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Monday, July 12, 2021
Concerns with Sprouted Wheat in Storage
Wheat with a moisture content of more than 12.5% will be at risk in storage regardless of test weight, sprouting, or quality. The higher the moisture content, the higher the risk. Please note that the moisture content of sprouted grain is actually 1.0 to 1.5% higher than the grain moisture meter indicates. Moist grain also increases the chance of having mold, mustiness, odor, and insect damage. High moisture content in wheat must be reduced as quickly as possible to ensure successful storage.  

One way to reduce the moisture content of stored grain is with aeration.  

During summer aeration, 0.5% moisture can be removed from 12% grain during one cooling cycle. A cooling cycle is the amount of time required to cool the grain mass from one temperature to another. Bins with areation fans producing 1/10 cfm/bu may require as much as 150 hours of fan operation to complete one cooling cycle if the grain in the bin is level. More time is required if the grain mass is peaked. More information about aeration for stored grain is available in Fact Sheets BAE-1102 and BAE-1103.

If aeration is not available, turn the grain mass to mix layers of moist and drier grain. Coring the bin, by pulling the center core of grain out of the bin using the unload spout or hopper conveyer which removes much of the fine material, improves distribution of air during aeration.

Insect management for short-term storage of sprouted wheat should not be an issue. However, long-term storage of high moisture grain can lead to a significant reduction in grain quality. 

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