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Tuesday, June 21, 2022
New Series of Free Ranching Webinars Begins June 23
Oklahoma State University Extension will launch its latest program of Rancher's Thursday Lunchtime Series webinars beginning June 23.

The Zoom webinars start each week at noon and are free to the public. Registration is required. Producers are encouraged to join OSU Extension beef cattle specialists, scientists and ranchers across the state to learn and share information about beef production, management and marketing.

Rancher's Thursday Lunchtime Series summer dates:

 June 23: Tax strategies for the cow/calf enterprise with J.C. Hobbs, OSU Extension

 June 30: Minimizing cost in a cow/calf enterprise with Dave Delaney, King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management

 July 7: Managing fescue and bermudagrass pastures to extend fall and winter grazing with Brian Pugh, OSU Extension

 July 14: Fall seeding legumes to reduce fertilizer inputs with Mike Trammel, OSU Extension

 July 21: Should I deworm cows? How do I know? What products? with John Gilliam, OSU College of Veterinary Medicine

 July 28: Protein sources; what are the options to reduce cost? with Paul Beck, OSU Extension

 August 4: Minimizing winter supplement cost with David Lalman, OSU Extension

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Rural Oklahoma is full of some of the greatest success stories throughout the entire state and is a big reason why Oklahoma is on track to become a top 10 state. 

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KC Sheperd visits with Dakota Moss of Livestock Risk Services. When the pandemic hit in 2020 the cattle markets along with the rest of the world suffered. Many farmers and ranchers altered their marketing plans on crops and livestock to try and prevent a loss in the down Covid markets. This led to cattle being held months longer than planned hoping for a better market. Unfortunately for many farmers and ranchers they had no choice but to sell much heavier cattle into a down market. Resulting in a lower $/cwt price and profits lost. Sheperd and Moss discuss some alternative options for producers with the Livestock Risk Protection program.
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