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Thursday, April 27, 2023

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Here is your daily Oklahoma farm and ranch news update. 


  • House Ag Committee Chairman GT Thompson Advocates for Disaster Relief in 2023 Farm Bill

  • Jarold Callahan Sees Potential for Profitability in the Cattle Industry

  • Introducing Gabriella Clark of the Atoka FFA Chapter, Your 2023 Southeast Area Star in Agricultural Production

  • Oklahoma Broadband Office launches 16-stop “Let’s Get Digital” listening tour

  • Oklahoma Rainfall Map Continues to Pile Up Totals Since Sunday

  • Sorghum, Wheat and Corn Among Those Testifying to House Wednesday

  • Soil Erosion Costs Money!

  • Rob Larew Emphasizes Properly Functioning Markets for Farmers and Ranchers

House Ag Committee Chairman GT Thompson Advocates for Disaster Relief in 2023 Farm Bill

Farm Director KC Sheperd is visiting with U.S. Congressman Glenn “GT” Thompson. As the House Ag Committee Chair, Thompson talks about working in the best interests of ag producers in the 2023 farm bill.

Thompson first highlighted the importance of strengthening crop insurance because it provides it is a great tool for producers to use.

“Agriculture is capital intensive, credit, you need that, and the lenders like crop insurance,” Thompson said.

Part of what Thompson said is focusing on includes incorporating outside disaster relief into the farm bill.

“Eighty percent of what we spent on agriculture was outside the farm bill through disaster relief, but it didn’t come with any certainty,” Thompson said. “I am absolutely certain that there are farms and ranches and probably forestry operations that went out of business before those disaster checks arrived. That is not helpful, and there is no certainty. Lenders don’t like it, so it is difficult to borrow and get the credit you need.”

It could be more affordable for the government, Thompson said, if some disaster relief was put into the space of crop insurance.

“It won’t be everything because when you are wrestling with nature, there is always a curveball that comes in someplace that we need to be able to respond to, but as you all know, disaster relief is tough,” Thompson said. “It takes Congress a long time to do the right thing.”

Click here to read more and listen to GT Thompson talk about his work to best benefit producers in the 2023 bill
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Jarold Callahan Sees Potential for Profitability in the Cattle Industry

In this episode of Beef Buzz, I am talking with Jarold Callahan about the upcoming Grass Time Sale at Express Ranches coming up at noon on April 28, 2023, at the ranch in Yukon, Okla.

“We are excited about how good the cattle business is,” Callahan said. “I think we are going to have three or four years here of excellent prices, and I think it is a great time to invest in some inventory. We have got a really good set of bulls. A lot of them are calving ease bulls, for those people that are wanting to breed heifers, but we have also got bulls that have got a lot of growth and power to them.”

The sale will feature around 150 Angus bulls, Callahan said, and about 10 Hereford bulls.

“We also have about 150 spring calving pairs, predominantly Angus, but we also have some registered Hereford pairs in it as well,” Callahan said.

There will be about 40 fall calving Angus bred heifers offered at the sale, Callahan said, and around 50 Angus registered heifers that have been artificially inseminated one time that will be sold in groups of three.

“We also have 20 November/December show heifer prospects that qualify for the Express scholarship program,” Callahan said.

Click here to read more and listen to Ron and Jarold Callahan talk about the Express Ranches Grass Time Sale

Introducing Gabriella Clark of the Atoka FFA Chapter, Your 2023 Southeast Area Star in Agricultural Production

During the month of April, the Radio Oklahoma Ag Network and Oklahoma Farm Report are spotlighting the 17 Area Stars of Oklahoma FFA that are among the highest achievers in the organization.

The stars come from the five areas in four categories- Star in Ag Placement, Star in Agriscience, Star in Agribusiness, and Star in Agricultural Production.

One Star Finalist featured in the coming days from each of the categories will be named the State Star Award Winner during the 97th Oklahoma State FFA Convention coming up on May 2nd and 3rd in Tulsa, Okla.

This week, our coverage of the 2023 Oklahoma FFA Star Award Finalists continues with Agricultural Production competitor Gabriella Clark of the Atoka FFA chapter representing the Southeast Area.

“I started my business, C5 Genetics, when I was a freshman in high school,” Clark said. “I started it with my family. We show and raise swine.”

Clark said her project has helped grow her work ethic because regardless of the weather or anything else that may be going on, she must take care of her animals.

“I plan to attend Oklahoma State University in the fall and major in animal science with a pre-vet option,” Clark said.

Clark plans to continue working on her project when she goes to college.

Click here to read more and listen to KC Sheperd talk with Gabriella Clark ahead of the State FFA Convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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For our farmers who have either- always have had cotton on their farms- or those who have more recently have added the fiber crop to their operations- we have a daily report heard on several of our Radio Stations- It's Called Cotton Talk!

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The April 27th Superior Livestock's bi weekly video auction happens today- with Superior Sunrise at 7:30 AM and the Auction itself at 8 AM.

Over 46,000 head will be sold today:







Click here for more details of today's sale.

Oklahoma Broadband Office launches 16-stop “Let’s Get Digital” listening tour

The Oklahoma Broadband Office’s (OBO) statewide broadband listening tour will be making a stop near you in the coming weeks, and state officials are asking you to take part.

The “Let’s Get Digital: Oklahoma Broadband Tour” will pass through 16 cities and towns to gather public input for a five-year plan to connect the entire state to high-speed internet. The tour kicks off on May 8 and will continue through June 23 with meetings in all four corners and points in-between of Oklahoma. Data show more than 800,000 Oklahomans currently lack access to dependable high-speed internet service in Oklahoma. That’s more than one-in-five Oklahoma residents.

“Access to affordable and reliable high-speed internet service has become a necessity. Our mission is to ensure every family, student, business, farmer and tribal community in Oklahoma has that access,” Oklahoma Broadband Office Executive Director Mike Sanders said. “A key priority to ensure our mission is successful is to hear from and talk with Oklahomans who lack adequate service today. We welcome anyone with questions or concerns, or who wants to learn more about our efforts to attend one of the 16 meetings scheduled across the state in May and June.”

For more information and to see tour dates, click here.

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State Rainfall Map Continues to Pile Up Totals for the Week

All this week- we have been following total rainfall since Sunday as this current pattern started to unfold. This morning- we are using the four day rain map from the Oklahoma Mesonet- it's clickable so you can jump over to the Mesonet to see real time info location by location.

The National Weather Service initially was seeing one to two inches across Oklahoma- and in some areas more than 2 inches. And- this morning's map is showing a lot of that.

Six Mesonet locations have recorded more than three inches since Sunday- with Perkins at 3.46 inches of rain the biggest winner.

Over thirty Mesonet stations have now surpassed the two inch rainfall level over these last four days- and the vast majority of the state can now claim over an inch of moisture.

The least amount of rainfall this week has fallen in the northeastern corner of the state with Miami only getting .18 inches of rain since Sunday. They could add to their totals today as radar shows rain sliding that direction in Green Country.

And much of the state has more rain in the forecast Friday and Friday night before drier weather is in the mix for the weekend and early next week.

We will have a Drought Monitor update at 7:30 AM central time this morning- don't expect any changes from recent weeks- we should see some modest improvements next Thursday morning with the first Drought Monitor that will be released in May.

Sorghum, Wheat and Corn Among Those Testifying to House Wednesday

National Sorghum Producers Chairman Craig Meeker, a sorghum farmer from Wellington, Kansas, testified in front of the House Agriculture Committee Subcommittee on General Farm Commodities, Risk Management, and Credit during a hearing on “Producer Perspective on the 2023 Farm Bill.” 

Meeker’s testimony highlighted farm bill priorities for the nation’s sorghum farmers, focusing on the importance of the Title I safety net, crop insurance and Congressionally-authorized ad hoc assistance. Meeker told the panel farmers and ranchers need a stronger farm safety net to provide predictability and certainty for producers and lenders.

“It is clear that more resources will be necessary to enact a strong Farm Bill this year as there’s simply a major shortfall in safety net funding compared to historical levels,” Meeker said. “Cost of production has similarly increased, rising at least 50 percent in most cases and upwards of 100 percent in others. While the changes in the 2018 Farm Bill have been helpful, given the level and speed at which costs have increased, statutory PLC reference prices are now far too low to provide effective support in light of the many risks facing farmers in 2023.”

Meeker also reaffirmed support for crop insurance, stating he would not be the sixth generation on his family farm without it. He said while the tool has been critical in helping sorghum farmers manage the ongoing drought conditions decimating the Sorghum Belt, availability of products and ratings, can have a very real local impact on plantings, which is an area the committee can take measures to improve.

Read Meeker’s written testimony at SorghumGrowers.com

NAWG Testifies to House Agriculture Subcommittee During “Producer Perspective on the 2023 Farm Bill” Hearing
NCGA President Outlines Farm Bill Priorities, Encourages Strategic Investments in Key USDA Programs

Soil Erosion Costs Money!

There is a new blog post out at the Southern Plains Perspective. Read a preview below!

Did that headline grab your attention? I hope so. It still surprises me how many people fail to make the connection between conservation/climate-smart ag/soil health and the positive impact good natural resource management can have on your bottom line. I have to scratch my head every time it’s overlooked how poor resource management can negatively affect an individual’s personal profit margin while also impacting the rest of society.

So, let’s try again.

It’s estimated that soil erosion costs the United States around $44 billion each year in lost agricultural land.  That’s a lot of money. I’ve always heard that if you’re not working to control soil erosion on your land it’s like your throwing dollar bills into the nearest creek. These numbers show that pretty well.

Farmland where I live in central Oklahoma is currently selling for around $3,000 an acre.  It is estimated that Oklahoma loses over 50 million tons of soil each year to water erosion alone.  If you consider that an acre-foot of soil weighs 2000 tons, that equals out to over $75 million in land value lost each year in Oklahoma to JUST water erosion (remember, the wind also comes sweepin’ down the plains here….and takes soil away with it too).

Click here to read the full blog post from the Southern Plains Perspective

Rob Larew Emphasizes Properly Functioning Markets for Farmers and Ranchers

While in Washington, D.C., Farm Director KC Sheperd caught up with the President of the National Farmers Union, Rob Larew, and talked about the latest work from the National Farmers Union advocating and working to make sure the voices of farmers and ranchers are heard.

“In Oklahoma, and really across the country, a lot of things we are focusing on right now is making sure that folks don’t lose sight of the fact that farmers need the freedom to farm,” Larew said. “What that means most specifically is making sure that we have the right to repair. I think most folks don’t really understand that with today’s sophisticated equipment and the fact that we have just a handful of equipment manufacturers out there, that too few players also means that those monopoly powers ultimately take control, and farmers who are very equipped to be able to manage a lot of the repairs on their own are simply boxed out of that.”

Close to 16 states, Larew said, have bills before their legislators addressing a producer’s ability to repair his or her own equipment.

“In Colorado, which is the one that we have had the most progress in so far, it is actually passed out of their legislature and is now ready for the Governor to sign,” Larew said. “We expect him to sign it, and this will put in place the promises that the equipment manufacturers have made over the years, the promises they have made to other farm groups and so forth, and actually puts in law that they have to back that up with real meaningful access to Right to Repair.

Another concern for producers at the moment is drought, Larew said, so helping them make it through this time is a top priority.

Click here to read more and listen to Rob Larew talk about NFU’s latest work for farmers and ranchers
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Wholesale Boxed Beef Prices were higher- Choice Beef was up $1.61 and Select Beef was up 32 cents on Wednesday 04/26/2023.

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Boxed Beef Report

OKC West in El Reno had 7,555 head this week on Tuesday and Wednesday.

USDA Market News Reports "Compared to last week: Steer and heifer calves sold mostly steady. Demand moderate to good. Feeder steers 1.00 - 4.00 higher. Heifers steady to 3.00 higher. Demand moderate to good. Quality average to attractive. Much needed moisture impacted majority of the area over the last couple days, with more in the the forecast."

Meanwhile, Manager Bill Barnhart of OKC West writes on their market's Facebook page "The trade area received some much needed rain last night and today. 2” inches here in El Reno. Stockers sold steady Tuesday and feeder cattle sold steady to 3.00 higher today. The market continues to be very impressive. No fat trade today so far with packers determined to buy cattle cheaper. June now becomes the spot month in Live Cattle and is a 10.00 discount to cash. Numbers remain tight for finished cattle."

Click below for the complete closing report.

OKC West in El Reno Market Report for April 25 and 26, 2023
Each afternoon we are posting a recap of that day's markets as analyzed by Justin Lewis of KIS futuresclick below for the latest update on the Livestock and Grain Futures Trade..
Click Here to Listen to Justin's Commentary From 04/26/2023
Okla Cash Grain:  
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Read  Cash Grains Report from 04/26/2023
Our Daily Market Wrapup from the Radio Oklahoma Ag Network - analyzing the Futures Markets for that trading day- as reported by KC Sheperd.
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Slaughter Cattle Recap: 
The National Daily Slaughter Cattle Summary- as prepared by the USDA Market News
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TCFA Feedlot Recap:  
Finally, here is the Daily Volume and Price Summary from the Texas Cattle Feeders Association.
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Rural Oklahoma is full of some of the greatest success stories throughout the entire state and is a big reason why Oklahoma is on track to become a top 10 state. 

The Road to Rural Prosperity dives into these stories, bringing you stories covering rural life, agriculture, energy, healthcare, tourism, and politics affecting rural America. 

The Road to Rural Prosperity is here to tell stories about rural America, for rural America.

Since the legalization of Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma with State Question 788- criminals have flocked to the state to set up illegal grow houses because of cheap permits, cheap land and lax rules allowing them to get into the business of growing marijuana in Oklahoma- supposedly for the in state Medical Marijuana market.

Ron Hays talks with Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics spokesman Mark Woodward about how these enterprises have invaded Oklahoma- the magnitude of the current problem and how the state is pushing back on thousands of bad people who have set up shop in the state- with the hope to reduce the number of these operations dramatically in the days to come. It's a huge problem all across rural Oklahoma but Woodward believes progress is being made to reign in these illegal marijuana farms.

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