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Superior Livestock Shares the Sale Results of Its Last Offering in 2017, Hosted on Dec. 14, 2017

Mon, 18 Dec 2017 14:47:22 CST

Superior Livestock Shares the Sale Results of Its Last Offering in 2017, Hosted on Dec. 14, 2017 Superior Livestock Auction hosted their December 14th Video Auction live from their studio in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards. Cattle producers offered 16,000 head of calves, yearlings and breeding stock from 21 states for this auction. Cattle were sold on contract to deliver immediately through the end of April 2018. Superior Livestock went live at 7:30am CT with Superior Sunrise and the auction followed at 8am CT. This December 14th Video Auction was broadcast on the Cowboy Channel and streamed on Superior Livestock Auction's Click To Bid website. This was Superior Livestock's last offering of 2017, overall the market can be described as in a holding pattern as many producers are believed to be holding onto cattle till after the new year with hopes of higher futures driven by a robust stock market.

Compared to Superior's last offering, regions 3/4/5/6 yearling steers were $5 to $7 lower. While yearling heifers from the same regions saw a decrease of $4 to $8. Regions 3/4/5/6 weaned steers calves were steady to $7 lower and weaned heifer calves saw a drop of $5 to $8. Moving to regions 1 & 2 yearling steers were $3 to $6 lower while yearling heifers saw an increase of $5 to $8. Weaned steer calves from regions 1 & 2 also saw a decrease this week and were $4 to $10 lower and weaned heifer calves from the same regions were $5 to $8 lower.

Join Superior Livestock for their next offering kicking off the New Year, Bellringer Auction January 10th -11th live from Denver, Colorado with a consignment deadline of Wednesday December 27th. For more information please visit www.superiorlivestock.com. For a buyers' number or more information on becoming a consigner please call our Fort Worth office at 800-422-2117.

Superior is the largest livestock auction in the United States and markets well over one million head of cattle annually. With over 400 representatives located throughout the United States, Superior provides a complete national marketing network that serves both buyers and sellers. Superior Livestock is proud to announce that 2017 celebrates 30 years of serving the livestock industry.

Top Lots:

Tommy Little, DVM, Falkville, AL, 52 Fdr Strs @ 725lbs. VAC PRECON, Source & Age Verified, Certified Natural Plus, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of Angus & Angus Charolais cross cows by Three Trees Angus bulls. $149.00, December 15-22 Del.

Henry Cattle Co. LLC, Ralston, OK, 65 Fdr Strs @ 750lbs. VAC PRECON. Angus & Angus cross. Pred. Black hided. Approx. 60% Home raised, balance purchased from neighbor. $154.50, January 15-19 Del.

Roger & Deana Magnuson, Buffalo, MO, 64 Fdr Strs @ 780lbs. VAC 45+, Superior Verified, Out of Angus & Angus cross cows by AI sons of SAV Bismarck, Net Worth & Final Answer Angus bulls. Angus with 3 hd Black Brockle Face. $156.00, December 18-23 Del.

Summerfield Farms, Walnut Cove, NC, 60 Fdr Strs @ 825lbs. Certified Natural. Angus, 100% Black hided. $147.00, December 15-22 Del.

Stroberg Land & Cattle LLC, Nickerson, KS, 120 Fdr Strs @ 835lbs. VAC 45, Superior Progressive Genetics. Angus, Mytty In Focus, Connealy Consensus, Connealy Thunder & Final Product bloodlines form Stucky Angus Ranch & McCurry Angus Ranch which was the 2015 Seed Stock Producer of the year. $155.00, January 15-30 Del.

Kenny Hogan, Atoka, OK, 110 Fdr Strs @ 900lbs. Charolais cross & Angus cross. Approx. 50% Charolais 40% Black & balance Red hided. Few with a tic of ear. $137.00, December 20-24 Del.

Carl L. Cannon, Madisonville, TX, 66 Fdr Hfrs @ 715lbs. VAC 45+ Angus cross carrying 1/8 or less ear. All Angus sired. Approx. 90% Black & 5 off colored. $141.50, December 15-21 Del.

Tim Kocher, Fox, AR, 130 Fdr Hfrs @ 750lbs. VAC PRECON. Pred. English & English cross, few up to ¼ ear. $137.25, December 14-31 Del.
FCC, Wellington, KS, 60 Fdr Hfrs @ 800lbs. VAC 45, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of Angus, Angus cross, Hereford cross & English Exotic cross cows by Fink Angus & McCabe & Oleen Horned Hereford bulls. 100% Black & BWF. $143.00, December 26-January 6 Del.

Dean Taylor Family, Brownwood, TX, 47 Fdr Hfrs @ 850lbs. VAC 45, Angus, Angus Plus & Charolais Angus cross. Some with ¼ or less Brahman influence Pred. Black hided, few off colored. $137.00, December 16-23 Del.

Turkey Trak Farms, LLC, Fairfax, OK, 50 Fdr Hfrs @ 985lbs. VAC PRECON, Red Angus, Red Angus cross, Black Angus & Black Angus cross. Pred. Red hided with approx. 14 Black hided. $138.00, December 16-19 Del.

Ten Mile Ranch Inc., Vale, OR, 80 Fdr Strs @ 630lbs. VAC 45, Source & Age Verified, GAP 1, NHTC, Certified Natural Plus, Verified Natural Beef. Out of Angus, Angus cross, Red & RWF
cows by 25 Mike & Julie Livingston Angus & reg. Angus bulls. 99% Black hided with 1 Blacknose Charolais cross. Head count may vary due to sort. $164.00, March 10-30 Del.

Leo Basler & Sons, Brush, CO, 193 Fdr Strs @ 825lbs. VAC 45, Source & Age Verified, Certified Natural Plus, Superior Progressive Genetics. Black Angus & Black Angus cross by Lee & Altenberg Simmental Angus cross bulls. 15 Red Hided & 2 Charolais cross. $164.00, December 27-January 5 Del.

Vesco Ranches, Winnemucca, NV, 66 Fdr Strs @ 880lbs. VAC 45, Angus Source, NHTC, Verified Natural Beef, Superior Progressive Genetics. 100% Black hided. Sired by 100% Riverbend Black Angus bulls. Riverbend bulls purchased: top 25% Marb. 10% REA & top 20% $W of Angus breed. $151.00, December 20-22 Del.

Odle Livestock, Brush, CO, 70 Fdr Hfrs @ 725lbs. VAC PRECON, Certified Natural Plus. Out of Angus & Angus cross cows byWeaver Angus bulls. 100% Black hided. $153.00, December 19-January 3 Del.

Todd Land & Cattle, Rexford, KS, 130 Fdr Hfrs @ 775lbs. Angus & Charolais. Approx. 60% Black hided, bal. pred. Charolais & could be a few Red. $145.00, December 28-January 8 Del.

Stoddart Ranches, Inc. Jordan Valley OR, 45 Wnd Str Clvs @ 460lbs. / 59 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 450lbs. Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of Black Angus, Black Angus cross & a few RWF cows by Burgess & Shaw, Black Angus & Colyer & White Cattle Co. Hereford bulls. Approx. 80% Black hided & 20% Red or RWF. $173.00, December 27-30 Del.

Bonnifield Cattle Co., Hyannis, NE, 100 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 450lbs. VAC 45, Out of Angus & Angus cross cows by Angus bulls. Pred. Black & BWF w/a few Red Angus. $183.00, January 8-13 Del.

Ketscher Cattle Co. Burns OR, 91 Wnd Str Clvs @ 530lbs. VAC 45, Source & Age Verified, NHTC, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of Black Angus & BWF cows by reg. Black Angus bulls selected for carcass & retail quality & efficient average daily gain. $175.00, January 1-15 Del.

Doug Schneider, Wood Lake, NE, 93 Wnd Str Clvs @ 540lbs. Out of Angus & BWF cows by Angus & SimAngus bulls. May be 1-2 Red. $186.00, December 15-22 Del.

SX Lowry, Alturas, CA, 43 Wnd Str Clvs @ 560lbs / 42 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 560lbs. Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of pred. Black & BWF home raised English cows by pred. Teixeira Cattle Co. Black Angus bulls. Approx. 98% Black & BWF, bal. Red & RWF Head count may vary slightly. $153.50, January 10-20 Del.

Flying P Ranch, Ocala, FL, 160 Wnd Str Clvs @ 620lbs. VAC 45. Out of English cross & some English Brahman cross cows by Angus & Hereford bulls. Pred. Black hided. $139.00, December 20-21 Del.

Shane Wortham, Batesville, AR 110 Wnd Str Clvs @ 450lbs. Pred. English cross & English Exotic cross, few Exotic cross. Few up to ¼ ear. $186.00, December 18-22 Del.

David W. Diver, Groesbeck, TX, 103 Wnd Str Clvs @ 485lbs. VAC PRECON. Angus cross & Charolais cross with ¼ or less Brahman influence. $185.50, Feb. 12-16 Del.

Dees Cattle Co. Ltd., Schulenburg, TX, 115 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 420lbs. VAC PRECON, English & Exotic cross carrying ¼ or less Brahman influence. Small percentage may show a tic more ear. Pred. Black & Charolais. $160.00, December 19-22 Del.

Shane Thomas, Cushing, OK, 80 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 490lbs. VAC PRECON. Angus & Angus cross. Pred. Black hided, balance Red Angus. Could be 3 hd with Hereford Influence, Depending on Sort. Approx. 40 hd Final Answer & Net Worth bloodlines. $157.00, January 15-20 Del.

Evergreen Farms, Unionville, MO, 100 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 525lbs. Angus & Angus cross. $168.00, December 15-23 Del.

Moores Creek Ranch, Prairie Grove, KS, 40 Wnd Str Clvs @ 625lbs. / 40 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 575lbs. VAC 45, Source & Age Verified, NHTC. Out of pred. Charolais cross cows AI'd to 50% Brown Premier AR#0258, 40% out of Angus cows AI'd to Connealy Counselor & 10% Angus Hereford cross cows AI'd to SHF Ribeye & cleaned up w/ Red Angus bulls. $160.00, December 18-30 Del.

Shorter Ranch, Dexter, KS, 152 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 650lbs. VAC 45. Out of Angus, Maine Anjou cross & SimAngus cows by Angus & SimAngus cows by Angus & SimAngus bulls. Approx. 90% Black hided, bal. Red, RWF, Charolais & 1 Spotted. $145.75, December 18-28 Del.

Four G Cattle Co., LLC. Seymour, TX, 275 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 710lbs. Out of Angus & Angus Brangus cross cows by top Angus bulls. Some genetic influence is New Design 878, New Design 1407, Midland, EXT & Mytty In Focus. Bull battery influenced by Mytty In Focus or Final Answer for the last 10 years. Black or Black Motley Face, 2 Red. $141.00, December 19 Del.

Jason & Larry Kern, Salina, KS, 130 Wnd Str Clvs @ 700lbs. Angus w/ some Black Brockle Face or BWF. $158.00, December 26-31 Del.


Colorado State University-Akron Research-Doug Couch, Akron, CO, 45 Bred Heifers @ 1000lbs. Superior Progressive Genetics. Angus & Angus cross AI'd to Genex Effective & cleaned up with CSU Beef improvement Center calving ease Angus bulls. Start calving approx. 3/1/18 for approx. 49 Days. $1700.00, December 15-31 Del.

Boyce Ranch, Alamosa, CO, 40 Bred Cows @ 1325lbs. Red Angus cows w/ Northern genetics bred to DeBruycker Charolais bulls turned in 5/10/17 for approx. 90 days. Preg checked & mouthed 11/10/17 by CO Vet Clinic. 95% bred to calve in 45 days. 4 yr. olds. Solid Mouth. $1800.00, December 23-30 Del.

Source - Superior Livestock Auction



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