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Thursday, May 25, 2023

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  • Cattlemen’s Conference- Sorting Truth From the Trend

  • Oklahoma’s 2023 Cotton Crop Off Might Be Off To A Better Start Than 2022

  • Legislative Session Update with Representative Ty Burns

  • USDA, DHS Cut Ribbon on National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility

  • Hugh Aljoe of Noble Research Institute Talks Regenerative Ranching at Cattlemen’s Conference

  • Biosecurity: Do You Have a Plan?

  • Senators Marshall, Welch Introduce ReConnect Rural America Act to Expand Broadband Access in Rural Communities

  • HB2053 Remains in Limbo

  • From Wednesday Night at Cattlemen's Conference- the GreenHouse Guru was in the House!

Cattlemen’s Conference to Help Sort "Truth from the Trend"

In this episode of Beef Buzz, I am talking about Cattlemen’s Conference with the CEO of the American Angus Association, Mark McCully. The conference kicked off yesterday and will continue today at Oklahoma State University at the Totusek Arena.

McCully is one of the leading speakers at the conference and has been asked to answer the question, “Why this conference,” to help kick off the meeting. Cattlemen’s Conference, McCully said, is an important meeting based on previous meetings that took place decades ago and helped shape the U.S. beef cattle industry.

Those past conferences were instrumental in helping ranchers become more aligned in goals regarding consumer and production targets.

McCully quoted former head of the OSU Animal Science Department, Dr. Bob Totusek, from the 1988 conference when he told attendees 35 years ago the goal of that meeting was to separate "truth from the trend."

“In that era, our industry wasn’t quite as transparent, and we didn’t have much information flowing up and down the chain,” McCully said. “Those were really important for cattlemen to get centered on the targets.”

Today, McCully said the industry has not focused on this type of conference in quite a while.

As to why the industry was at Totusek Arena in 2023- he offered a couple of reasons:

"The truth is more important than the trend"


"Because the future is created by those that show up!"

Click here to read more and listen to Ron and Mark McCully talk about Cattlemen’s Conference
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Oklahoma’s 2023 Cotton Crop Off Might Be Off To A Better Start Than 2022

Farm Director, KC Sheperd, is visiting with BASF Senior Agronomist in Oklahoma and Texas, Rick Minzenmayer, about the 2022 cotton crop and this year’s cotton crop.

As cotton planting conditions were similar last year with a lot of wet soil, Minzenmayer talked about planting conditions for this year.

“In the southern part of my territory, we will plant up until the 20th of June,” Minzenmayer said.

Cotton plantings in Oklahoma and Texas are not behind schedule by any means, Minzenmayer said, but by the first of June, farmers will need to “get serious” about putting seed into the ground.

Last year, Minzenmayer said the biggest issue cotton producers faced was the drought. Many growers planted, Minzenmayer said, and the seed never came up.

“In some situations where it did come up, it was a real skippy stand, and basically, fortunately, we have crop insurance, and the adjusters just ‘disastered’ it out,” Minzenmayer said.

Click here to read more and listen to KC Sheperd talk with Rick Minzenmayer about Oklahoma’s cotton

Legislative Session Update with Representative Ty Burns

Farm Director, KC Sheperd, talked a few days back with Representative Ty Burns about Oklahoma’s legislative session.

One program Burns is working on is the “Gold Star Bill,” which is aimed to provide college scholarship opportunities for kids who have lost a parent in war.

This year, the session has been exposed to the media more, Burns said, which created a few difficulties.

“There are so many falsehoods that come out, and it opens the door for pundits, if you will, just to come in and really put wrinkles in things, and so we are correcting people more than we are educating people, which always slows us down,” Burns said.

Burns said he was also working on a grant program for county roads allowing individuals to donate and receive a tax credit that unfortunately did not make it through.

Click here to read more and listen to KC and Ty Burns talk about Oklahoma’s legislative session
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USDA, DHS Cut Ribbon on National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) officials celebrated the dedication and ribbon-cutting of the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF). This facility, which offers the highest level of biocontainment laboratories and safety protocols, is the first of its kind in the United States and will allow scientists to study and diagnose critical animal diseases.

“America’s farmers, ranchers and consumers count on our researchers to understand, monitor for and develop solutions to combat a variety of high-consequence animal pathogens, and a facility of this magnitude positions us to respond,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “This new, innovative facility will give USDA scientists access to cutting-edge, safe and secure technology so they can continue to lead the world in animal health research, training and diagnostics to protect our food supply, agricultural economy and public health.”

The valuable scientific information delivered by researchers at NBAF will also allow America to remain a leading contributor of countermeasures that will protect agriculture, economies and citizens across the globe.

NBAF will replace DHS’ Plum Island Animal Disease Center, which is a biosafety level-3 facility in New York that is more than 68 years old. Both departments have collaborated on the requirements for this next-generation science facility since 2006, and Manhattan, Kan. was selected as NBAF’s site in 2009. DHS led NBAF’s design and construction, and USDA will own and operate the facility.

Click here to read more about the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility in Kansas

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Hugh Aljoe of Noble Research Institute Talks Regenerative Ranching at Cattlemen’s Conference

At this year’s Cattlemen’s Conference, Blueprint for the Future, Radio Oklahoma Ag Network Intern, Maci Carter, had a chance to visit with Hugh Aljoe of the Noble Research Institute about land stewardship for improved soil health.

Regenerative ranching, Aljoe said, is land stewardship for improving soil health in grazing animal production with lasting producer profitability. Aljoe said regenerative ranching is simply trying to mimic nature and incorporate the sciences available today to improve the quality of soils and their health over time.

“Making it a reality, really begins with grazing management,” said Aljoe. “We need to be stocked lightly enough, or conservatively enough so that whenever we have those rotations, as we’re moving these cattle from pasture to pasture, every pasture is fully recovered. We want to maintain as much leaf area, so the plants continue to photosynthesize and maintain their root capacity. So, bring up moisture and nutrients so they can regrow rapidly. We want to make sure that we’re using these different pastures in different seasons of the year and don’t get in the same routine time and time again.”

Aljoe said he believes in starting with what you have to make these changes. He also added it is beneficial to start small and make little changes to provide the rest needed for your soil to recover and regrow using its own capabilities.

Click here to read more and listen to Maci Carter talk with Hugh Aljoe at Cattlemen’s Conference

Biosecurity: Do You Have a Plan?

On today’s Cow-Calf Corner is Dr. Rosslyn Biggs, DVM, OSU State Extension Beef Cattle Veterinarian talking about biosecurity measures.

Biosecurity is a commonly used term in animal health circles. Simply stated biosecurity measures are those practices taken to prevent the introduction of disease into an animal population and spread of disease within an existing group.

Biosecurity focuses on both infectious and non-infectious concerns. Many farms and ranches may have incorporated biosecurity practices for decades, but not necessarily considered those practices under the umbrella of biosecurity. The foundation of good biosecurity is good animal husbandry.

Cattle producers, veterinarians, and animal health officials have long known the benefits of good biosecurity practices in relationship to overall health for individual animals as well as state and national herds. Food safety, profitability, marketability, business continuity, and consumer demands are all reasons to consider developing or reevaluating a herd’s biosecurity plan. Additionally, biosecurity is important for animal welfare, environmental stewardship, and judicious use of pharmaceuticals.

Cattle producers, veterinarian, and animal health officials have long utilized biosecurity plans in national efforts to eradicated diseases such as brucellosis and tuberculosis. Biosecurity plans can apply to national plans to prevent foreign animal and emerging diseases just as they apply to an operation with forty cows or even a youth show project. However, biosecurity plans are not one size-fits-all.

Click here to read more from Dr. Biggs on biosecurity measures

Senators Marshall, Welch Introduce ReConnect Rural America Act to Expand Broadband Access in Rural Communities

U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. introduced the ReConnect Rural America Act with Sen. Welch (D-VT), bipartisan legislation that helps to champion rural communities’ access to high-speed broadband. This lack of accessibility to internet service leaves community members with less access to good-paying jobs, isolation from markets, and lack of health care provider technologies. 

“The importance of high-speed internet cannot be understated. Unfortunately, in many parts of the country, a quality internet connection is not accessible or affordable. Our rural hospitals, schools, farms, small businesses, and families deserve a reliable and speedy internet connection to meet their family’s needs and fulfill their job requirements,” Sen. Marshall said. “I am proud to lead this bipartisan legislation with Senator Welch that would ensure the more sparsely populated areas of the country are able to access the same internet connectivity as their urban counterparts. When it comes to broadband accessibility, we need to focus on solid infrastructure that is built to last and meets the connectivity demand across every region regardless of its size.”

“Rural communities across the country—whether in my home state of Vermont or Sen. Marshall’s beloved Kansas—have been left behind as our economy has become increasingly digital and better connected. That’s unacceptable. Support from ReConnect can change that and help our communities close the digital divide. I’m proud to introduce the ReConnecting Rural America Act with Sen. Marshall to reauthorize and strengthen this important program,” Sen. Welch said. 

Click here to read more about the ReConnect Rural America Act

Still Waiting on HB 2053

Ag groups have continued to make the ask to the Oklahoma Senate to provide a final approval to HB 2053. However, with just today and tomorrow left in the general session- we are not seeing this bill on today's agenda in the Oklahoma Senate.

From an earlier story that we did on House Bill 2053 here's some of the background:Oklahoma Farm Bureau's SteveThompson says that this measure, authored by David Hardin in the House and Brent Howard in the Senate, is all about water and water rights- and basically protects a farmer, rancher or landowner’s rights when they apply for a water permit for a legitimate purpose. It would stop opponents of production agriculture to simply protest because they don’t like agriculture- they can only protest if they have evidence that the permit would result in pollution or degradation of the water supply that overlies the property linked to the permit.

This measure has come from a fight between an Eastern Oklahoma poultry grower and activists that saw the grower lose his water permit and was forced out of business.

Thompson says that several Ag Groups at the Capitol believe that “If we don’t address this, it could really spread to any type of farm or ranch operation- it could serve as a playbook for environmental activists that just simply don’t like what we do in agriculture” but it does offer protections to the water supply when a genuine concern is raised about the supply or availability of ground water.

A final call to your Senator may be in order. Click here for the final work of the House that has been sent to the Senate for their consideration.

From Cattlemen's Conference- a Great Evening with the GreenHouse Guru- Dr. Frank Mitloehner

It was a great end of the day at the Wednesday evening dinner of the Cattlemen’s Conference- a Blueprint for the Future. The reason- a chance to talk with and hear Dr Frank Mitloehner of UC- Davis- the Greenhouse Guru! Frank talked cattle and the methane gas emission story of US Cattle- we will be posting his full remarks in the near future as a special podcast.

In addition- I talked with him exclusively earlier in the afternoon and will be posting as a Beef Buzz by the end of the week- we talked about what cattle producers need to be doing about the climate conversation and those who wish to throw cattle producers and their animals under the table- be watching for it!

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Wholesale Boxed Beef Prices were mixed- Choice Beef was down $2.44 and Select Beef was up $2.51 on Wednesday 05/24/2023.

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Boxed Beef Report

OKC West in El Reno had 9,307 head on on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week for their stocker and feeder auction.

According to USDA Market News- "Compared to last week: Feeder steers and heifers traded 2.00-6.00 higher. Demand good to very good for yearlings. Quality average to

attractive for feeders. Steer and heifer calves sold sharply higher with instances as much as 15.00 higher. Demand very good for calves and

stocker cattle. Much cooler than average temperatures and moisture has swept across the trade area over the weekend and early in the


Bill Barnhart, Manager of OKC West, offered these comments via the market's Facbook page after the sale wrapped up on Wednesday- "An unexpected jump in fat cattle trade today in the north helped push feeder prices higher again at the auction. Cattle sold as high as 182 in Nebraska today. Very positive news no doubt. We’ll see what happens in the Southern trade later this week. Feeder cattle today traded 1.00-8.00 higher with lots of heavyweights offered. Calves Tuesday were sharply higher as well as there is now an abundance of green grass. Next week we will have no cow sale Monday but will have our regular Tuesday/Wednesday auctions. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend"

Click below for the complete closing report.

OKC West in El Reno Market Report from 5/23 and 5/24/2023
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Since the legalization of Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma with State Question 788- criminals have flocked to the state to set up illegal grow houses because of cheap permits, cheap land and lax rules allowing them to get into the business of growing marijuana in Oklahoma- supposedly for the in state Medical Marijuana market.

Ron Hays talks with Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics spokesman Mark Woodward about how these enterprises have invaded Oklahoma- the magnitude of the current problem and how the state is pushing back on thousands of bad people who have set up shop in the state- with the hope to reduce the number of these operations dramatically in the days to come. It's a huge problem all across rural Oklahoma but Woodward believes progress is being made to reign in these illegal marijuana farms.

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