of agriculture all across our state."

And so did Michael Kelsey of the Oklahoma Cattlemen- ""Congratulations to Governor elect Stitt. OCA looks forward to working with him and his administration to grow agriculture and Oklahoma!"

Beyond the Governor's race- it was an ALL RED night for the statewide races- Republicans winning in all of the down the ticket statewide races with ease. 

Four of the five Congressional Districts remain red with no serious challenge in any of those races- but Steve Russell ran off the cliff and Kendra Horn upset the lawmaker by a margin of just over 3,000 votes.

One race that was a little surprising in the State House- House Minority Leader Steve Kouplen lost in HD24 to Logan Phillips 52% to 48%,  Kouplen is a past President of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau. 

To read more and jump to the links on the state and national election level- click or tap here. 

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TwoHouse Flips to the Dems- Republicans Pick Up Seats in the Senate- Fate of 2018 Farm Bill Conference Remains Unknown

The math is still a little fuzzy- but Democrats picked up about 33 or 34 seats in the US House- meaning Nancy Pelosi and her folks become the majority for the first time since the first two years of the Obama Administration. 

For Agriculture- it means that Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas and others on the House Ag Committee will serve the next two years in the minority. The leadership of the Ag Committee were reelected- Chairman Mike Conaway won with 80% of the vote- Colin Peterson of Minnesota- the ranking member- won his race that was a lot tighter- with 52% of the vote claimed by the new Chairman. 

It's unknown how these results will impact the 2018 Farm Bill Conference negotiations. Peterson has signaled that he still would like to get the Farm Bill done this year- before he takes over the Chairmanship again. 

Doing that would likely mean Chairman Conaway would have to give ground on the SNAP Reforms he has championed- the Senate has said all along that is a non starter- and now it may be lose the SNAP reform or lose the whole bill- and start over in 2019.  (and pass a one year extension to give time to do that)

The mood of all the players on Capitol Hill will determine the chances of that starting right away.

On the Senate side- it appears that the Republicans will pick up three or maybe four seats- they have lost Nevada but have picked up Missouri, Indiana and North Dakota.  

Cameron Bruett is head of corporate affairs and sustainability at JBS-USA, a leading North American meat processor and the world's largest cattle feeder. He spoke about the issue of sustainability in the beef industry as a keynote speaker during the 2018 American Angus Association Convention this past week in Columbus, Ohio. According to him, one of the main issues at hand when it comes to sustainability, especially in regard to the consumer, is the difference between perception and reality.

In short, Bruett says that although the industry is in fact doing a good job at producing quality protein and doing it quite sustainably for that matter, the public seems unconvinced with the reality of the situation. Instead, the consuming public perceives the ag industry to be wasteful and a drain on natural resources. And that's not necessarily their fault, Bruett explained.

"The modern-day consumer is bombarded with so much messaging by biased individuals that it is very difficult to break through all that noise," Bruett said. "But the reality for our industry is demand is growing and the product continues to fly off the shelves. So, we're doing something right."

To combat this problem with perception, essentially, Bruett says the industry must collaborate within and outside of the industry - in order to find the right balance of conventional production and sustainable practices. He says the right combination will satisfy customer concerns, but at the same time not compromise the quality of the product being produced. On behalf of the beef industry, Bruett is doing his part in that endeavor, as a voice advocating for producers on the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.

Learn more about how Bruett is fighting the misconceptions consumers have about beef and beef sustainability, by clicking or tapping here.


Yesterday, the federal district court in Montana granted R-CALF USA's motion to expand its beef checkoff program lawsuit against the USDA to include at least 13 states in addition to Montana - that includes three states with the biggest impact on the Beef Checkoff program, Texas, Kansas and Nebraska.

The district court in Montana previously granted, and the appellate court recently upheld, a preliminary injunction temporarily stopping the USDA from violating the U.S. Constitution by compelling cattle producers in Montana to pay for the private speech of the private Montana Beef Council without first obtaining consent from producers.

This ruling on R-CALF USA's motion does not apply the temporary injunction in effect in Montana to the additional states. Instead, it allows R-CALF USA to proceed with its original case in which it seeks a permanent injunction against the USDA for violating the Constitution. If successful, the permanent injunction would likely cover cattle producers in each of the new states. The court granted the USDA 14 days to file an answer to R-CALF USA's complaint and the case now proceeds with the additional states.

We recently spoke with RCALF CEO Bill Bullard about this issue during his visit with producers in attendance at a meeting of the Oklahoma Independent Stockgrower's Association. You can keep reading about this court ruling or listen to our complete conversation pertaining to R-CALF's beef checkoff program lawsuit, by clicking here.

Sponsor Spotlight
The Oklahoma Farm Bureau - a grassroots organization that has for its Mission Statement- Improving the Lives of Rural Oklahomans."  Farm Bureau, as the state's largest general farm organization, is active at the State Capitol fighting for the best interests of its members and working with other groups to make certain that the interests of rural Oklahoma are protected.  Click here for their website to learn more about the organization and how it can benefit you to be a part of Farm Bureau.

After the announcement of a federal court ruling to allow an expansion of R-CALF USA's lawsuit lodged against the USDA regarding the Beef Checkoff program, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association issued and immediate response condemning the court's decision, calling R-CALF's actions an "activist-funded crusade" and a "disappointment to countless beef producers" based on "phony allegations."

"The simple fact is that regular audits of the beef checkoff and NCBA have found both to be compliant with the laws governing the checkoff. Two audits conducted by USDA's Office of the Inspector General have also come back clean. R-CALF's accusations to the contrary are false," said Kendal Frazier, NCBA Chief Executive Officer. "R-CALF has become nothing more than a front group for activists seeking to divide the industry, lessen beef demand and drive producers out of business."

Frazier denounced further accusations that dollars invested in the Federation of State Beef Councils are being misused as being equally false, remarking that NCBA is firm in its commitment to defend both the checkoff and state beef councils against outside attacks, citing the organization's alleged connections to the anti-ag group, HSUS and others like it, driving a vegetarian agenda.

Click here to read the complete statement from NCBA CEO Kendall Frazier.

Certified Angus Beef Faces Its Next Big Hurdle - Raising the Bar on Consumer Trust to the Next Level

According to Certified Angus Beef CEO John Stika, despite four decades of unparalleled success- there are still a few challenges out there facing the CAB brand. But there is also a lot of opportunity to be had too, he says. Stika expounded on that thought over the weekend during the 2018 American Angus Association Convention in Columbus, Ohio.

"I think the challenges continue to be just making sure as an industry we are communicating that consumer demand at the speed of commerce," Stika said. "As we make decisions more quickly, we've got to be able to make sure that economic signal is flowing to as many people as fast as we can. But the challenges are simply getting consumers to understand the price/value relationship between what they are asked to pay for Certified Angus Beef and the value it delivers to them as an individual. I think there is a lot more opportunities than there is challenges."

According to Stika, the fact that there is a growing population out there, rising into the middle class, is one major opportunity that is being presented to the beef industry currently. Stika reminds us that when people become more financially secure, they generally tend to purchase higher quality protein. CAB, he says, will and needs to be a large part of that supply that satisfies that growing demand. He says in order to accomplish this, CAB has to appeal to the values that consumers draw from when making their purchasing decisions - trust being a primary factor in that decision-making process.

"When you brand a product, you basically put your name on it above the commodity. If you betray that consumer's trust once, they may come back one more time. But if you betray it twice, they may never come back," he explained. "We believe the first 40 years have been very successful. We believe the next 40 years can be even more successful. But, to do that, we're going to have to even further elevate the level of trust that consumers place in Certified Angus Beef."

Listen to Stika and I discuss the challenges and opportunities surrounding consumer trust currently facing the CAB brand, on yesterday's Beef Buzz - click here.

Seven Ag Producer Sentiment Rebounds with Renewed Hope in Wake of New USMCA Trade Agreement

Renewed hopes for the US farm economy, sparked by the increased certainty of the newly formed USMCA trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, have apparently quelled some of the concerns producers have worried over the past several months. This indication stemming from the latest reading of the Purdue University/CME Group Ag Economy Barometer, which shows 22-point climb to 136 for October from its previous reading in September - the lowest recorded reading since 2016.

The sentiment improved as producers became more optimistic about current conditions and, especially, future conditions. The barometer's two sub-indices both increased in October; the Index of Current Conditions rose 19 points to 115 and the Index of Expectations rose 24 points to a reading of 146.

Respondents were also optimistic about crop prices for the upcoming year. The October survey asked producers about their expectations for corn, soybean, wheat and cotton prices in the next 12 months. In each case, more producers said they expect to see higher prices. For corn, soybeans and wheat, the ratio of producers expecting higher prices to those expecting lower prices was just over 3 to 1. 

Read the full October Ag Economy Barometer report, by clicking here.

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