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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

We Remember- April 19, 1995

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  • Red Flag Fire Danger in Panhandle and Western Counties Today and Tonight

  • Representative Dell Kerbs Gives a Legislative Update from the House Ag Committee

  • Introducing Steven Sanders of the Guthrie FFA Chapter, Your 2023 Northwest Area Star in Agribusiness

  • Wall Street Rules Should Not Extend to Family Farms

  • We Remember- April 19, 1995

  • Beef Traceability is a Valuable Tool for Consumer Appeal

  • Craig Meeker with NSP Applauds Sorghum for being a Resource Conserving Crop

  • Tough Environments Require Tough Cows

  • CHS partners with OSU to hold grain engulfment training

Red Flag Fire Danger in Panhandle and Western Counties Today and Tonight

It's a Red Flag Day- with critical conditions for all three of our Panhandle counties as well as the western counties in the main body of Oklahoma- the warning has been issued from noon til 9 PM today as we anticipate low humidity, gusty winds and warm temperatures for the region.

Winds are expected to blow 15 to 25 miles from the southwest- gusts up to 40 are likely. Relative humidity as low as 5% and temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s.

Bottom line- any fires that develop could spread rapidly.

Looking ahead- we will have cold air messing with us Saturday morning at sunrise- northwest Oklahoma will be flirting with temps at or slightly below 32 degrees- that would well after the average last freeze date for the state. Woodward has a predicted low Saturday morning of 31- Boise City may see mid 20s on Saturday.

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Representative Dell Kerbs Gives a Legislative Update from the House Ag Committee

During AFR (American Farmers and Ranchers) Day at the Capitol, Farm Director KC Sheperd visited with Chairman of the House Ag Committee, Dell Kerbs about the latest legislative work for agriculture in the state.

“On the agriculture side, it has been pretty smooth sailing this session,” Kerbs said.

One of the things Kerbs is working on is making sure extension offices at Oklahoma State University have what they need to serve their constituents and Oklahomans across the state.

“We can’t do it without those extension offices,” Kerbs said. “They are of such vital importance to our communities all over, and especially our rural areas.”

Regarding drought relief, Kerbs said the House overwhelmingly supported a few bills involving the Emergency Drought Commission.

Click here to listen to Representative Dell Kerbs talk about a House Ag Committee Update

Introducing Steven Sanders of the Guthrie FFA Chapter, Your 2023 Northwest Area Star in Agribusiness

During the month of April, the Radio Oklahoma Ag Network and Oklahoma Farm Report are spotlighting the 17 Area Stars of Oklahoma FFA that are among the highest achievers in the organization.

The stars come from the five areas in four categories- Star in Ag Placement, Star in Agriscience, Star in Agribusiness, and Star in Agricultural Production.

One Star Finalist featured in the coming days from each of the categories will be named the State Star Award Winner during the 97th Oklahoma State FFA Convention coming up on May 2nd and 3rd in Tulsa, Okla.

This week, our coverage of the 2023 Oklahoma FFA Star Award Finalists continues with Agribusiness competitor Steven Sanders of the Guthrie FFA chapter representing the Northwest Area.

Sanders said his project began his freshman year of high school when the Oklahoma Youth Expo’s guilt sale was moved to an online format, and the sale allowed exhibitors to scratch guilts from the sale.

“That is what started my business, is I actually scratched one of them from the sale and started breeding sows,” Sanders said.

Sanders not only has his breeding sows, but he also has boars which he collects semen from. Sander’s operation branches off from his family’s larger operation, he added.

Click here to read more and listen to KC Sheperd talk with Steven Sanders ahead of the 2023 Oklahoma FFA Convention in Tulsa
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Wall Street Rules Should Not Extend to Family Farms

Wall Street rules intended for publicly traded companies should not extend to family farms. That is the message the American Farm Bureau Federation and six other agricultural groups sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC proposed a rule to require public companies to report on Scope 3 emissions, which are the result of activities not owned or controlled by a publicly traded company but contribute to its value chain. Public companies that produce goods from agricultural products would need to report emissions from the relevant agricultural operations. The farm groups’ concern is that the rule will burden family farmers and ranchers and drive further consolidation in agriculture—all for no real environmental benefit.

In a letter sent today to the SEC, the organizations stated, “This tracking will be extremely expensive, invasive, and burdensome for farmers and ranchers, at the cost of improved production practices that generate actual environmental gains. Family farms, particularly smaller ones, will be hardest hit, with the rule driving greater consolidation and fewer family farms. The easiest path for registrants will be to source their inputs from larger corporate operations with greater resources and more sophisticated data-gathering and reporting systems.

Alternatively, registrants may simply vertically integrate their supply chains, leading to further consolidation.”

In the letter, the organizations ask the SEC to recognize it wouldn’t be appropriate to subject farmers to Scope 3 reporting requirements, and to draft a rule that specifies that companies cannot compel farmers and ranchers to provide emissions information.

Click here to read more and access the full letter

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We Remember- April 19, 1995

It's a date that if you lived anywhere in Oklahoma- you remember what you were doing and where you were at at 9 AM- to be exact 9:01 AM.

I was in my office at 50 Penn Place in northwest Oklahoma City- opening markets were soon going to happen and then we heard...something. It was like thunder and I could look our my window and could see a tiny plume of smoke rising from downtown Oklahoma City. Moments later- we got word from downtown that there had been some sort of explosion. The details came in a rush- our radio network soon picked up the non stop reporting that was just beginning from our Oklahoma City radio station- and it would be a couple of days before we returned to regular programming.

By 9:15- we were being told by the FBI that we had to leave our offices as we shared that building with the agency and they were fearful that the downtown bombing of the Murrah Building was a terrorist action- and our building might be next. We finally got back into the building 36 hours later.

Later that week- we were in Stillwater making preparations for the Stars Over Oklahoma presentation that we built and produced each year for the upcoming State Convention at the Convention Center in Oklahoma City- just a couple of weeks away.

A few days later- FFA officials said there was no choice- the State Convention would be postponed as the Myriad was being used as a staging area for the response to the bombing- in fact it was a temporary morgue for bombing victims. We helped with the replacement event for the convention later that year at that state fairgrounds in OKC.

USDA's APHIS was one of the agencies that suffered loss that day- Dr. Peggy Clark was killed that morning- she was a veterinarian for USDA. Dr. Clark is the mother of Dr. Rosslyn Biggs and Blayne Arthur- they reflected on the lessons that she taught them- lessons that have made them both very successful in their efforts to serve agriculture in this state and well beyond.

Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas was in the early days of his service to the state as a Congressman. His district office for Central Oklahoma was in the old Post Office building across the state from the Murrah Building- and that office was rearranged by the strength of that blast- no one was hurt in the Lucas office- but most people who worked in that area will never forget the power of that bomb and all that followed.

Yep- We Remember April 19, 1995 at 9:01AM.

Read the comments of April 19th from Congressman Frank Lucas

Beef Traceability is a Valuable Tool for Consumer Appeal

In this episode of Beef Buzz, I am visiting with the managing director of Meat and Livestock Australia, Jason Strong.

“When we look at sustainability issues, it is very much a developed world issue, and where we have choices, there is a lot of interest, a lot of discussion, about what those choices should be,” Strong said. “Interest in sustainability is really a significant space we are seeing increased, not just awareness but also action.”

Strong said he has plenty of discussions with international customers about trade implications, but from what he has seen, consumer purchasing decisions are not driven by sustainability.

“We know that climate is one of, if not the most important issue on people’s minds, yet we still don’t have that connection between consumer purchasing decisions and climate-positive activity, so how we manage that becomes a real challenge for us,” Strong said.

Australia practices traceability efforts, Strong said, allowing the consumer to see where their beef comes from, all the way back to the ranch it was raised on.

Click here to read more and listen to Ron and Jason Strong talk about beef traceability

Craig Meeker with NSP Applauds Sorghum for being a Resource Conserving Crop

At the 2023 National Association of Farm Broadcasters Washington Watch event in Washington D.C., Farm Director KC Sheperd got the chance to visit with the Chairman of National Sorghum Producers, Craig Meeker, about an update on all things sorghum.

Meeker said a relevant safety net for producers is going to be essential in the 2023 farm bill.

“We can’t put the safety net six inches off of the cement floor when we are thirty feet in the air,” Meeker said.

It will be critical that producers understand how the safety net works, Meeker said, and it needs to be predictable.

“I think we can do better by the taxpayer and by the producer if we have something like that,” Meeker said.

Federal crop insurance is another priority, Meeker said, as he believes it is the cornerstone of all risk management policies in all farm country. Without crop insurance, Meeker added, farming would be a lot more difficult.

Click here to read more and listen to Craig Meeker at Washington Watch talk about all things sorghum

Tough Environments Require Tough Cows

Mark Johnson, Oklahoma State University Extension Beef Cattle Breeding Specialist, offers herd health advice as part of the weekly series known as the “Cow Calf Corner” published electronically by Dr. Peel, Mark Johnson, and Paul Beck. Today, Johnson is talking about achieving benchmarks in the cow herd.

Recently I had the opportunity to interview James Henderson of Bradley 3 Ranch on our Ranchers Lunchtime webinar series. The Bradley 3 Ranch is located in Memphis, TX and has a earned a reputation for producing high quality Angus and Charolais seedstock that are uniquely well-adapted to their environment. The Bradley 3 Ranch is famous, innovative and award winning. The title of my article this is borrowed from James Henderson’s topic last week. 

The tough environment the 600 head of registered cows at Bradley 3 Ranch is described by James as follows:

  • Low rainfall (23 inch average per year, considerably less than average over the past 18 months)
  • Bad water (high in nitrates and sulfates)
  • Large acreage (16,000 acre ranch)
  • Temperature extremes (-10 to 123 degrees F)
  • Heavy brush
  • Toxic weeds
  • Predators
Click here to read more from Mark Johnson on achieving benchmarks in the cow herd

CHS partners with OSU to hold grain engulfment training

Safety is a core value at CHS, and we appreciate the opportunity to build working relationships with local first responders and fire departments. In an effort to strengthen these relationships, the CHS location in Frederick, Okla., held a grain engulfment training in conjunction with the Oklahoma State University Fire Service Training team.

Funding for the training, meeting supplies and rescue equipment came from a variety of sources including a grant from Oklahoma State University, CHS based in Frederick, and the CHS Seeds for Stewardship grant program, which supports organizations and projects that are focused on safety, ag education, and strengthening and uplifting hometown communities. CHS employees, local first responders from four fire departments, OSU Extension and local EMS attended the classroom and hands-on training.

CHS is proud to support rural communities, fire departments and first responders. “CHS has provided financial support to purchase much-needed equipment,” says Justin Green, Frederick Fire Department. “We have a mutually supportive relationship, which is valued and appreciated.”

The CHS Seeds for Stewardship grant program has recently provided funds for a new grain rescue tube and a thermal imaging camera, which are both being used by the Frederick Fire Department.

Click here to read more about CHS generosity towards OSU education
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Wholesale Boxed Beef Prices were higher- Choice Beef was up $1.08 and Select Beef was up $12.29 on Tuesday 04/18/2023.

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Boxed Beef Report

Oklahoma National Stockyards had a final count of 9,023 head on Monday, April 17, 2023

Compared to last week: Feeder steers mostly steady. Feeder heifers steady to 3.00 higher. Demand continues good for feeder cattle. Steer

calves 3.00-8.00 higher. Heifer calves steady to 5.00 higher. Demand very good for calves. The spread between steer and heifer calves is

getting much closer. Wheat pasture is maturing with some pastures showing signs of heading out. Another cold front is expected this

weekend and along with it freezing temps. This could mean trouble from some wheat pasture. Quality mostly average. Some graze out

wheat cattle included in supply, however more

un-weaned calves are included in the mix.

Click below for the complete closing report.

Oklahoma National Stockyards Market Report from Monday 4/17/2023

OKC West in El Reno had a total calf run of 2,000 head for Tuesday, April 18, 2023.

Compared to last week: Steer and heifer calves sold mostly steady with last week's sharply higher market. Demand moderate to good.

For Wednesday and the Yearling run- they are expecting 6,000 head to sell- 2,500 heifers and 3,500 steers with the sale starting at 9 AM.

Click on the button below for details of the trade as compiled by the USDA Market News Service.

OKC West in El Reno Calf Market Report from 04/18/2023
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TCFA Feedlot Recap:  
Finally, here is the Daily Volume and Price Summary from the Texas Cattle Feeders Association.
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Since the legalization of Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma with State Question 788- criminals have flocked to the state to set up illegal grow houses because of cheap permits, cheap land and lax rules allowing them to get into the business of growing marijuana in Oklahoma- supposedly for the in state Medical Marijuana market.

Ron Hays talks with Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics spokesman Mark Woodward about how these enterprises have invaded Oklahoma- the magnitude of the current problem and how the state is pushing back on thousands of bad people who have set up shop in the state- with the hope to reduce the number of these operations dramatically in the days to come. It's a huge problem all across rural Oklahoma but Woodward believes progress is being made to reign in these illegal marijuana farms.

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