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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

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Here is Your Daily Oklahoma Farm and Ranch News Update: 


  • Latest Oklahoma HRW Wheat Conditions Slip Another 3 Points to 46 Percent Good to Excellent- Kansas falls 5 Points

  • Brett Carver Discusses Wheat Crop and High-Performing OSU Varieties at Chickasha Field Day

  • Introducing Cooper Kline of the North Rock Creek FFA Chapter, Your 2024 Central Area Star in Agricultural Production

  • OSU’s Derrell Peel Says Cattle Markets are Back on Track

  • Noble Research Institute Fosters Regenerative Ranching Efforts Through Educational Courses

  • Oklahoma Wheat Commission to Hold District IV Election

  • DOL Tops 3,000 Pages of Regulations in 18 Months

  • Bill to Lock Oklahoma's Clock Signed Into Law By Governor Stitt

This Week’s Oklahoma’s Winter Wheat Conditions Slip Another Three Points to 46 Percent Good to Excellent- Kansas Falls 5 Points

In this week's USDA crop progress report, Winter wheat conditions rated 49 percent good to excellent- down one point from last week. The national corn planting number shows one fourth of the US corn crop is now planted at 27%- with the Oklahoma corn crop; now up to 40% planted which is 9 points ahead of the five year average.

Oklahoma's winter wheat conditions slipped another three points from a week ago to 46 percent good to excellent with 14% poor to very poor this week- two points worse than last week. Not to forget how bas things were in 2023- One year ago as of May 1, Oklahoma’s winter wheat conditions rated 9 percent good to excellent and 61 percent poor to very poor.

Meanwhile, Kansas Winter wheat crop ratings slipped another 14% as it fell 5 points to 31% good to excellent. Perhaps the most remarkable Kansas wheat number was the heading stat that jumped from 4% a week ago to 33% this week- well ahead of the 9% a year ago and the 6% five year average. Texas Winter wheat actually improved a bit this week versus last as rose to 48% good to excellent this week.

Oklahoma range and pasture conditions rated 44 percent good to excellent, 35 percent fair and 21 percent poor to very poor. That's up two points from a week ago in the good to excellent.

It's likely we will get some improvement in the Oklahoma wheat and pasture ratings next week because of the weekend rains.

Click here to read more about this week's crop progress report.

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The Oklahoma Agriculture Mediation Program knows this is a hard time for farmers and ranchers. We want you to know we are still open, and we are still here for you. The Ag Mediation program is a free service that provides mediation to agriculture producers who may need help with ag-related disputes.

At Oklahoma Ag Mediation, we have been helping people in agriculture resolve conflicts since 1987. We know firsthand about working together to resolve conflicts, so you don’t have to go through the court systems. Let our professional mediators help you. Mediation is allowed for lease issues, farmer/neighbor disputes, family farm transitions, and more. These services are available at no cost for Oklahoma farmers and ranchers in all 77 counties. For more information, you can go to ok.gov/mediation, or give us a call at 800 248 5465.


Brett Carver Discusses Wheat Crop and High-Performing OSU Varieties at Chickasha Field Day

At the Oklahoma State University Wheat and Forages Field Day held in Chickasha, Associate Farm Editor Reagan Calk had the chance to talk with regents professor and wheat genetics chair in the OSU Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, Dr. Brett Carver.

Carver first gave an update on the wheat crop throughout Oklahoma, which he said has been impacted by drought in some areas, but in other areas, not so much. In those areas that have not been impacted by drought, Carver said Stripe Rust has been extremely prevalent.

Carver said one way to be vigilant against stripe rust is to plant varieties that will respond defensively against the disease. Aside from Stripe Rust, Carver also talked about research regarding a few more diseases such as Septoria that have impacted wheat in Oklahoma.

“I can tell you, in the OSU program, Showdown does well,” Carver said. “It is not the most drought-tolerant variety out there, but it seems to recover and seems to produce a good grain yield. High Cotton is another one.”

To see the list of 2024 OSU Field Days, CLICK HERE.

Click here to read more and listen to Reagan Calk talk with Brett Carver about wheat crop and high-performing OSU varieties.

Introducing Cooper Kline of the North Rock Creek FFA Chapter, Your 2024 Central Area Star in Agricultural Production

This morning, our coverage of the 2024 Oklahoma FFA Star Award Finalists continues with Agricultural Production competitor Cooper Kline of the North Rock Creek FFA chapter representing the Central Area.

Farm Director KC Sheperd interviewed all 18 Star finalists recently in Stillwater after they were judged in their respective areas- and you can hear KC talk with Cooper by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this story.

“My current SAE is swine production, in which I run a show pig operation called Kline Swine, a boar stud (operation) called Kline Swine Sires, as well as maintaining a show pig enterprise,” Kline said. “I run about 17 sows and a handful of boars from which I sell show pig prospects and semen across the country.”

At this year’s Oklahoma Youth Expo, Kline said he had the chance to watch some of the pigs he bred and raised compete in the show ring.

“On the boar side of things, I actually had a premium sale barrow at Houston, so that was very exciting,” Kline said.

Our coverage of the Stars and the 2024 State FFA Convention is powered by Hilliary Communications.

Click here to listen to KC Sheperd talk with Cooper Kline about his achievement as the Central Area Star in Agricultural Production.
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OSU’s Derrell Peel Says Cattle Markets are Back on Track

A month after cattle markets were roiled by the diagnosis of highly pathogenic avian influenza in dairy cattle, cattle futures and cash markets seem to be mostly recovered. Although there remain questions about some aspects of the disease, including exactly how the disease, now known as Bovine Influenza A virus (BIAV), is spreading between cattle, markets have settled into the knowledge that the disease has relatively minor impacts on cattle, and has no human health implications for meat or pasteurized dairy products. Baring any new surprising information, cattle markets should move on with market fundamentals.

Calf prices normally reach a seasonal peak at the end of the first quarter, so steer calf prices may not recover fully to the March highs. However, the strong general uptrend in cattle markets likely means calf prices may move more sideways for a period before moving higher in the later part of the year. Concern about summer grazing conditions could temper stocker demand in the next month or so. In Oklahoma, drought conditions have been reemerging quickly, with the percentage of the state showing abnormally dry conditions or low-level drought increased from about 34 percent in March to nearly 66 percent in the most recent Drought Monitor.  However, the outbreak of storms the last weekend of April provided needed moisture in parts of the state, accompanied, unfortunately, by numerous tornados.

Click here to read more and watch Dr. Peel give an analysis on the current cattle market.

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National Livestock was founded in 1932 in Oklahoma City. National’s Marketing Division offers cattle for sale weekly at the Oklahoma National Stockyards in Oklahoma City. The Finance Division lends money to ranchers across several states for cattle production. The Grazing Division works with producers to place cattle for grazing on wheat or grass pastures. 

The newest addition to the National Family is Dakota Moss- and Livestock Risk Services.

National also owns and operates other livestock marketing subsidiaries including Southern Oklahoma Livestock Auction in Ada, Oklahoma, OKC West Livestock Market in El Reno, Oklahoma, and the nation’s premier livestock video sale, Superior Livestock Auction. National offers customers many services custom made for today’s producer. To learn more, click here for the website or call the Oklahoma City office at 1-800-310-0220.

Noble Research Institute Fosters Regenerative Ranching Efforts Through Educational Courses

I am talking with the Director of Ranches, Outreach, and Partnerships at the Noble Research Institute, Hugh Aljoe, about establishing regenerative ranching practices on properties in southern Oklahoma and North Texas owned by Noble.

To listen to Part One of our Beef Buzz conversation with Aljoe, CLICK HERE.

By practicing regenerative agriculture on these ranches, Aljoe said soil health is improved during drought through an increase in organic matter. Aljoe also emphasized less input use, which helps to maintain positive margins.

The Noble Research Institute offers instructionally designed education courses to individuals wanting to practice regenerative ranching: The Noble Land Essentials and The Noble Grazing Essentials.

“They love the way we can deliver through this instructional design coursework. The other part of it is that it is practical. That is what we wanted to do is make sure we can get people out into the world using real examples and be able to see that for themselves.”

This summer, Aljoe said Noble will be offering a course on the Essentials of Ranch Business.

To learn more about the Noble Research Institute and regenerative agriculture, visit the website by CLICKING HERE.

Click here to read more and listen to Part 2 of my conversation with Hugh Aljoe on regenerative ranching.

Oklahoma Wheat Commission to Hold District IV Election

The Oklahoma Wheat Commission will hold an election for the District IV board seat. The election will be held Thursday, May 9, 2024 commencing at 1 p.m. at the Cotton County Fair and Expo Center located at 924 W. Missouri Avenue, Walters, Oklahoma. District IV consists of Caddo, Comanche, Cotton, Greer, Harmon, Jackson, Kiowa and Tillman counties.

Candidates wishing to run in the election must be at least 25 years old, a resident of Oklahoma, engaged in growing wheat in the state for at least five years and must derive a substantial portion of his/her income from growing wheat. Three nominations will be made at the election, from which the Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture will appoint one person to serve a five-year term with the Oklahoma Wheat Commission.

The Commission’s vacancy meeting, which is open to the public, will begin at noon and the election will begin promptly at 1 p.m. (If planning to vote you must be checked in by 1:00 p.m.) Lunch will be provided at noon by the Oklahoma Wheat Growers’ Association with Mike Schulte, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission speaking on “Wheat Research/Wheat Supply and Demand Outlook.”

Every wheat producer in the district is urged to participate in this important election. For further information, contact the OWC office at (405) 608- 4350.

Click here to read more about the upcoming Oklahoma Wheat Commission District IV election.

DOL Tops 3,000 Pages of Regulations in 18 Months- AFBF Not Impressed

The U.S. Department of Labor today released yet another rule that mires farm families in excessive compliance costs while disregarding privacy concerns for farmers and their employees. With this addition, DOL sets itself apart as the agency most committed to burying farmers and other H-2A employers in a mountain of regulations. American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall commented on today’s rule and DOL’s track record.

“Farmers appreciate the men and women who work on their farms, and we don’t take lightly the responsibility to ensure their safety and protection. We wholeheartedly support clamping down on labor abuses, but this rule instead assumes all farmers are guilty until proven innocent and that’s not right.

“With this 600-page rule, the Department of Labor has issued a stunning 3,000 pages of new regulations in just 18 months, which farmers are somehow supposed to navigate. Impossible.

“In truth, the workers most supported by DOL are the lawyers needed to interpret the tsunami of new rules that keep moving the goalposts for farmers.”

Bill to Lock Oklahoma’s Clock Signed into Law by the Governor

Senate Bill 1200 by Sen. Blake Cowboy Stephens, R-Tahlequah, was signed into law by Gov. Kevin Stitt Friday. The measure provides that the State of Oklahoma shall adopt permanent Daylight Saving Time (DST) upon approval of federal legislation to allow states to choose whether or not they change their clocks twice a year.

“I am incredibly appreciative of my fellow lawmakers on both sides of the rotunda who voted in favor of this measure, landing it on the governor’s desk. Further, I extend my appreciation to Governor Stitt for his approval of this legislation that will give us an extra hour of daylight in the evenings during the winter months once the Sunshine Protection Act is approved by Congress,” Stephens said.

Stephens also thanked the House principal author of the measure, Speaker Charles McCall, House Rules Committee Vice Chair Rep. Brian Hill, and Rep. Scott Fetgatter for their role in advancing SB 1200.

“I have long advocated for locking our clock and have spent many hours with my legislative colleagues and various organizations to discuss the benefits of adopting permanent DST. Oklahoma’s future is looking even brighter now that we have this law in place, and I look forward to continuing the fight and working with our federal delegation to support the passage of the Sunshine Protection Act so we can officially lock our clocks,” Stephens said.

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Wholesale Boxed Beef Prices were higher- Choice Beef was up 39 cents and Select Beef was up $1.49 on Monday, 4/29/2024.

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Boxed Beef Report

Oklahoma National Stockyards had 5,900 head on Monday, April 29, 2024.

Compared to last week: Steers over 800lbs steady to 2.00 higher. Steers under 800lbs 3.00-6.00 higher. Heifers over 800lbs 3.00-6.00 higher. Heifers under 800lbs steady to 3.00 higher. Demand good. Quality average

Click below for the complete closing report.

Oklahoma National Stockyards Market Report from 04/29/2024

The Joplin Regional Stockyards had a total run of 5,607 head on Monday, April 29, 2024.

Compared to last week feeder steers sold 2.00-5.00 higher with five weight steers up to 13.00 higher. Feeder heifers sold from 2.00 lower to 4.00 higher. Supply was moderate with good demand. 

Click on the button below for details of the trade as compiled by the USDA Market News Service.

Joplin Regional Stockyards Market from Monday 04/29/2024
OKC West in El Reno Cow and Bull Market Report for 4/29/2024 Cows and Bulls Steady to $1 Higher
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