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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Friday September 9, 2011
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-- House Ag Committee Chairman Lucas Waiting on Super Committee
-- Birds, Beans and Bills- We Talk With AFR's Terry Detrick
-- Will U.S. Food Prices Follow Global Trend and Rise?
-- Oklahoma Farmers and Ranchers Voice Concerns on Lesser Prairie Chicken to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director
-- R-CALF USA and National Farmers Union Pleased with Senate Appropriations Decision
-- Crop Insurance is Essential as We Prepare to Plant the 2012 Wheat Crop - and we have your SUNUP preview
-- This and That on a Friday- Free Trade and a Special Goodbye
-- Time to Jump on the Johnnie's Bandwagon as Our Next Legendary Restaurant
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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House Ag Committee Chairman Lucas Waiting on Super Committee
We had a wide ranging conversation with the Chairman of the House Ag Committee, Oklahoma's Third District Congressman Frank Lucas on Thursday afternoon. Lucas has just been back in Washington for a couple of days after the August recess- and indicates that he has yet to sit down face to face with his ranking minority member, Collin Peterson, to discuss exactly how to assemble recommendations to the SuperCommittee for possible budget cuts that will be worked on by those twelve members of Congress this fall. Deadline for the standing committees to get their ideas to the SuperCommittee is just over a month away- October 14.

Lucas still prefers getting a number instead of being instructed by the Super Committee to cut specific programs- and he is still not certain if the Super Committee will demand full fledged authorizing legislation to fully be in place this fall- or if the spending cap can be accommodated in the writing of the 2012 farm bill next spring or summer.

We talked to Congressman Lucas just ahead of President Obama speaking to Congress- presenting his jobs plan- I can imagine that the Chairman groaned when he heard that the President's plan to pay for a half trillion dollars worth of stimulus for jobs was to pile that bill onto the top of the $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction that the Super Committee is supposed to find by Christmas. That could well mean even deeper cuts for US federal farm and conservation programs.

You can hear our full conversation with Oklahoma's Third District Congressman Frank Lucas by clicking on the LINK below and jumping to our website- www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com.

Click here for our complete interview with the Chairman of the US House Ag Committee, Congressman Frank Lucas of Oklahoma.

Birds, Beans and Bills- We Talk With AFR's Terry Detrick
American Farmers and Ranchers President Terry Detrick sat down to talk with us after attending the Lesser Prairie Chicken forum held earlier this week in Woodward, Okla. Detrick discussed with us three different topics that AFR is focused on currently, including the potential listing of the Lesser Prairie Chicken as an endangered species, castor bean production and the 2012 Farm Bill.

When it comes to the Lesser Prairie Chicken, Detrick says that there is no need for the federal government to become involved in the listing of the Lesser Prairie Chicken on the Endangered Species List. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife is working on different programs with farmers and ranchers to help the population of the Lesser Prairie Chicken. Detrick says if the government will allow the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife to work with Oklahomans, then they will be able to make a difference.

Regarding the castor bean production in Oklahoma, the American Farmers and Ranchers are suggesting that ricin, a toxic protein found in castor beans, be listed as an illegal substance. Ricin is lethal to humans, wildlife and livestock and can be used as a potential weapon says Detrick. If a castor bean is developed without ricin, Detrick says that will be a different story but until then, they are against the production of castor beans in Oklahoma.

Finally, with the 2012 Farm Bill a thought on everyone's mind recently, Detrick says now is not the time for agriculture to jump up and say what we are willing to give away because once agriculture starts giving, there will be no end to it. One item that is of importance in the new Farm Bill is the crop insurance and crop revenue assurance programs. Detrick says this is an issue that has been coming up from many Oklahomans across the state.

Click here for more of our story about our interview with Terry Detrick and a chance to hear our conversation.

Will U.S. Food Prices Follow Global Trend and Rise?
Driven by higher commodity prices, global food prices soared to record highs in 2011. Higher food prices are straining the household budgets of global consumers, especially in poorer nations where food spending can account for almost half of household expenditures.

World populations are experiencing some modest relief as global food prices have eased since peaking in February, yet U.S. food prices have climbed higher in recent months. In the latest issue of the Main Street Economist, Omaha Branch Executive Jason Henderson examines global and U.S. food price trends, as well as the impacts on low-income populations.

"Low-income populations across the globe bear the biggest burden from higher food costs," said Henderson. "Even in the U.S., low-income populations spend roughly a third of their income on food."

Henderson explains that differences in world and U.S. food consumption patterns underlie the divergence between global and U.S. food prices. Although commodity prices have driven recent global food price trends, the prevalent consumption of processed and prepared foods means that wages and labor markets more heavily influence U.S. food prices.

Click here to see a copy of the full article on U.S. food prices

Oklahoma Farmers and Ranchers Voice Concerns on Lesser Prairie Chicken to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director
The listing of the Lesser Prairie Chicken on the Endangered Species List is a cause for concern among many Oklahoma farmers and ranchers. At a forum held on Wednesday of this week, Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe addressed the issue of the Lesser Prairie Chicken and listened to concerns from many Oklahomans.

A variety of state officials, people with utility and wind farm interests, and oil and gas companies accompanied farmers and ranchers in voicing their concerns about the impacts that could occur if the Lesser Prairie Chicken is in fact listed on the Endangered Species List. Ashe says he learned a lot from all of the people that participated in the forum and as he goes back to Washington, D.C., he is glad to understand the perspective of those that could potentially be effected.

Ashe says he heard a multitude of concerns including the potential economic effects, the impact on utility transmission lines, and transportation projects. Overall, Ashe says what he heard the most concern about was the unknown and people are uncertain about the terms in which a listing could affect them.

The final factor in deciding if the Lesser Prairie Chicken will be added to the Endangered Species List is what Ashe called the "biology" of the bird. This entails the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service looking at the status of the species, which is made up of a number of factors. The number of species, the threats to the species, including the extent and imminence of the threats, the habitat of the species, including the habitat loss and fragmentation, are all factors that will need to be considered as the "biology" of the bird is determined says Ashe.

We joined Gail Banzet of Oklahoma Farm Bureau and sat down with Director Ashe after the meeting and discussed the severity of the Lesser Prairie Chicken issue for Oklahoma, as well as, what steps are being taken by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to work together with agriculture to reach an agreement. Click on the LINK below to hear their conversation.

Click here to listen to Director Ashe's comments on the Lesser Prairie Chicken in Oklahoma

R-CALF USA and National Farmers Union Pleased with Senate Appropriations Decision
The U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations (Senate Appropriations Committee) earlier this week did not include language added earlier in the U.S. House of Representatives 2012 Agriculture Appropriations Bill to prohibit the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) from finalizing the agency's competition rule, known as the GIPSA rule.

The 2012 Agriculture Appropriations Bill passed by the full Senate Appropriations Committee would allow GIPSA to proceed with the finalization of the GIPSA rule first proposed in June 2010.

R-CALF USA praised the Senate Appropriations Committee on their decision and released the following statement.

"We've been working closely with Senate Appropriations Committee members Senator Jon Tester of Montana and Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, both of whom are keenly aware of the conclusion by the National Academy of Sciences that the probability of a laboratory release of FMD from the Manhattan, Kansas, site approaches 70 percent over 50 years with a potential economic impact of $9 to $50 billion," said R-CALF USA Bill Bullard adding, "We're thankful for these Senator's commitment to preserve the health of our U.S. cattle herd."

Click here to read the rest of R-CALF USA's comments on the Senate Appropriations Committee's decision.

National Farmers Union was also pleased with the decision by the Senate Appropriations Committee. NFU President Roger Johnson released the following statement on the decision and what it means for the GIPSA rule.

"We are very pleased that Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wis., and the senators on the committee did not include an anti-GIPSA rider similar to the one passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. Throughout his legislative career, Sen. Kohl has always been a champion of market competition and fairness."

Click here to read the rest of NFU's President Roger Johnson's statement

Crop Insurance is Essential as We Prepare to Plant the 2012 Wheat Crop - and we have your SUNUP preview
Grain Marketing Specialist from Oklahoma State University, Dr. Kim Anderson, sat down and talked with Sunup's Lyndall Stout on the current situation in the wheat marketplace. Anderson says that while producers are usually watching the Kansas City Board of Trade July 2012 contract price, this year they are watching the July 2012 price to determine what the crop insurance price will be.

This year is different than most years due to the extreme drought and weather conditions that producers across the state faced and are continuing to face as they get ready for fall planting. Anderson says the best marketing option for producers because of this unusual year is crop insurance. Anderson says given the odds that we are going to have a below average crop, crop insurance is the number one option.

Anderson again stresses the importance of paperwork with crop insurance agents and the Farm Service Agency. Producers also need to be aware of the fall planting dates, which vary by region across the state, says Anderson. Click on the LINK below to hear Lynall and Dr. Anderson's conversation on crop insurance, record keeping and planting dates.

Click here to hear Kim Anderson's segment for this weekend's SUNUP- plus we have the SUNUP Program Preview for you to see as well.

This and That on a Friday- Free Trade and a Special Goodbye
Last night, President Obama mentioned the three FTAs that have been sitting on his desk since he took office- the deals made by the trade negotiators that worked for President George W Bush- deals with Columbia, Panama and South Korea. He talked once again about the need to have Congress ratify these deals- but once again neglected to mention that he has continued to refuse to send over to Capitol Hill for them to be ratified. The hang up, of course, is that he wants an iron clad promise that additional training dollars are put into a program called TAA- with a price tag of millions of dollars- something that Republicans say we don't have the money for. After the Obama speech, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack told fellow ag journalist Chris Clayton that he is hopeful that Congress will pass these deals this month- implying that the President will be transmitting those deals to Capitol Hill in the immediate future.

Earlier this week on Wednesday- several Senators made yet another plea to the President to send to Congress the three trade agreements "clean" and that both bodies of Congress will pass them. One of those lawmakers was Senator Pat Roberts- who sits as the top Republican on the Senate Ag Committee. Click here to see the statement released by Senator Roberts and to watch a video of his pitch to the White House to get things rolling.

Finally, we remind you that the memorial celebration of the life of Jeff Krehbiel will be happening this afternoon at 2 PM in Hinton at the Dome on their school grounds. We wrote earlier this week about Jeff and the two year journey that he and his family have been on as he battled brain cancer. Click here for our special email that captured just a small slice of Jeff's battle since the fall of 2009.

Time to Jump on the Johnnie's Bandwagon as Our Next Legendary Restaurant
Many of you checked out and took advantage of our opening week half price deal with Freddie Pauls of Stillwater- and now this morning, we are set to release Legendary Restaurant deal number two- half price eating at Johnnie's with several locations in the Oklahoma City metro. Johnnie's is a past Oklahoma Beef Council Beef Backer Award Winner- and they serve up simply wonderful burgers and all the fixings. What they call their Theta Cheeseburger is simply to die for- and that's just one of many choices you can select from on their menu. For $25, you will receive two $25 vouchers- good for the next year. $50 worth of Johnnie's food for half price- click here to jump over to the Legendary Restaurant of Oklahoma website and grab your deal this morning- starting at 8:30 AM. Our own Karolyn Bolay talked with Rick Haynes- son of Johnnie- and you can hear more about the growth and success of this great beef promoting establishment by clicking here.

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Let's Check the Markets!
We've had requests to include Canola prices for your convenience here- and we will be doing so on a regular basis. Current cash price for Canola is $13.17 per bushel- as of the close of business yesterday, while the 2012 New Crop contracts for Canola are now available are $13.17 per bushel- delivered to local participating elevators that are working with PCOM.

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