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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Friday May 20, 2011
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-- Drought- AND HEAVY Rain (Perhaps a Drought BUSTER)
-- Kim Anderson of OSU Sees Wheat Prices Holding Strong as Harvest Cranks Up
-- More Wheat Harvest/Pre Harvest Updates
-- R-Calf Leaders Go Ballistic Over Congressional Letter to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack- They Say Take It Back!
-- Violation of the Clean Water Act leaves Texas-Oklahoma Egg Producer with a $1.9 million penalty
-- Fuel Up to Play 60- Cashion Style
-- Altus Irony, Lindsay Hill Tragedy and Mike Schulte Preview
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Drought- AND HEAVY Rain (Perhaps a Drought BUSTER)
Rainfall has arrived in western Oklahoma in amounts not seen for months in many locations, a fact that is proven by the latest US Drought Monitor that was released yesterday morning that shows an expanded area of western Oklahoma in the Extreme Drought category.
According to Gary McManus, Associate State Climatologist for the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, we went from D2 to D1 along the eastern edge of the I35 corridor and also have a notch of D2 extending down into the southwest, all courtesy of last week's weird rainfall patterns. Unfortunately, extreme (D3) drought has expanded in western Oklahoma up through the Kansas state line. Click here for our story that includes the Drought Monitor map that reflects the conditions before this current system arrived in the state.

The weather that arrived into Oklahoma yesterday afternoon has brought heavy rainfall amounts to mostly the southwestern quarter of the state- at least as of early this Friday morning. A couple of locations have topped four inches of rain in the last 24 hours (based on the Oklahoma Mesonet reporting stations) and others are north of three inches- Weatherford has had more than three inches since midnight (as of about 5 AM). Fort Cobb in Caddo County is close to five inches of rain since the current storm system pulled into the state.
In contrast, Cotton, Jefferson and Stephens Counties have received virtually none of this moisture rolling through the state at this time.

West Central and Northwest Oklahoma have received smaller amounts to this point (although Garfield County has had over two inches of rain thus far as well)- and while there are chances of rain in northwestern Oklahoma (40% in Woodward and Alva) the heaviest amounts have tracked southwest Oklahoma now into the central part of the state with north central Oklahoma getting significant amounts before this system winds down.

There are more chances of rain in the state next week- which coincides with the wheat crop being about ready for harvest in much of the state.

We have several resources that you may want to check out on our website- our weather page offers weather forecasts and the very best radar on the internet that is a part of both the News9.Com and Newson6.Com weather sections- we also have the National Weather Service interactive site and the wonderful Oklahoma Mesonet site which helps us track temps and rainfall totals. Links to all of this on our weather page- click on the LINK below.

Click here for our Weather Page at WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

Kim Anderson of OSU Sees Wheat Prices Holding Strong as Harvest Cranks Up
Oklahoma State University Extension Grain Marketing Economist Dr. Kim Anderson says the yields for this year are higher than expected and test weights are holding strong with a good quality wheat, which is good news for this crop season. Of course, the problem is that fields that have enough wheat to make it worthwhile to pull a combine into the field are few and far between.

Dr. Anderson's comments come in the segment he will have on SUNUP tomorrow morning (Saturday) on the weekly program that is produced by OSU Ag Communications.

Anderson believes the worry about food shortages is causing the markets to be nervous about this crop year and is helping to hold grain and oilseed markets up at current levels. The price for cash wheat in Oklahoma right now seems to be continuing to hold strong at $8.50 per bushel.

We have the conversation that Kim had with Austin Moore this week available for you to hear now- as a preview to the full SUNUP program that will be seen on OETA on Saturday morning. We also have the full lineup for this week's show in our webstory- just click on the LINK below.

Click here and get Kim Anderson's Current take on the grain markets- and a preview of this week's SUNUP program to be seen on OETA.

More Wheat Harvest/Pre Harvest Updates
The Executive Director of Plains Grains, Inc, Mark Hodges, has released his second "weekly" report of the 2011 harvest season for the HRW wheat belt. His report is consistent with Kim Anderson's comments about quality being pretty good at this point- but the problem is quantity. Hodges writes "The 2011 HRW wheat harvest in north Texas and southwest Oklahoma grinds on after isolated scattered showers and moderating temperatures slowed cutting over the area last weekend. However, moderating temperatures are positive for areas north of where active harvesting is occurring, allowing continued kernel development." The rains falling this morning will obviously mean a shutdown of any harvest activity in the western half of the state for several days.

Hodges also reports that "One privately owned elevator system in far southwestern Oklahoma currently reports their worst wheat year since the family business began in the 1920's." It's the lack of rainfall in the last six months that has brought us to this point- and apparently is in the process of being changed with this storm system in many locations. To see the Plains Grains report for the entire HRW belt- click here.

Meanwhile, Kansas Wheat Industry Leaders see, in almost every part of their state, smaller yields this year versus 2010. One of the leaders is Scott Van Allen, a Kansas Wheat Commissioner from Clearwater, who says harvest should begin the first week of June. Hot, dry winds when the crop was entering the pivotal reproductive stage will restrict yields; he expects a 30-bushel per acre average, well below his long-term average of more than 50 bushels per acre. Van Allen says south central Kansas farmers have abandoned about 10% of the crop due to dry conditions.

Click here for the complete report from Kansas that shows they will have a decent- but probably not bumper harvest this season.

R-Calf Leaders Go Ballistic Over Congressional Letter to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack- They Say Take It Back!
In reaction to the bipartisan letter sent by 147 members of the U.S. House Representatives to Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack, R-CALF USA President/RegionIX Director George Chambers, of Carrolton, Georgia, called for the - retraction of this congressional letter as it is an affront to U.S. livestock producers who have watched the multinational meatpackers capture their respective livestock industries over the past few decades, resulting in the mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of family farmers and ranchers from our nation's rural landscape.

R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard says - the congressional letter epitomizes how multinational meatpackers are able to manipulate congressional members into doing their bidding, even under false pretenses. Bullard says - the letter itself contains a blatant falsehood. The letter states that both the House and the Senate previously rejected the major provision in the GIPSA rule regarding competitive injury. Bullard claims Congress never voted to reject that provision.

We have several stories you may want to review- including the full news release from R-Calf. First, here is our Beef Buzz from earlier this week that has NCBA's Colin Woodall asking cattle producers to demand of Congress and of USDA the chance to respond to the Economic Analysis of the GIPSA Rule once that analysis is done.
Then, we have the story of the letter from Congress demanding that Vilsack withdraw the rule- assess the economics and then if he wants- reissue the rule and allow stakeholders to comment again. Click here for that story and a chance to read the letter. We also have a story that is an addendum to that letter which gives you a listing of who signed the letter on a state by state basis- click here for that listing of lawmakers who want transparency from USDA on this issue.

Click here for the full news release from R-Calf that calls for Congress to repent and retrack the letter sent to Tom Vilsack.

Violation of the Clean Water Act leaves Texas-Oklahoma Egg Producer with a $1.9 million penalty
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) today announced that Mahard Egg Farm, Inc., a Texas corporation, will pay a $1.9 million penalty to resolve claims that the company violated the Clean Water Act (CWA) at its egg production facilities in Texas and Oklahoma.

The civil penalty is the largest amount to be paid in a federal enforcement action involving a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO). The company will also spend approximately $3.5 million on remedial measures to ensure compliance with the law and protect the environment and people's health.

The CWA complaint, filed jointly with the settlement by the United States and the states of Texas and Oklahoma, alleges that Mahard operated a facility without a permit and discharged pollutants into area waterways. Mahard also allegedly discharged pollutants or otherwise failed to comply with the terms of its permits at six other facilities, including its newest facility near Vernon, Texas, where it also failed to comply with the Texas Construction Storm Water Permit and to ensure safe drinking water for its employees. The states of Texas and Oklahoma also alleged violations of state laws.

Click here to read more of this case against Mahard Egg Farm and the resolution reached by all concerned.

Fuel Up to Play 60- Cashion Style
A group of students from Cashion were awarded a portable Milk Barrel Cooler, Wii and Wii Fit, NFL Memorabilia, and a special appearance by St. Louis Ram and Bethany native Chris Chamberlain for their school, which took place on May 17, as Dairy MAX winners of Fuel Up to Play 60's local Show Your Spirit Challenge.

Fuel Up to Play 60 is an in-school nutrition and physical activity program created in partnership the National Dairy Council, Dairy MAX and the National Football League in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture that encourages students to eat healthy, be active and implement positive, healthy changes at school. This program reaches more than 1,000 schools in Oklahoma, and many are funding their efforts through Fuel Up to Play 60 grant funds.

The Show your School Spirit Challenge encouraged students to get everyone excited about making healthy food choices and being physically active, then upload a video, photo or essay that demonstrated how they enacted the Challenge. Cousins Jayce Evans, Emilee Evans, and Ashten Evans created a video "ABCs of Snacks" to highlight that health and wellness are just as important as ABC's.
"This Challenge entry was also selected to be featured on the Fuel Up to Play 60 national web site, along with an entry from Okeene Elementary," said Susan Allen, program coordinator for Dairy MAX. "It is exciting to see how these kids are creatively making a difference in their health and at their schools."

Click here to learn more about the Cashion success story- and links to see these videos and more coming out of the Fuel Up to Play 60 Challenge

Altus Irony, Lindsay Hill Tragedy and Mike Schulte Preview
It's ironic that as we have had what some weather watchers are calling a drought busting rain in southwestern Oklahoma that the Altus Mesonet weather station is busted and is not reporting. When you look at the Mesonet weather map for rainfall, you will see a little red dot in the middle of Jackson County- that means no data is coming from Altus station. Around that reporting station- we do have rainfall amounts of several inches of rain in the last 24 hours.

It was a shock to receive a call from a fellow farm broadcaster friend Thursday morning and be told that Lindsay Hill, 31, was killed in a violent auto accident yesterday morning over in Ohio. Lindsay is the President of the professional group that I have been a member of for 35 years- the National Association of Farm Broadcasting and had just joined the AgDay TV team a few months ago as their Agri-Business Director. That means she was working with Clinton Griffiths who we got to know and love as the Host of SUNUP before leaving a year ago to become the anchor for the national daily farm and ranch news show. I chatted with Clinton for just a moment yesterday morning and he and the other folks at Farm Journal, who now own the AgDay show, were and are in shock. Lindsay was a rising star in my little part of the farm and ranch community- and she will be missed.

Finally, our guest for this weekend on In the Field will be Mike Schulte, CEO of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission. We will get his take on the wheat crop prospects for the 2011 harvest season. In the Field is seen at about 6:40 AM on the KWTV News9 morning news segment that airs from 6 AM to 8 AM Saturday mornings.

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Let's Check the Markets!
We've had requests to include Canola prices for your convenience here- and we will be doing so on a regular basis. Current cash price for Canola is $11.47 per bushel- as of the close of business yesterday, while the 2011 New Crop contracts for Canola are now available are $11.47 per bushel- delivered to local participating elevators that are working with PCOM.

Here are some links we will leave in place on an ongoing basis- Click on the name of the report to go to that link:
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Ron on RON Markets as heard on K101 mornings with cash and futures reviewed- includes where the Cash Cattle market stands, the latest Feeder Cattle Markets Etc.
Previous Day's Wheat Market Recap- A Two Pager From The Kansas City Board of Trade looks at all three US Wheat Futures Exchanges with extra info on Hard Red Winter Wheat and the why of that day's market.
Daily Oklahoma Cash Grain Prices- As Reported by the Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture. <
The National Daily Feeder & Stocker Cattle Summary- as prepared by USDA.
The National Daily Slaughter Cattle Summary- as prepared by USDA.
Finally, Here is the Daily Volume and Price Summary from the Texas Cattle Feeders Association.

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