Subject: Oklahoma's Farm News Update- SPECIAL PEDv Update
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Date: 3/21/2019, 3:10 PM
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  Thursday,  March 21, 2019

Howdy Neighbors! 

We are sending this special update in response to the discovery of PED virus in the hog barns at the Oklahoma Youth Expo. 
One PED Diagnosed Overnight at OYE

According to Roy Lee Lindsey with the Oklahoma Pork Council, the discovery and diagnosis of PEDv has been happening over the last couple of days.

Lindsey talked with me midday Thursday at the Market Barrow Show about the process and offered the following timeline:

Exhibitors started reporting sick pigs to the Swine Office of the OYE early in the week- and reports of sick pigs increased at the show in the last 36 hours.

Swine show officials realized by Wednesday that there were multiple reports- and took samples from sick pigs that were sent to Stillwater to the Diagnostic Lab- which worked overnight to get an answer of what was going on.

Lindsey says a diagnosis was given overnight- literally at 2 AM this morning.

Oklahoma State Vet Dr. Rod Hall issued an email shortly after 8 AM this morning to let those who have been at the OYE of the sickness and what biosecurity measures should be taken if you have hogs on your home place. 

Mid morning- the OYE released a one pager on their app some details on biosecurity as exhibitors have either already gone home or are getting ready to go home.  That complete memo will follow as our second story.

Our Third Story on this special edition email is the link to the complete interview that we did with Roy Lee earlier today.

Because of the nature of the OYE- and the fact that there have been thousands of folks from across rural Oklahoma on the fairgrounds and in the barns the last week- it is vital that anyone raising hogs in the state pay attention to this diagnosis and react with the strictest of biosecurity measures.

The same is true for anyone who bought a gilt at the Night of Stars gilt sale on Wednesday night- in state or out of state. If you are taking one of those gilts back to your operation- isolation and observation are vital that PEDv will not end up on your place.

March 21, 2019
Please be aware there has been a diagnosis of PED virus at the Oklahoma Youth Expo. Several pigs have become ill and we assume most pigs that were at the show or are there now have been exposed.
The disease causes a transient illness in feeder pigs and mature swine. In baby pigs it can cause up to 100% mortality.  It is very contagious and can be transmitted easily on fomites.
PEDv is NOT a human health risk and pork is safe to eat.
All attendees at the 2019 Night of Stars and the gilt and/or barrow 
shows specifically, and the Oklahoma Youth Expo in general, are 
urged to use the strictest biosecurity possible upon your return to 
your farms.
Here are some tips for your biosecurity protocols:
  • If you are taking animals from OYE home to your farm, isolate those animals until you can confirm they have not been exposed or are contagious. This is a highly infectious disease where a very small amount of virus can cause an infection in pigs.
  • Do NOT wear the same clothes, shoes, caps, jackets, etc. you wore at OYE once your arrive home. Clean and disinfect your shoes, clothes, and outerwear as soon as possible.
  • Clean and disinfect your trailer and any tack or equipment you had at OYE. It is best if you clean and disinfect at a location NOT on your farm.
  • Dispose of any unused feed that was in the barns at OYE. It is possible for virus particles to survive on feedstuffs for some time.
  • Monitor all your animals daily for illness. If you see any signs of illness alert your veterinarian immediately.
  • If your pigs do get ill, it is very important to manage your biosecurity off the farm as well. If you have sick pigs at home, do not go visit other farms. Shower and put on clean clothes and shoes before leaving your farm.
Here is a link to PEDv resource from the National Pork Board. Information specific to biosecurity and PEDv can be found on page 15.

A more complete biosecurity resource for show pigs can be found by clicking or tapping here..

If you have specific questions, please email Roy Lee Lindsey, Oklahoma Pork Council at

If you would like to hear our conversation with Roy Lee Lindsey of OkPork we have a link to that-

Click or tap here to listen to Roy Lee Lindsey explain the PEDv situation at the OYE- and why it is so important that biosecurity measures be employed by anyone and everyone that has been on the fairgrounds since the start of the 2019 Oklahoma Youth Expo last week. 

Lindsey offers one very important note to remember- if you have pregnant sows at home in your operation- or you have new born pigs at home- double the precautions because we learned when we had our first encounter with PEDv a few years back- PEDv is a baby pig killer and it is HIGHLY contagious.

Do NOT underestimate it's ability to spread.

We will have updates on this story as needed.


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