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Friday, December 1, 2023

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Here is Your Daily Oklahoma Farm and Ranch News Update: 


  • Destry Swaim of Okeene FFA Takes Top Honors at 2023 Oklahoma 4-H & FFA Junior Wheat

  • Oklahoma Drought Sees Slight Improvements in this Week’s Drought Monitor

  • R.A. Brown’s Donnell Brown Believes Precision Breeding with Gene Editing is the Future

  • NCBA Cheers Senate Legislation to Protect Producers from Black Vultures- Introduced by Markwayne Mullin

  • USDA's Tom Vilsack Offers "Glass Half Full" Comments on Lower Net Farm Income Numbers

  • Ethanol Industry Makes Big Strides in Low-Carbon Emission Movement

  • USGC 2023/24 Corn Harvest Quality Report Shows Largest Crop, Lowest Broken Corn Ratio On Record

  • More Weekend Reading to Check Out

Destry Swaim of Okeene FFA Takes Top Honors at 2023 Oklahoma 4-H & FFA Junior Wheat Show

The 2023 4-H & FFA Hard Winter Wheat Scholarship & Champion awards banquet was held last night in Oklahoma City. The purpose of this program is to encourage increased production of wheat with superior market quality. The contest receives major support from the Oklahoma Wheat Commission with $16,000 in scholarships money is awarded to the top five 4-H and top five FFA entries funded by Check-off dollars. Other awards are given as well. The show is sponsored by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, Oklahoma Genetics, Inc., Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma Wheat Commission, Oklahoma Wheat Research Foundation, and WestBred™ seeds.

Destry Swaim, son of Brandon and Robin Swaim, was awarded the overall grand champion award showing his Doublestop CL Plus variety in the 2023 Oklahoma 4-H/FFA Junior Wheat Show. Swaim placed 9th in production and milling and 1st in baking, earning him the title of 1st place as the FFA champion, and overall grand champion of the 4-H/FFA Junior Wheat Show. Swaim is from the Okeene FFA chapter. (Swaim is seen receiving his award last night above)

Clinton Chaney, son of Scott and Jennifer Chaney, was awarded 1st place and 4-H champion showing his WB4515 variety in the 2023 Oklahoma 4-H/FFA Junior Wheat Show. Chaney placed 3rd in production and milling and 2nd in baking, earning him the champion 4-H award.  Chaney is a member of the Medford 4-H Club in Grant County.

According to Kim Anderson, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service grain marketing specialist, “Participating students learn what it takes to produce milling quality wheat.” He also stated that “The purpose of this program is to promote the production of quality wheat and teach 4-H and FFA youth about wheat production, marketing, and management.”

Click here to see the complete award winner list from the event

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It's happening NEXT WEEK!!! The Tulsa Farm Show is Oklahoma’s premier agricultural and ranching event- and returns to the SageNet Center (Expo Square) December, 7-8-9, 2023.


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Oklahoma Drought Sees Slight Improvements in this Week’s Drought Monitor

According to the latest Oklahoma drought monitor report, exceptional drought remains at zero, unchanged from the past three months.

Extreme drought or worse is at 1.16 percent, unchanged from last week’s percentage.

Severe drought or worse is now at 11.38 percent, slightly improved from last week’s 13.68 percent.

Moderate drought or worse is at 33.39 percent, slightly improved from last week’s 36.34 percent.

Abnormally dry or worse conditions are now at 51.95 percent, improved from last week’s 55.32 percent.

According to the 6-to-10-day precipitation outlook map, the entire state of Oklahoma is leaning below a 40 to 50 percent chance of precipitation through December 9.

Click the Oklahoma Drought Map above the story to view this week's Oklahoma drought numbers.

Click here to view a national drought summary and see this week's charts and graphs

R.A. Brown’s Donnell Brown Believes Precision Breeding With Gene Editing is the Future

On this episode of Beef Buzz, I am catching up with Donnell Brown of the R.A. Brown Ranch in Throckmorton, Texas at the recent American Angus Convention as they talked his ranch’s role in gene editing.

“We have got the first two gene-edited Angus animals, and the company that we are working with has made others with slick coat hair traits,” Brown said. “We have actually turned black Angus animals red.”

Since black cattle absorb more heat than red cattle, Brown said by using gene editing, ranchers can keep the great Angus genetics but with a more heat-friendly color: red.

“Our company that is doing the gene editing is also making them slick hair coated,” Brown said. “So, they are slick like a Brahman- not the normal Angus haircoat.”

As 70 percent of the global cattle population is in the tropics and sub-tropics, Brown said it is a huge opportunity for Angus to take on these gene-edited slick hair coats.

Click here to read more and listen to Ron and Donnell Brown talk about gene editing
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NCBA Cheers Senate Introduction By Markwayne Mullin of Legislation Offering Protection from Black Vultures

This week, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) hailed the introduction of the Senate version of the Black Vulture Relief Act introduced by Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), a companion bill to legislation introduced in the House of Representatives earlier this year that protects cattle producers from the devastating impacts of black vulture depredation.


“Black vultures are particularly nasty predators, and their attacks can be financially devastating to small, family-owned cattle operations,” said NCBA Policy Division Chair Gene Copenhaver, a Virginia cattle producer. “The current system prevents cattle producers from effectively protecting their herd. Not only that, but black vultures are also an abundant species—millions-strong—that do not need federal protection. That’s why we urgently need legislation like the Black Vulture Relief Act. NCBA is extremely appreciative of Sen. Mullin’s work alongside Reps. John Rose (R-TN) and Darren Soto (D-FL) to stand up for the needs of cattle producers.”


Earlier in the year, the House Natural Resources Water, Wildlife and Fisheries Subcommittee heard testimony from a Missouri cattle producer and NCBA member who had personally experienced attacks on his herd from black vultures.


“Black vultures play a role in the ecosystem, and cattle producers have no desire to eradicate the species, but to continue managing them under such a restrictive system is ludicrous. The species is abundant across the continent, and no longer a conservation concern,” said cattle producer Charlie Besher, chairman of NCBA’s Property Rights and Environmental Management Committee. “These birds are extremely vicious predators, and their attacks on cattle are devastating, both emotionally and financially.”

Click here to read more about the Black Vulture Relief Act

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Union Mutual of Oklahoma Turns 85 Years Old

Union Mutual was created 85 years ago for one purpose, that was and is to serve and protect rural Oklahomans and their property. That mission has bever wavered.


Union Mutual Insurance of Oklahoma was chartered in 1938 to write property and casualty insurance in the state of Oklahoma. Over the years, Union Mutual has maintained the attitude that started the company, “Protection for Oklahomans by Oklahomans.” In poor economic times, in times when national insurance companies either stopped writing or completely left the state, Union Mutual has been there for Oklahomans. Today, Union Mutual writes insurance in all 77 counties of Oklahoma through almost 300 agency locations. These agents provide fast and reliable quotes for most lines of insurance.


Union Mutual of Oklahoma CEO Monica Collison had this to say on the company turning 85 years old. “I am humbled to lead such and extraordinary company and team with the history and legacy of Union Mutual. Union Mutual has stood with rural Oklahoma for 85 solid years and I look forward to helping it for the next 85 years.”


For the agent nearest you, go to unionmutualic.com or give them a call at 405 286-7703.


USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack Offers "Glass Half Full" Comments on Lower 2023 Net Farm Income Numbers

On Thursday- USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack offered his thoughts on the latest farm income forecast as released by his agency this week:

“Today’s farm income forecast for 2023 shows that, while net farm income is expected to drop below the 2022 record high, it is still one of the best years on record for the overall farm sector at $151.1 billion. In fact, net cash farm income for 2023 is 15 percent above average for the last two decades, and farm income over the 2021-2023 period represents the highest level of farm income in the last 50 years. U.S. agriculture exports have also seen the three highest years on record in 2021-2023, which is reflected in overall cash receipts, while 2024 is projected to be the fourth highest year on record despite potential declines.

“Even so, the data shows a majority of farm households rely on off-farm jobs to make ends meet, indicating that the income is not evenly distributed across the farm spectrum. USDA will continue our efforts to bolster a complementary system that makes it possible for small- and mid-sized farms to benefit from more, new and better markets and climate smart agriculture opportunities so they can thrive. The change in net farm income this year is reflective of overall lower prices for farmers, higher production costs and higher interest rates, and declining government payments since their 2020 record levels. “A bright spot for farmers is that some production costs, including feed, fertilizer and pesticides, have declined. USDA is taking all of these factors into account as we design and implement our programs, and as we work with Congress on the next Farm Bill into 2024.” 

Click here for more on the farm income data released by USDA on 11/30/2023

Ethanol Industry Makes Big Strides in Low-Carbon Emission Movement

Associate Farm Editor Reagan Calk is talking with the Vice President of Industry Relations at the Renewable Fuels Association, Robert White, about the ethanol industry.

Ethanol has many benefits, White explained, as it is a clean burning fuel and is low carbon.

“You have less emissions, and it is a renewable product we can make,” White said. “It is not a limited supply. At the end of the day, it is a domestic product. It is something we make here in the United States. As we watch the turmoil around the globe, it is more important to have energy security and energy independence, especially when it comes to our energy needs.”

With Carbon emissions becoming a bigger topic of discussion, White said Ethanol has a place at the table when it comes to reducing those emissions because it is a low-carbon fuel.

“Unless it says otherwise, everything you are using at the pump today is ten percent ethanol,” White said. “There are opportunities to move that to E15, which is 15 percent ethanol.”

Click here to read more and listen to Robert White talk about the ethanol industry

USGC 2023/24 Corn Harvest Quality Report Shows Largest Crop, Lowest Broken Corn Ratio On Record

According to the U.S. Grains Council’s (USGC’s) 2023/2024 Corn Harvest Quality Report, the 13th such annual survey published globally today, the 2023 U.S. corn crop is the largest on record with the lowest percentage of broken corn and foreign material (BCFM) to date.

Warm and dry weather conditions in April and May let producers plant ahead of schedule, and despite concerns about continued dryness in June, healthy rainfall returned later in the summer. This allowed the crop to properly mature and resulted in the timely harvest of 386.97 million metric tons (15,234 million bushels) of corn.

The average aggregate quality of the representative samples tested was better than the grade factor requirements for U.S. No. 1 grade. The report also showed that 88.0 percent of the samples met the grade factor requirements for U.S. No. 1 grade and 96.7 percent met the grade factor requirements for U.S. No. 2.

“The Council is proud to produce this annual report that proves the quality and abundance of U.S. corn year over year. The transparency it provides to buyers helps them make informed decisions and takes another step towards developing markets, enabling trade and improving lives,” said Brent Boydston, USGC Chairman. “This crop’s incredible volume allows the United States to remain the world’s leading corn exporter, accounting for an estimated 26.4 percent of global corn exports.”

Click here to read more and access the 2023/2024 USGC Corn Harvest Quality Report

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