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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Monday March 14, 2011
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-- Oklahoma Youth Expo Off to a Fast Start
-- OYE 2011- This One's From the Girls!
-- National Farmers Union Convention Underway in San Antonio
-- Wheat Disease in Oklahoma Seems Very Limited as We Hit Mid March
-- Agriculture Faces Millions in Spending Cuts in Tuesday Vote
-- OSU Extension Vet Dave Sparks Offers Trich Update
-- Looking for a FEW Good Horses!!!!
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Oklahoma Youth Expo Off to a Fast Start
You'll find more young people in this one spot during spring break than anywhere else in Oklahoma- we are talking about the State Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City, as they host the 2011 edition of the world's largest junior livestock show, the Oklahoma Youth Expo. This year, over 7,000 young people are participating with some 14,000 hear of livestock expected to be paraded before next weekend is over.

Today, the Farm Credit Market Goat Show is underway, with the Grand Champion expected to be selected around 6:30 PM tonight.The goat show continues to grow, as it is easily the most economical of the livestock projects available to young people.

Not only are the goats heading for a Grand Champion, the purebred gilt show is underway today, with the selection of the Supreme Champion Gilt expected to happen around 5:00 PM. In addition, you have the Showmaster Heifer Show moving in high gear at nine am this morning, with two show rings running in the State Fair Arena.

Click on the LINK below for the Schedule of Events for the 2011 show- we'll have details of the events from today coming later on our website as well as tomorrow right here in this email.

Click here for the 2011 OYE schedule.

OYE 2011- This One's From the Girls!
One of the key support organizations for the Oklahoma Youth Expo are the Diamond Hats- ladies who are involved in rural life in Oklahoma and love to support the young people who participate in the Youth Expo. Their 2011 President is Melia Igo, and we talked with her as the 2011 edition of the OYE was getting underway. Melia and her team of ladies have done an impressive job in raising money to support the Youth Expo, and were the Volume Buyer at the Expo in 2010.

One of their activities that they plan during the Oklahoma Youth Expo started in 2008 and has been called "This One's For the Girls." This event strives to teach young women proper etiquette, dress attire for all occasions, leadership skills and self confidence while utilizing a number of the most successful businesswomen in the agricultural industry today.

In 2011- it is being changed a bit- According to Melia, they have changed the name in 2011 to "This One's From the Girls." She tells us that they are encouraging the girls and everyone coming to the Youth Expo in 2011 to bring canned food to help fill a special cattle trailer that will be taken to the Regional Food Bank and donated to feed youth in Oklahoma whose families need some help. The Diamond Hats are promoting this food drive in cooperation to the emphasis on this need to donate food to the Food Banks in the state that has been called for by Governor Mary Fallin.

Click on the LINK below to read more about the Diamond Hats and get a chance to hear Melia Igo, President for 2011 visit with Ron Hays about the organization and their love for the young people who are a part of the annual show.

Click here to hear more about the Diamond Hats with Melia Igo, 2011 President

National Farmers Union Convention Underway in San Antonio
It was a very small delegation of Oklahomans that were a part of the 2010 National Farmers Union meeting- but a few more representatives of the American Farmers and Ranchers are on the scene in San Antonio for the 2011 NFU Meeting underway this week down by the Riverwalk.

NFU President Roger Johnson delivered the State of the Farmers Union address to some 500 registered guests at the opening banquet. Johnson said most farmers had a good year, but the safety net needs to be maintained in the next farm bill. Johnson said there's a real danger Congress will let the farm bill slide until after the 2012 election. He says the farm bill must be written next year. The national policy committee, chaired this year by Paul Jackson of the AFR, has farm bill priorities that will be considered by delegates on Tuesday.

Johnson also talked about the importance of biofuels for the rural economy. "We know that in this tough budget energy subsidies are going to be on the chopping block, and ethanol will continue to be a target," said Johnson. "Let's remind folks that the U.S. petroleum industry currently receives $46 billion in domestic subsidies, and that number reaches nearly $200 billion if defense spending to protect the supply and transit of oil is included. If biofuels will be required to give up supports, oil subsidies should also be on the table, since they are to the tune of 30 times more than ethanol. We need a level playing field."

Click here for several news updates from the NFU Convention underway in San Antonio

Wheat Disease in Oklahoma Seems Very Limited as We Hit Mid March
The latest word from OSU Plant Pathologist Dr. Bob Hunger on wheat disease issues is that we are seeing some "mosaic" issues taking hold in north central fields. Dr. Hunger wrote in an email on Friday the following update:

"March 10th was spent in many fields around Stillwater. Symptoms of wheat soilborne mosaic are being strongly expressed in many fields. I also saw symptoms of wheat spindle streak mosaic in 'Sierra' but not nearly as strong as the SB symptoms in susceptible varieties such as 'Vona'.

"Symptoms of barley yellow dwarf virus were apparent in early planted (mid-Sep) trials, most notably a seed treatment trial (not an insecticide trial) and the early planted variety-demo, which also was planted in mid-Sep. Aphids were plentiful in these areas last fall. Interestingly, the late planted (late Oct) variety-demo shows very limited BYDV symptoms. In all of the wheat I looked at and rated yesterday and today, I saw active leaf rust pustules only in a strip of Jagalene that had been planted in mid-Sep and has not been grazed or mowed. I looked at about 15 spots in this strip and found a few scattered pustules in only one place. Slightly higher levels of powdery mildew were observed in this wheat strip and in a few other locations. The only other disease report I've received so far in Oklahoma is from Mark Gregory (Area Extn Agron Spec - SW Oklahoma), who indicated that his area is dry - so dry that he has not seen dew formed for some time now."

Dr. Hunger shared that Texas reports show leaf rust in southeast Texas near Houston and some up around Temple in central Texas, but there are no reports in the Rolling or High Plains of Texas at this time.

It usually takes a couple of days for Dr. Hunger to get the update with picutres on line- but click here to see if they are there yet.

Agriculture Faces Millions in Spending Cuts in Tuesday Vote
According to Washington Correspondent Jamie Dupree- House Republicans have unveiled their plan to keep the government running for three more weeks and cut $6 billion in spending. That includes $358 Million in earmarks aimed at agricultural projects. The vote on these cuts and the budget extension could happen on Tuesday.

According to the Republican release from this weekend- the ag cuts include:

-$24 million - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service - Salaries and Expenses
-$37 million - Natural Resources Conservation Service - Conservation Operations
-$30 million - Natural Resources Conservation Service - Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations
-$3 million - Rural Community Development Grants
-$3 million - National Center for Natural Products
-$3 million - Agricultural Pest Facility
-$10 million - Various Agricultural Grants
-$115 million - Agriculture Research Service
-$122 million - National Institute of Food and Agriculture - Research and Education
-$11 million - National Institute of Food and Agriculture - Extension

As we noted last week- click here to see the report- there is a fear among Oklahoma Conservation leaders that the cuts to the NRCS in the larger Continuing Resolution that has already passed the House will mean fewer dollars for flood control structure rehabilitation. It appears that this short term measure also has that type of spending in its sights.

OSU Extension Vet Dave Sparks Offers Trich Update
By now most Oklahoma beef producers know the Oklahoma legislature passed a law in 2010 requiring testing for Trichomoniasis in non-virgin breeding bulls over 1 year of age changing ownership or management within the state of Oklahoma. According to Dr. Dave Sparks, Eastern Oklahoma Extension Vet, a six month period was allowed for educating producers about this disease and about the new law, with regulations going into place on January 1, 2011. In review, Trichomoniasis is a highly contagious, venereal disease of beef cattle that causes poor reproductive performance and pregnancy wastage in cattle. The new regulations were needed to safeguard the Oklahoma cattle industry as this disease was seen to be on the rise here and in adjoining states.

During the education phase of the new program, OSU Extension and Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry (ODAFF) have conducted approximately 55 county and area educational meetings attended by about 2,500 cattle producers across the state. ODAFF and the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine have held 12 training programs for veterinarians where 362 food animal veterinarians have become certified to do the tests for regulatory purposes.

In the two months since the testing became mandatory, Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab at Stillwater and the veterinary lab at CSU have tested 547 Oklahoma bulls for trich with a positive finding rate of slightly over 3%. This is very close to what the expectations were on the prevalence of the disease in Oklahoma. Three percent of all the bulls in Oklahoma is a lot of bulls- and a lot of economic damage to the state's cattle industry is out there- read more on this update with phone numbers for Dave Sparks and others that can offer you more information.

Click here for more on our Trich Update from Dr. Dave Sparks

Looking for a FEW Good Horses!!!!
It's time to tell me about a horse or horses that you have that you would like to nominate for a free training session with Scott Dailey at the 2011 Southern Plains Farm Show. The 2011 Show happens April 7-9, 2011 and we are looking for several horses for Scott to be able to work with in his twice daily sessions at the show.

In checking with John Sampson, Marketing Manager for Midwest Farm Shows- he says that Scott is willing to work with you on a variety of issues that you may be having with your horses. They need to be halter broke- but rather they are bucking the second you try to put a saddle on their back or they have a bad attitude about being worked with- Scott will look forward to the challenge.

Drop me an email at and tell me about your horse, the issues you are having and confirm that you will be able to get them to the State Fair Park in Oklahoma City on those days. You can also call my direct office number and leave a detailed message about your horse- give me a phone number in either the email or in a phone call- and we will get back with you!

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Let's Check the Markets!
We've had requests to include Canola prices for your convenience here- and we will be doing so on a regular basis. Current cash price for Canola is $9.35 per bushel- as of the close of trade on Thursday, while the 2011 New Crop contracts for Canola are now available are $10.30 per bushel- delivered to local participating elevators that are working with PCOM.

Here are some links we will leave in place on an ongoing basis- Click on the name of the report to go to that link:
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